2019 Carol Award Finalists Q&A (and a Giveaway!): Pegg Thomas & “In Sheep’s Clothing”

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Happy Thursday! Continuing through Saturday (culminating with a list of winners), I have the privilege of sharing mini interviews with nearly all of the 2019 ACFW Carol Award Finalists! Today I’m covering the novella & short novel categories, including Pegg Thomas and her Carol Award nominated novellas (yes, two of them!) In Sheep’s Clothing” and “Her Redcoat”! You can check out a list of all the finalists HERE.

FYI – There will be several posts per day, and a week-long giveaway, so make sure you catch them all!

Pegg Thomas lives on a hobby farm in Northern Michigan with Michael, her husband of *mumble*years. A life-long history geek, she writes “History with a Touch of Humor.” When not writing her own stories, she works as Publisher at Smitten Historical Romance. Visit her at https://peggthomas.com


GENRE: Inspirational Historical Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 1, 2018

A bouquet of brides is picked for love.

Meet seven American women who were named for various flowers but struggle to bloom where God planted them. Can love help them grow to their full potential? 

In Sheep’s Clothing by Pegg Thomas
(1702, Connecticut)

Peter Maltby might be all good looks and charm, working in the new mill fulling wool, but Yarrow Fenn fears he is the Crown’s agent in disguise who will destroy the only livelihood she has.


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GENRE: Inspirational Historical Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2018

Love on Colonial America’s Frontier

Travel into Colonial America where nine women seek love, but they each know a future husband requires the necessary skills to survive in the backcountry. Living in areas exposed to nature’s ferocity, prone to Indian attack, and cut off from regular supplies, can hearts overcome the dangers to find lasting love?

Her Redcoat by Pegg Thomas
1763 – Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan) during Pontiac’s Rebellion
Laurette Pettigrew grew up in the northern frontier. Henry Bedlow arrived against his will. Their chance meeting changes everything. Will a deadly clash of cultures keep them from finding happiness?


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Hi, Pegg! Welcome to the blog!

Q: Why do you write fiction? And, why specifically Christian fiction?

Pegg: I write fiction because I love to tell a story. I write Christian fiction because it’s near and dear to my heart, but I’m also writing clean fiction for the secular market.

Carrie: I think we absolutely need both!

Q: Other than the Bible, what are a couple of your most cherished books and why?

Pegg: I love the James Herriot books about the country vet in Yorkshire, England. He had a way with telling a story that brought the characters to life. I felt as if I knew them personally. Someday, I’d like to be able to write that well.

Carrie: I really need to read those someday soon!

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever Googled while researching a book?

Pegg: Something incredibly history-geeky, for sure, but none of that seems weird to me.  🙂

Carrie: haha!

Q: If I asked your characters to describe YOU as an author, what would they say?

Pegg: Demanding, bossy, and entirely too apt to poke my nose in their business.

Carrie: spoken like a true author 😉

Q: Which of your main characters (either in one of your Carol-nominated novellas or over all you’ve written) is most like you?

Pegg: Yarrow Fenn, the heroine of In Sheep’s Clothing, is a spinner and a weaver who becomes the owner of a lamb. I learned to spin when I was 16, an interest that stemmed from knitting which I learned in 4-H at age 9, and I’ve been raising sheep for more than 25 years. So Yarrow and I have a lot in common.

Carrie: That’s so fascinating! I am a disaster at yarn crafts – except cross stitching and crochet – but I love all the colors of yarn & textiles.

Q: What is something God taught you while you wrote these novellas?

Pegg: With each book, He teaches me that I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. You see, I’m not really good enough to write a book. I keep thinking that someday people are going to figure out what a fraud I really am. But then He reminds me that I’m not doing this on my own.

Carrie: Oh how I can relate to that!

Q: What is one of your favorite quotes from “In Sheep’s Clothing” & why do you love it?

Movement near its door signaled that Tucker’s Fulling Mill was open for business. A tall man with golden hair stepped to a trestle table erected outside the door. He must be Mr. Peter Maltby, whose name had dominated the conversation after church. A ripple of excitement slid down the line. Any newcomer to the area drew attention, but a tradesman who eschewed the customary wig was something to set the town’s tongues wagging. Being young and single, he set them on fire.

I like this scene because it gives a bit of the flavor of life in a small Colonial town. I try to drop the reader into the midst of the characters and their everyday lives. For me, that’s what brings historical fiction to life.

Carrie: That’s one of the things I love most about reading historical fiction too!

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What about you? What interests you most from Pegg Thomas’s Q&A or the Carol Award finalist novellas “In Sheep’s Clothing” and “Her Redcoat”?

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26 responses to “2019 Carol Award Finalists Q&A (and a Giveaway!): Pegg Thomas & “In Sheep’s Clothing”

  1. Perrianne Askew

    I like that she likes to “drop her readers” into a book scene. I also,love that Christian fiction is near and dear to her heart.

    • Pegg Thomas

      Hello Caryl! Did you know that I used to draft my own counted cross stitch patterns and sell them to magazines? Yup. My very first forays into publication back in the 1980s.

    • Pegg Thomas

      I love creating things from nothing, so spinning is fun for me. I own an antique wheel that dates back about 200 years. Getting that big boy out and spinning on it is a history geek’s dream come true.

    • Pegg Thomas

      I loved picking the ladies’ names for “In Sheep’s Clothing.” Yarrow is a wildflower that is often used for dyeing wool, so I was playing off two themes with that one. Her sisters are Marigold and Pennyroyal.

  2. kim hansen

    Love when authors get together to write a book. Always fun to read different stories around the same time period.

    • Pegg Thomas

      “The Backcountry Brides” are all around the same time period, the Colonial frontier. In “A Bouquet of Brides,” my story is the only one set in the Colonial era. It’s sort of the red-headed stepchild of the collection. 😉

    • Pegg Thomas

      I can’t write without humor. Humor is a large part of my life. I find all kinds of things humorous … including myself! Because if you can’t laugh at yourself, you live a sad life. 🙂

    • Pegg Thomas

      It’s not difficult to learn, but like any skill, getting good at it takes practice. It’s a lot easier than knitting, where you have many different stitches to learn. Spinning is just twisting fibers into one long continuous strand. And think about it … people have been spinning since long before the time of Jesus’s ministry on earth! It’s very low-tech.

    • Becky D.

      I love northern lower MI. I moved from TC a few years ago and miss being sooo close to the lakes. Congratulations on your nominations!

  3. Paula Shreckhise

    My favorite Barbour Collection so far is The Backcountry Brides. I also am very fond of James Herriot books and TV series.

  4. Anne L. Rightler

    Pegg, needless to say, I am one gal who is very glad you have sheep, make your own yarn, and knit!!! Loving a certain shawl! And, wow, draft your own counted cross stitch patterns and sell them to magazines! I used to do a TON of CCS. I might have done one of your patterns!

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