Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Laura Frantz & An Uncommon Woman

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Please join me in welcoming the delightfully wonderful Laura Frantz to the blog today to chat about her new novel An Uncommon Woman!

Laura Frantz is a Christy Award winner and the ECPA bestselling author of eleven novels, including The Frontiersman’s Daughter, Courting Morrow Little, The Colonel’s Lady, The Lacemaker, and A Bound Heart. She is passionate about all things historical, particularly the 18th-century, and writes her manuscripts in longhand first. Learn more at

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GENRE: Inspirational Historical Fiction/Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 7, 2020
PAGES: 384

Unflinching and plainspoken, Tessa Swan is not your typical 18th-century woman. Born and bred on the western Virginia frontier along with her five brothers, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Quiet and courageous, Clay Tygart is not your typical 18th-century man. Raised by Lenape Indians, he returns a hero from the French and Indian War to the fort that bears his name, bringing with him Tessa’s long-lost friend, Keturah, a redeemed Indian captive like himself.

Determined to avoid any romantic entanglements as fort commander, Clay remains aloof whenever he encounters the lovely Tessa. But when she is taken captive by the tribe Clay left, his hand–and heart–are forced, leading to one very private and one very public reckoning.

Intense, evocative, and laced with intricate historical details that bring the past to life, An Uncommon Woman will transport you to the picturesque and dangerous western Virginia mountains of 1770.


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Hi dear Laura! Welcome back to the blog!

Q: What sparked the idea for An Uncommon Woman?

Laura: I’ve long been fascinated by Indian captivity narratives and thought it would be interesting to create characters who have been shaped by that life-altering circumstance.

Carrie: I’m fascinated by that too!

Q: This book is written after the French and Indian War. How did you become interested in this time period in particular?

Laura: This time period is a roiling one, rife with conflict and larger-than-life figures who built America. So much of our founding history has been lost or is unknown, yet it contains such amazing material for novels today.

Carrie: Yes!! So true – and I’m delighted that you write those novels 🙂

Q: You are always so meticulous in your historical homework, so to speak. What type of research was required for writing An Uncommon Woman?

Laura: I read as many Indian captivity stories as I could, both fiction and nonfiction. I delved into the historical records for Jemima Boone, Mary Draper Ingles, and others who survived such events and even thrived in very hostile, heartbreaking situations.

Carrie: I knew there would be a Boone connection somewhere 😉

Q: One of the main characters, Clay Tygart, was raised by Lenape Indians. Can you tell us a little about his backstory?

Laura: Clay is a conundrum of a frontiersman, born to Pennsylvania Quakers (Friends), captured and raised by Lenape/Delaware Indians, then redeemed and returned to white society. He is at war within himself, taking command of a fort named in his honor as a hero of the French and Indian War, yet desiring peace at all costs on a very embittered, embattled frontier.

Carrie: yeah that would be a conundrum of influences & personalities for sure!

Q: What do you love most about writing historical fiction?

Laura: Preserving history is such a privilege and pleasure. Breathing life into actual events and people through fiction in a day when we’ve lost touch with our roots keeps me researching and writing. 

Carrie: I think so many love READING it for those same reasons ♥

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from An Uncommon Woman?

Laura: The dedication page of this novel contains words from the ancient hymn Be Thou My Vision. My hope is that no matter what life hands us, we as believers can stand firm and say:

Heart of my own heart, whate’er befall,
Still be my vision, O Ruler of all.

Carrie: Such a beautiful hymn – I walked down the aisle to it at our wedding…

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Laura: I leap back a century to 1634 with this next novel, set in James Towne, Virginia. And I thought the eighteenth century was conflicted!

Carrie: oh yay! Can’t wait!

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What about you? What interests you most about An Uncommon Woman and/or Laura Frantz?

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78 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Laura Frantz & An Uncommon Woman

    • Vivian, You sound like a historical kindred spirit. I remember yawning in high school history classes. I think that helped me become a novelist and bring the past to life:) Thank you for taking time here to celebrate this book’s release!

  1. Rachel Taylor

    What interests me most is what it’s like to have two conflicting sides. Really, there shouldn’t have to be conflict but such is the world like in.

    • Hi Rachel, Such a good point. While writing the novel I kept wanting to be the peace mediator and work things out between warring parties. It seems so clear cut today but was full of conflict like you said, then & now. Thank you for taking part in the giveaway!

  2. Debbie Clatterbuck

    I love history and I love romance. This book has both. Can’t wait to read it. I love Laura Frantz’s writing style and all the books I’ve read by her so far. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and good luck everyone.

    • Hi Debbie, So good to see you here! Thanks for the kind words about my former novels. I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed them! I appreciate your celebrating this new release. Up to novel 11. Can’t believe it!

  3. Elizabeth Litton

    I love reading stories about Native American captives and about the Native Americans in general!

    • Elizabeth, I’d love for you to read this story given your interest. I’m surprised I waited this long to write a captivity themed story as it’s been a fascination of mine since childhood. Bless you for being here!

  4. Becky D.

    This right here, “Breathing life into actual events and people through fiction…”. I didn’t enjoy history while in school, but I now have discovered a love for it through devouring historical fiction. Thanks for sharing the interview!!

    • Love your appreciation for that, Becky. We might be a perfect historical pairing! Really appreciate your being here and for giving a historical fiction shout-out:)

    • Leslie, So happy to meet another historical fiction fan. Thankfully, we have quite a few authors who write what you enjoy reading, including gifted author friend Lori Benton. Thank you for being here!

  5. Winnie Thomas

    Thanks for the fun interview, Carrie and Laura! It’s always fun to learn more about authors and their books. I loved An Uncommon Woman! It’s fantastic, and if you haven’t read it, grab it and start! You’ll be glad you did!

    • Dear Winnie, Oh, if you could see me smile when your name pops up 🙂 I’m so thankful you’ve found my books in the sea of them out there. You’re always so positive & encouraging. Thank you, thank you!

    • Dear Patty, Your gracious spirit is very appreciated! Helps my release month jitters. Thank you! And thank you for taking time here. I’d love for you to meet the cast of An Uncommon Woman:)

  6. Roxanne C.

    I enjoy reading novels set in eras other than my favorite, the 19th century. “An Uncommon Woman” sounds extremely interesting.

    • Roxanne, I heard once that the sweet spot for historical fiction is the 19th-century American west:) Thank you for wanting to delve into the colonial period/18th-century, too, a very different era. Really appreciate your being here!

    • Hi Alicia, My publisher, Revell, and I thank you for the cover kudos! The model on the front was chosen from a modeling agency and she fits the heroine to a T. I helped choose the garments she’s wearing and asked that her bonnet strings be untied and her hair be unkempt. It may be my favorite cover of all 11. Bless you for being here!

  7. Pam K

    Laura’s books are always so well researched with very interesting characters. She makes history come alive. Thanks for the chance to win An Uncommon Woman.

  8. Anne L. Rightler

    I enjoy historical novels. They often make me wonder how I would’ve responded in the various situations characters find themselves in. Indian captivity is one of those situations. Looking forward to reading this one!

    • Anne, You nailed why I write these novels – to experience life or certain situations as my characters might have done, to the best of my 21st-century ability! Thank you for being here & celebrating this new release!

  9. Brenda Murphree

    Everything! Lol! Seriously I love any and all historical fiction. And Indian captivity is all the better because I’m fascinated with these stories too.

  10. Melissa Scott

    I love historical fiction and no one writes it better than Laura Frantz! She must do such detailed research because her books are not only wonderful romances, but actual history lessons. I always learn new things. (As a Pittsburgher reading the Ballantyne series, I am learning a lot!)

    • Melissa, So happy to meet you via Carrie and learn you are in amazingly historic Pittsburgh! Some of your gems like the Heinz History Center/Museum and Frick house still have me thinking about them! I’m glad you’ve met those Ballantynes. Thank you for being here and being so gracious!

  11. Debra E. Marvin

    Of course I will read and love this story. the problem is… when I see the title I think of Laura. She will protest, but I stand firm! Thank you for all the truly beautiful stories you’ve brought us, And the uncommon thoughtfulness you are known for!

    • I found out very late in the day once readers told me! I believe it was a 24 flash sale. My publisher usually flags me but this one came out of the blue from Amazon!

  12. Great post, Carrie! You are my blog hero. One day I hope to have mine just a fourth as good as yours. Laura did a question and answer on my blog too. She is a very particular favorite of mine. I am a history buff and love the time period in which she settles in.

    • Susan, You’ve been a HUGE influencer for this release and I can’t thank you enough. But then, you’ve been there faithfully for 11 books now. And I’m over the moonbow that you have your own blog now. And it’s a beautiful reflection of you & your book ministry. I agree. Carrie’s web home here is pretty phenomenal. I hope to learn some blogging tricks! #goals

    • Oh Susan, you’re too sweet. Just go back and look at my first year or so of posts – I clearly had no idea what I was doing LOL. Nothing magical – just a lot of hard work 🙂

  13. Caryl Kane

    Laura’s stories are exquisite masterpieces! She’s one of my favorite authors! She makes history come alive.

  14. Mary Winzenburg

    I learned so much about early American history reading this book, while staying fully entertained! I highly recommend all of Laura Franz’s books.

  15. Phyllis

    I, too, am one who hated history in school, but I love historical literature, and Laura your books are the best! Enjoyed reading your comments here.

    • Phyllis, I also hated history in school but like you, historical lit is another thing entirely! I hope history classes are changing. Not long ago I heard of one history teacher who was actually using my debut novel in his classroom as a supplement to his curriculum. I’m so heartened by that if it means more people falling in love with history. So appreciate you and your heart for my books. You are the reason I am able to write! Thank you, thank you.

    • Lori, Thank you for the cover kudos. My publisher really works hard to create appealing covers that invite you into the book. I’d love for you to meet these characters in this new book. Thanks so much for being here!

  16. Cheryl-Lynn Adams

    I LOVE historical fiction because of the way it DOES bring history to life. Imagining living in a different time/place because so easy with books like Laura’s. The books I have read of Laura’s have been fantastic and this one sounds great too! Can’t wait to read it.

  17. Lynette

    My friend just told me I HAVE to read Laura Frantz, so I have this book on my TBR list. I enjoy historical romance.

    • Lynette, Please hug your friend for me! Word of mouth remains the best way to share books and I’m happy to be on your reading radar 🙂 Thank you for being here!

  18. Stephanie H.

    I love her style of writing and how her characters seem so real when I read her books. Thanks Laura!

    • Stephanie, Your comments mean so much to you. Love your heart for my books. Bringing those characters to life is my biggest hope! Thank you so much for being here!

  19. Perrianne Askew

    Imlove the historical details, but truthfully Imlove anything Laura Frantz writes! An Uncommon Woman ought to be really good!

  20. Perrianne, So good to see you here! Can’t wait for you to meet these Swans and company! Really blessed you have a heart for my books. Than you for stopping by!

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