My Fave Reads of 2019 (by the feels)

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Yesterday we looked at my fave reads of 2019 by genre – check out the post HERE. Today we’re looking at my fave reads of 2019 sorted by all the feels they gave me because sometimes a book doesn’t fit easily into a genre … or just calling it by its genre doesn’t adequately emphasize what i loved about it.

As I said yesterday, there have been so many great books out this year (again!) but life prevented me from reading as much as I wanted to (again!) – I only read 158 books this year as opposed to 235 in 2018 and 345 in 2017. Needless to say, there were SO MANY BOOKS that I wasn’t able to get to this year. Wail!!!

(The covers are either linked directly to my reviews of these books OR to Amazon, using my affiliate link)

Let’s start with the category I know you’re all waiting for 😉




Moving on to those books that had me sobbing into my pillow… in all the best ways!


And the books that had me chuckling often and still make me smile when I remember…



Not to mention the books that threw me for a loop!


Or the books that had me raiding the fridge…



What about you? What were some of your fave reads of 2019 that gave you all the feels or who were some of your fave heroes, heroines & general characters?

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25 responses to “My Fave Reads of 2019 (by the feels)

  1. I’m not a laugh-out-loud girl, but I wish I was. I do a lot of laughing on the inside. However, OFF-SCRIPT & OVER-CAFFEINATED definitely made me make some noise! I love Kaley Rhea and Rhonda Rhea’s wit and humor almost as much as I adore the very unique cast of characters they created. The book released in December…so barely a 2019 read. 🙂 — I love your list of feels, by the way. I always enjoy your end-of-the-year posts…another chance to see if I missed something.

  2. This is my favorite way for people to write a yearly review. (Especially when you can tell you have similar tastes.) Here’s to a smooth and healthy 2020! With lots of reading time!

  3. Paula Shreckhise

    Lucky you! You get to do multiple top ten lists! I’ve git to pare mine down to ONE list! Totally impossible!
    Loved some of the same books as you did.
    I need to read more, but I almost did make my goal of 155 books this year!

  4. Great list! I feel your frustration with not being able to read ALL the books!!! Adding The Amish Candymaker and Heart Land to my TBR, thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Carrie I just finished a real cute one by Melissa Ferguson.
    It had me snickering in some places and others it just ripped my heart out!
    I’ve had Jaime Jo Wright make my mouth drop open several times and hold my breath in others.

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