Top Ten Tuesday: New Releases I’m Excited About – Early 2020 Historical Fiction

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Hi friends! It’s time for a new season of new books! At the start of each new publishing season, I find myself buried a little deeper beneath my TBR pile (the term ‘pile’ is misleadingly small), and the early 2020 crop of new releases is positively magnificent. So long, all my hopes of ever catching up! lol. Today we’re looking at Early 2020 Historical New Releases.

Here is the schedule of posts for the week so you can zero in on your fave genre!

Monday: Contemporary Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
TODAY: Historical Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
Wednesday: Amish Fiction
Thursday: Speculative/Youth
Friday: Mystery/Suspense
Saturday: Non-Fiction

In my continued quest to streamline these posts and make them less overwhelming for me and for you too (because, sweet mercy, that’s a lot of covers and links in one place lol), I’m only selecting a few I’m most giddy about to spotlight here and then I’ll also include a link to my Goodreads shelf with ALL the books I’m excited about for early 2020. The shelves will stay up until next year.

spotlight on titles i’m most giddy about

Johnnie Alexander, Amanda Barratt
Lauralee Bliss, Rita Gerlach
Barbour / January 1, 2020

Relive life on the American homefront as four women of the WWII era join the workforce and discover romance in surprising ways. Moonlight Serenade by Rita Gerlach. 1941, Washington D.C. // Only Forever by Lauralee Bliss. 1943, Springville, New York. // Blue Moon by Johnnie Alexander. 1943, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. // Dream a Little Dream by Amanda Barratt. 1945, Palm Springs, California.

(Cornwall #2)
Sarah E. Ladd
Thomas Nelson / January 7, 2020

In Regency England an advantageous match could set up a lady for life. Julia knows Matthew Blake, copper mine owner and very eligible bachelor, is the gentleman she should set her eyes upon. But why can’t she steal her gaze away from his younger brother, Isaac?

(The Codebreakers #2)
Roseanna M. White
Bethany House / January 7, 2020

All of England thinks Phillip Camden a monster–a man who deliberately caused the deaths of his squadron. But as nurse Arabelle Denler watches the so-dubbed “Black Heart” every day, she sees something far different: a hurting man desperate for mercy. And when their paths twist together and he declares himself her new protector, she realizes she has her own role to play in his healing.

(The Treasures of Nome #1)
Tracie Peterson & Kimberley Woodhouse
Bethany House / January 7, 2020

For Havyn Powell, growing up on her grandfather Chuck Bondrant’s dairy outside the 1904 gold-rush boomtown of Nome, Alaska, offered all she needed. She had the love of her mother, two sisters, and grandfather. But now, at 23, Havyn realizes the stability of her life may soon vanish. Havyn is determined to find a way to keep the family together, but her grandfather’s health is declining and everyone seems to be holding secrets from each other, including the handsome, dark-haired stranger who recently arrived.

Laura Frantz
Revell / January 7, 2020

Unflinching and plainspoken, Tessa Swan is not your typical 18th-century woman. Born and bred on the western Virginia frontier along with her five brothers, she is a force to be reckoned with. Quiet and courageous, Clay Tygart is not your typical 18th-century man. Raised by Lenape Indians, he returns a hero from the French and Indian War to the fort that bears his name… Determined to avoid any romantic entanglements as fort commander, Clay remains aloof whenever he encounters the lovely Tessa. But when she is taken captive by the tribe Clay left, his hand–and heart–are forced, leading to one very private and one very public reckoning.

(Call of the Rockies #1)
Misty M. Beller
Misty M. Beller Books / January 14, 2020

Susanna Wilkins will do anything to make her father’s final dream come true, including trek along the path Lewis and Clark explored into the untamed wilds of the Rocky Mountains. Every mile is more crucial now that lung cancer is stealing Pa’s last days faster than she can come to terms with losing him.  Beaver Tail endured more than he can stand from the women in his Blackfoot camp, but the last disaster gave him the final shove he needed to join this band of brothers searching for one of their group who’s gone missing. The last thing he expected was to find a white woman and her sick father stranded at the base of a massive waterfall.

(Daughters of the Mayflower #11)
Susanne Dietze
Barbour / February 1, 2020

Abigail Bracey arrives in Nebraska in January 1888 to teach school…and to execute a task for the government: to identify a student as the hidden son of a murderous counterfeiter—the man who killed her father. Agent Dashiell Lassiter doesn’t want his childhood sweetheart Abby on this dangerous job, especially when he learns the counterfeiter is now searching for his son, too, and he’ll destroy anyone in his way. Now Dash must follow Abby to Nebraska to protect her…if she’ll let him within two feet of her.

Tessa Afshar
Tyndale / February 4, 2020

When the daughter of a prominent Roman general meets a disinherited Jewish immigrant, neither one can dream of God’s plan to transform them into the most influential couple of the early church. Their courtship unwittingly shadowed by murder and betrayal, Priscilla and Aquila slowly work to build a community of believers, while their lives grow increasingly complicated thanks to a shaggy dog, a mysterious runaway, and a ruthless foe desperate for love. But when they’re banished from their home by a capricious emperor, they must join forces with an unusual rabbi named Paul and fight to turn treachery into redemption.

dual timeline
Heidi Chiavaroli
Tyndale / February 4, 2020

Two women, separated by centuries, must find the strength to fight for love and freedom. . . and discover a heritage of courage and faith. Boston, 1773 Emma Malcolm’s father is staunchly loyal to the crown, but Emma’s heart belongs to Noah Winslow, a lowly printer’s assistant and Patriot. Present Day Lieutenant Hayley Ashworth is determined to be the first woman inducted into the elite Navy SEALs. When an unexpected encounter with the man she once loved leads to the discovery of a tea chest and the document hidden within, she wonders if perhaps true strength and freedom are buried deeper than she first realized.

(Canadian Crossings #3)
Susan Anne Mason
Bethany House / February 4, 2020

Quinten Aspinall is determined to fulfill a promise he made to his deceased father to keep his family together. To do so, he must travel to Canada to find his younger siblings, who were sent there as indentured workers while Quinn was away at war. He is also solicited by his employer to look for the man’s niece who ran off with a Canadian soldier. If Quinn can bring Julia back, he will receive his own tenant farm, enabling him to provide a home for his ailing mother and siblings.

(The Windy City Saga #1)
Jocelyn Green
Bethany House / February 4, 2020

Meg and Sylvie Townsend manage the family bookshop and care for their father, Stephen, a veteran still suffering in mind and spirit from his time as a POW during the Civil War. But when the Great Fire sweeps through Chicago’s business district, they lose much more than just their store. The sisters become separated from their father, and after Meg burns her hands in an attempt to save a family heirloom, they make a harrowing escape from the flames with the help of Chicago Tribune reporter Nate Pierce. Once the smoke clears away and they reunite with their father, Stephen is shockingly charged with the murder of a family friend and committed to the Cook County Insane Asylum. Though homeless, injured, and suddenly unemployed, Meg must not only gather the pieces of her shattered life, but prove her father’s innocence before the asylum truly drives him mad.

(Sunrise at Normandy #3)
Sarah Sundin
Revell / February 4, 2020

In 1943, Private Clay Paxton trains hard with the U.S. Army Rangers at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, determined to do his best in the upcoming Allied invasion of France. With his future stolen by his brothers’ betrayal, Clay has only one thing to live for—fulfilling the recurring dream of his death. Leah Jones works as a librarian at Camp Forrest, longing to rise above her orphanage upbringing and belong to the community, even as she uses her spare time to search for her real family—the baby sisters she was separated from so long ago. After Clay saves Leah’s life from a brutal attack, he saves her virtue with a marriage of convenience. But can a love strong enough to overcome death grow between them before Clay’s recurring dream comes true?

Patti Stockdale
Smitten Historical Romance / February 4, 2020

Hattie Waltz should forget the troubled neighbor leaving for boot camp in 1917. He forgot about her ages ago. Arno Kreger can’t leave Iowa or his old man fast enough. Before entering the train, he bumps into Hattie. He’s loved her forever, always from the sidelines, because nobody crosses Hattie’s pa. One innocent letter soon morphs into many. Arno and Hattie share three little secrets in each letter and grow closer together. But he’s on his way to war across the ocean, and she’s still in her father’s house. Their newfound love will need to survive dangers on both fronts.

(Prophets & Kings #3)
Mesu Andrews
WaterBrook / February 18, 2020

At eight years old, Shulle has known only life in a small village with her loving but peculiar father. When Uncle Shebna offers shelter in Jerusalem in exchange for Shulle’s help tutoring King Manasseh, Judah’s five-year-old co-regent who displays the same peculiarities as her father, she’s eager to experience the royal court. When King Hezekiah dies, twelve-year-old Manasseh is thrust onto Judah’s throne, bitter at Yahweh and eager to marry the girl he adores. Assyria’s crown prince favors Manasseh and twists his brilliant mind toward cruelty, beginning Shulle’s long and harrowing journey to discover the Yahweh she’d never known, guided with loving wisdom by Manasseh’s mother: Isaiah’s daughter, the heartbroken Hephzibah.

Amanda Barratt, Angie Dicken
Gabrielle Meyer, Kimberley Woodhouse
Barbour / March 1, 2020

Join four brave women making their mark on history at Colonial forts. Faced with tragedy and distrust they will fight to bring civility, family, and love to the frontier.  Virginia Company Bride by Gabrielle Meyer. James Fort at Jamestown, Virginia, 1608 // Embers of Hope by Kimberley Woodhouse. Castle Island, Massachusetts, 1674 // A Treaty of Tulips by Angie Dicken. Fort Burnett in Upstate New York, 1740 // A Promise for Tomorrow by Amanda Barratt. Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky, 1778

(Cities of Refuge #4)
Connilyn Cossette
Bethany House / March 3, 2020

Strong-willed Tirzah wants to join her people in driving the enemy from the land of Israel and undergoes training for a secret mission inside the stronghold of Shechem. Fresh off the battlefield, Liyam returns home to discover his beloved daughter is dead. After his vow to hunt down her killer leads to months of fruitless pursuit, his last hope is in a family connection that comes with strings attached. Strings that force him to pose as a mercenary and rescue an infuriating woman who refuses to leave her mission uncompleted.

(The Bride Ships #2)
Jody Hedlund
Bethany House / March 3, 2020

Wealthy Arabella Lawrence flees to British Columbia on a bride ship still wearing the scars of past mistakes. One of the few single women in the boomtown, she immediately has suitors, but she is determined not to find herself trapped again by a poor choice. Vying for her hand are two very different men. Lieutenant Richard Drummond is a gentleman in the Navy and is held in high esteem. Peter Kelly is the town’s baker and has worked hard to build a thriving business. He and Drummond not only compete for Arabella’s affections, but clash over their views of how the natives should be treated in the midst of a smallpox outbreak.

(Brides of Hope Mountain #2)
Mary Connealy
Bethany House / March 3, 2020

After years of isolation on top of Hope Mountain, Ilsa Nordegren may finally be ready to leave. Raised to fear the world, Ilsa and her sisters never planned on coming down, but when the Warden family arrived in need, they had to help. And it may cost them everything. Having made his fortune, Mitch Warden returned home and found the family homestead abandoned. In a land grab, a ruthless cattle baron had forced his family to escape up the mountain, and when he follows, the last thing he expects is to fall smitten to a black-haired woman who dresses like Robin Hood.

(Call of the Rockies #2)
Misty M. Beller
Misty M. Beller Books / March 31, 2020

Joel Vargas can’t believe he’s lost his older brother in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains after surviving their harrowing voyage across the Atlantic. And he can’t shake the feeling that Adam—his only living relative—is in dire trouble. No matter what the cost, he and his band of friends won’t stop until Adam is found. After the devastating loss of her daughter and husband to a sickness that swept through their Nez Perce camp, Elan is desperate to find an escape from her grief. As she and her friend journey through the mountains toward the great river, a band of white men is the last thing she expects to find, especially as winter blows in full force.

(Daughters of the Mayflower #12)
Kathleen Y’Barbo
Barbour / April 1, 2020

Eliza Gentry’s pursuit of marriage to the son of her family’s sworn enemy has cost her greatly. Furious at his daughter’s choices, her father sends her off with the cattle drive heading toward Fort Worth and the Barnhart ranch, but under the watchful eye of Wyatt Creed, a Pinkerton man he has hired to see to her safety. With danger at every turn—not the least of which to his heart—can Wyatt Creed keep his focus with Eliza Gentry around? Is the Chisholm Trail a place for falling in love or a place to die at the hands of cattle thieves?

Lynn A. Coleman, Cecelia Dowdy
Terri J. Haynes, Lynette Sowell
Barbour / April 1, 2020

Some Lessons Only the Heart Can Teach. Couples come together to teach and learn, but working together has challenges that test their faith. Lessons of the Heart by Terri J. Haynes.
Washington, DC, 1864 // Courting the Doctor by Cecilia Dowdy. Pennsylvania, 1870 // Schooling Mr. Mason by Lynette Sowell. Massachusetts, 1895 // Lessons of Love by Lynn A. Coleman. Eastern Tennessee, 1899

Michelle Griep

Shiloh Run / April 1, 2020

Opera star Maggie Lee escapes her opulent lifestyle when threatened by a powerful politician who aims to ruin her life. She runs off to the wilds of the moors to live in anonymity. All that changes the day she discovers a half-dead man near her house. Escaped convict Oliver Ward is on the run to prove his innocence, until he gets hurt and is taken in by Maggie. He discovers some jewels in her possession—the very same jewels that got him convicted. Together they hatch a plan to return the jewels, clearing Oliver’s name and hopefully maintaining Maggie’s anonymity.

J’nell Ciesielski

Thomas Nelson / April 14, 2020

As the daughter of Sir Alfred Whitford, Kat has a certain set of responsibilities. But chasing her wayward sister, Ellie, to Nazi-occupied Paris was never supposed to be one of them. Arrested for simply trying to defend himself against a drunken bully, Barrett Anderson is given the option of going to jail or serving out his sentence by training Resistance fighters in Paris. A bar owner serves as the perfect disguise to entertain Nazis at night while training fighters right below their jackboots during the day. Being assigned to watch over two English debutantes is the last thing he needs, but a payout from their father is too tempting to resist.

(Serendipity & Secrets #1)
Erica Vetsch

Kregel / April 21, 2020

Evan Eldridge never meant to be a war hero–he just wanted to fight Napoleon for the future of his country. Now Evan has a new title, a manor house in shambles, and a stranger for a bride, all thrust upon him by a grateful ruler. What he doesn’t have are all his memories. Traumatized as a result of his wounds and bravery on the battlefield, Evan knows there’s something he can’t quite remember. It’s important, dangerous–and if he doesn’t recall it in time, will jeopardize not only his marriage but someone’s very life.

my goodreads shelf (2020 historical releases)

Books not on Goodreads yet

Turning Tide by Melody Carlson – February

my fave covers?






What about you? Which Early 2020 Historical Fiction New Releases did you add from my Goodreads shelf to yours? Which covers are your favorites?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here or in my goodreads list, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books LOL! Please feel free to leave your release info for Christian / clean fiction in the comments ?

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18 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: New Releases I’m Excited About – Early 2020 Historical Fiction

  1. Megan Hamsher

    one ya didn’t list that’s on mine:
    Children of the Stars by Mario Escobar
    Feb 25, 2020
    (This author wrote Auschwitz Lullaby)

    PS: I’ve on the lookout for 2020 Debut Authors list

  2. Jeanne Bishop

    Carrie, I love this list, but it could be because this is my favorite category. Sarah Ladd’s and Laura Franz’s books are arriving today and 5 of your other picks are pre-ordered. Did you just hear that crash? That was my TBR pile falling over. That’s a good thing, right? Have a great new year and keep these great lists coming.

  3. Excited to someday read “The Socialite.” Sounds so good. (And I did quite like “Among the Poppies.”) Despite the fact that I haven’t read books one and two in the series, I cannot wait to read Sarah’s new book as well – just have to read their prequels first. 🙂

  4. Misty M. Beller

    My favorite list! So many of these are on my TBR list, but there were a few I didn’t know about. Yay!!?

  5. Valerie S.

    Thank you for telling me about The Blizzard Bride – novels are rarely set in Nebraska, my home state!

  6. English Lady

    Great list. I am looking forward to some of these as well, including Wings of Devotion and the Michelle Griep one (which I just got approved for on Netgalley). The Lost Lieutenant looks really good too.

  7. Trixi

    I’m so excited to see Regency fiction by none other than Erica Vetsch!!!! Oh it’s been forever since she’s published anything new. I can’t wait!!!!!

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