Top Ten Tuesday: What NOT to Use as a Bookmark

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s topic for the Top Ten Tuesday linkup hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl is “Favorite Bookmarks”. But, the idea to talk about what not to use as a bookmark sounded like more fun. And believe it or not, folks, most of these have actually been left behind as bookmarks in library books. Along with some other, much more gross, things I spared you from.

Honestly? You couldn’t just eat the bacon? Why torture the book with a slice it can’t eat but must host indefinitely?

Yep. This one has actually happened too. C’mon, people! A banana peel? You didn’t have a scrap of paper handy?

Hope you don’t want to read that page again because if you do use chewing gum as a bookmark you’re going to find yourself in a sticky situation 🙂

Bonus points if you use a saw blade as a bookmark for a horror novel…

Much like the saw blade, a gun as a bookmark may raise questions you’re not prepared to answer…

Really? What has that poor book ever done to you??

Not only are you making your book question its existence, but using a sock as a bookmark just perpetuates the pile of lonely socks without a match.

I’m pretty sure this should go without saying, but then again I thought the taco would too….

 I mean… a spatula would make sense in a cookbook, I suppose, but probably isn’t the best idea if you were using said spatula for its intended purpose before sticking it in your book.

One would assume that no one would actually use a sandwich as a bookmark, but after the taco incident that made the rounds of the internets, nothing would surprise me anymore.

What about you? What are some other things we should not use as a bookmark?

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29 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: What NOT to Use as a Bookmark

  1. DeAnna Dodson

    I’d say don’t use a cat for a bookmark. It’ll definitely want in there if you’re trying to read, but if you give up and close the book, it’ll evemtually get bored and lose your place and will refuse, if asked, to remind you where you stopped.

    Ask me how I know.

  2. Andrea

    I used to find all sorts of weird things in books when I was a library volunteer. Leaves and flowers were very common. Floppy discs were a problem in the 90’s. I got in the habit of writing down who returned the book so when they called looking for the disc I knew who got which disc.

  3. Sylvia M.

    One time in college a friend of mine borrowed a book from me. She came to my dorm room later and said, “If I wasn’t your friend I probably wouldn’t do this. Expensive bookmark,” she said while handing me the $20 bill I had used one time to mark my place in that particular book!

  4. Now that you’ve given me a heart attack (keep the bacon way from the binding!) I can answer your question (with a quiet air of snobbish know-it-all– sorry about that.) I only use bookmarks for a bookmark. Novel idea, right? lol

  5. For those with boys, don’t use air soft bullets, those pesky, prolific plastic balls they call ‘ammo’ for their guns. Try as you might to vacuum them up, they’ll never go away. NEVER. It’ll make your book feel as irritated as the Princess and the Pea and far from the royal treasure it might be.

  6. *me looking at my daughter* tissues! (Un-used of course), tiny bits of paper (again, my daughter), junk mail (okay these are all my daughter). Lol! But as a former library page one that I often saw was personal pictures. Sometimes we could get them back to the owner but not all of the time. It always made me sad when it was clearly a treasured pic and we had no way of knowing who it belonged to.

  7. Michelle Conell

    I had a book from the library once that had lots of long black hair throughout. It was gross! I kept blowing it out when I’d come across another one. Ick!

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