First Line Friday (week 167): Her Place in Time

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Happy Friday! And welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books!!! Since it’s Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. Today, I’m featuring the first line of Her Place in Time, a time-travel novella I absolutely LOVED last year from Stephenia H. McGee. Make sure you also head over to Hoarding Books for the first line from her just-released-today Christmasy time-travel novella The Hope of Christmas Past!

And the first line is…

Lorman, Mississippi
Late October, Present Day

If only leaving her problems behind were as simple as leaving town.


Can love offer a new future…in the past?

A mysterious gown, unexpected courage, and a love that transcends time.

Nursing student Lena Lowery faces a grim diagnosis and a dangerous surgery. On the cusp of the life-changing procedure, Lena stays at the Rosswood Plantation Bed and Breakfast for one last weekend with her mother. There in an antique armoire, Lena discovers a Civil War-era gown that holds an unimaginable cure…a trip back in time to when the house served as a hospital.

Confederate Sergeant Caleb Dockery lost his brother, his eye, and nearly his life. Stuck in a makeshift infirmary, he’s counting the days until he can return to duty…and seek revenge. When a stranger appears, he suspects she’s a spy. If he can’t return to duty and find the revenge he craves for his brother’s death, he can serve his country by stopping this traitor. But her nursing skills are saving lives, and her courage and independence stirs his heart. When Lena’s safety is threatened, Caleb must strain the loyalties that bind him or risk losing her forever.

Caught between a future that holds no promises and a past that could offer new life, Lena must face an extraordinary decision. Should she return to her own time where her days are numbered? Or can she and Caleb find a love that stretches across time?

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11 responses to “First Line Friday (week 167): Her Place in Time

  1. Kay Garrett

    It was the end of the world.
    Sophia Jackson strained to see something, anything that looked like civilization, but the desolate landscape was no more than brown dirt and scrubby bits of green plants that stretched all the way to the horizon.
    HOME ON THE RANCH: TROUBLE IN TEXAS by Caro Carson and Cathy Gillen Thacker

  2. I really enjoyed reading this book, and then listening to the audio book version later! It sure would be nice if it was easy to leave problems behind. Great first line!

  3. Happy Friday!
    I just finished reading that book a few days ago and enjoyed it.

    My first line is from The Courtship Basket by Amy Clipston.

    Rachel Fisher smiled as she stepped out onto the porch of her parents’ large farmhouse.

    Blessings, Tina

  4. This cover made me say “Wow!” The premise is fascinating. And that first line is great. 🙂 Love it!

    Today I’m sharing the first lines from Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander over on my blog. Here, I’ll share the first line from a book I recently read and enjoyed, Sara’s Gift by Kimberly Rose Johnson: “I have no idea who or what should get Charity’s fifteen hundred dollars.”

  5. Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog I am sharing the first line from The Bright Unknown by Elizabeth Byler Younts. Oh my word is this book amazing!!! Currently, I am reading Once Upon a Christmas: Contemporary Retellings of Timeless Tales. It’s a really fun Christmas collection of novellas. I’ll share a line from that book here.

    “Being escorted out of the firm by building security wasn’t on his to-do list, but he could write it in later … and cross it off.”

    LOL! This book is filled with sweet and sassy stories. I am loving it so far.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Happy reading!

  6. Gloria A

    The house was eerily silent. Molly Bennett leaned against the closed door, too weary to move another step. Her throat ached from swallowing tears, and a headache throbbed at her temples.
    Lake Season by Denise Hunter

  7. Paula Shreckhise

    My first line is from Silent Night Suspect by Sharee Stover
    Asia Stratton’s gaze remained transfixed on the lifeless eyes staring back at her

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