2019 Carol Award Finalists Q&A (and a Giveaway!): Elizabeth Byler Younts & The Solace of Water

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Happy Tuesday! Continuing through Saturday (culminating with a list of winners), I have the privilege of sharing mini interviews with nearly all of the 2019 ACFW Carol Award Finalists! Today I’m covering the historical & historical romance categories, including Elizabeth Byler Younts and her Carol Award nominated book The Solace of Water! You can check out a list of all the finalists HERE.

FYI – There will be several posts per day, and a week-long giveaway, so make sure you catch them all!

Elizabeth Byler Younts writes historical fiction for Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson. She gained a worldwide audience through her first book Seasons: A Real Story of an Amish Girl and is a RITA and Carol award nominated writer. She is also the author of the critically-acclaimed novel The Solace of Water and The Promise of Sunrise series. She has consulted on Amish lifestyle and the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect for two award-winning television shows. Elizabeth lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband, two daughters, and a small menagerie of well-loved pets. Visit her at https://www.elizabethbyleryounts.com/

GENRE: Inspirational Historical Fiction
PUBLISHER: Thomas Nelson
RELEASE DATE: June 5, 2018
PAGES: 359

After the loss of her young son, Carver, an African-American preacher’s wife named Delilah Evans moves with her family from Montgomery, Alabama, to Sinking Creek, Pennsylvania, for a fresh start. The last thing she could have imagined was becoming friends with Emma Mullet, a reclusive Amish woman.

Emma is fighting personal battles of her own and feels estranged from her small Amish community. The secrets that have kept her isolated from her own community serve to unite her in an unlikely friendship with Delilah.

Sparrow, Delilah’s eldest daughter, knows she is responsible for the death of her little brother. When tensions at home become unbearable, she seeks solace at Emma’s house, becoming the surrogate daughter Emma has always wanted. Sparrow, however, is hiding secrets of her own, secrets that could sever all ties to her safe refuge.

Life for these three gets harder when church and social issues confront them, causing rifts within Sinking Creek’s three distinct communities: whites, blacks, and Amish. When their carefully protected secrets come to light, there seems to be little hope for friendship, restoration, or even forgiveness. But when the unthinkable happens, Delilah and Emma find themselves looking into the mirror of their own self-deceptions and are forced to make a choice that will set the way of their future.


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Hi, Elizabeth! Welcome to the blog!

Q: Why do you write fiction? And, why specifically Christian fiction?

Elizabeth: I am first a Christian and after that I am an author. I want my books to honor the First Person in my life and I pray my writing always declares truth and light even in a way that a non-believing reader might glean something that offers them hope.

Carrie: What a beautifully expressed answer ♥

Q: Other than the Bible, what are a couple of your most cherished books and why?

Elizabeth: I love Peace like a River by Leif Enger moved me deeply. I loved Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry and Lila by Marilynne Robinson. I also adore Eve’s Daughters by Lynn Austin. I also love Lewis, Tolkien, and L. M. Montgomery; reading their books is always like coming home.

Carrie: ‘reading their books is always like coming home’ – yes. this.

Q: If I asked your characters to describe YOU as an author, what would they say?

Elizabeth: I think they’d say, “back off” because I am excessively nosey and pry into the kind of business no one wants anyone else to know. But I also think that they’d see me as a friend and ally. I love my characters so much!

Carrie: Which is why your readers do too! 🙂 And, really, if you can’t tell your author/creator your deepest darkest secrets, who can you tell? There’s a spiritual application in there somewhere…

Q: Which of your main characters (either in The Solace of Water or over all you’ve written) is most like you?

Elizabeth: Emma from The Solace of Water is most like me. I don’t have her secrets or her difficult marriage but her devotion to holding her feelings close, being driven by fears, and the epic desire to be understood resonates deeply with me.

Carrie: I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Emma yet – because I’m woefully behind on my reading lists – but she sounds like someone I will relate to as well.

Q: What is one of your favorite quotes from The Solace of Water & why do you love it?

“Why did different cause such a reaction? If not laughter then judgment, and if not judgment then fear. Shouldn’t it cause us to seek something more valuable, like understanding? But fear and judgment were easier.”

This line always brings me back to what I think we all want when we meet people and begin to build relationships and friendships. To be seen without judgment and without pretense to be valued. But when there is fear or a lack of effort in understanding or jumping to conclusions—there is little chance of that relationship working.

Carrie: so very true – what a thought-provoking quote!

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What about you? What interests you most from Elizabeth Byler Younts’s Q&A or the historical fiction Carol Award finalist The Solace of Water?

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37 responses to “2019 Carol Award Finalists Q&A (and a Giveaway!): Elizabeth Byler Younts & The Solace of Water

  1. Winnie Thomas

    I’ve heard so many great things about Elizabeth’s books, but I haven’t read any yet. I must do so soon! I’m woefully behind, too, my BFFFC!

    Thanks for the lovely interview, Carrie and Elizabeth!

  2. Melissa Andres

    This book is fantastic! The story is SO engaging and moving! I’m really looking forward to her next release.

  3. Pam K.

    Delilah, Sparrow, and Emma are such memorable characters. I had this book sitting in my TBR pile for awhile and kept reading on different blogs about how good it is. I finally read it this summer. I’m glad it was at a time when I had time to process it since it’s a rather complex story. I’m not at all surprised that The Solace of Water is a Carol Award Finalist.

  4. Beverly Knudsen

    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this book but it definitely sounds like a great read. It sounds like there are many lessons to be learned from this book.

  5. Vivian Furbay

    I would like to read about the unlikely relationship of these three people and what secrets they are hiding and what happens when they are revealed.

  6. Vivian Furbay

    We want to be open with new people we meet but we often want to hide things from our past thinking that people will think less of us. When we get to know people and learn to trust them then we can open up more.

  7. Perrianne Askew

    She’s a new author to me but throwing race relations in with the Amish ought to be wuite interesting. I also love her statement about writing….I’m a Christian first. Love that!

  8. Faith Creech

    The story line sounds so interesting! I’m looking forward to reading this book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Caryl Kane

    Hello Carrie and Elizabeth! I’m grateful to the friendships the Lord has orchestrated in my life. I’m looking forward to reading the Solace of Water.

  10. Megan

    I enjoyed The Solace of Water. It’s not a quick light read, but more thought provoking. If you have trouble finding time to read it, maybe try the audio version. 🙂 I’ve had the chance to read Elizabeth’s new book before it’s officially released–a very different story line but wonderfully written as well. Get it on your TBR list now! 🙂

  11. Rachel Taylor

    Bringing together these three ethnic groups proves that we are still so much alike and yet appreciate and understand where others are coming from.

  12. LOVE this interview! I met Elizabeth last month while I was at FRS and would have loved to spend more time chatting. I love her response to why CF: “I am first a Christian and after that I am an author. I want my books to honor the First Person in my life and I pray my writing always declares truth and light even in a way that a non-believing reader might glean something that offers them hope.” <3

  13. Trixi

    Big congrats on the Carol Award finalist Elizabeth! I haven’t had a chance to read “Solace of Water” yet, but surely do want to soon.

    Fun author interview, love getting to know more about each writer featured on your blog Carrie. Thanks for the giveaway chance too!

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