Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Naomi Musch & “A Tender Siege” (The Highlanders collection)

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Please join me in welcoming author Naomi Musch to the blog today to talk about her novella “A Tender Siege” in the swoony The Highlanders collection!

Naomi is an award-winning author who crafts stories of romance, adventure, and history from her home in the pristine Lake Superior north woods. The November 2019 release of The Highlanders features her most recent novella, A Tender Siege. Her September 2019 release The Brightest Hope completed a three-book historical series set in the 1920s. When not writing, Naomi enjoys roaming around on the farm, snacking out of the garden, relaxing in her vintage camper, and loving on her passel of grandchildren. She loves connecting with friends around the web, and readers can sign up for her newsletter to receive a free short story.

You can connect with Naomi on her website, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and her monthly newsletter News of the Northwoods.

“A TENDER SEIGE” by Naomi Musch

GENRE: Inspirational Historical Romance
PUBLISHER: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
RELEASE DATE: November 15, 2019
PAGES: 301 (total for collection)

Never underestimate the heart of a Highlander.

A Tender Siege
Pontiac’s War, August 1763: “I beg Ye to take me.” Wounded in battle in the American wilderness, Lachlan McRea of His Majesty’s 42nd Highlanders pleads with God, yearning to be reunited with his lost wife and child. As death hovers near, he is discovered by Wenonah, a native widow doing all she can to survive alone while avoiding the attentions of a dangerous Shawnee warrior. In aiding one another, their perils increase. If Lachlan can let go of the woman he once loved, he might find healing for both body and soul.


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Hi Naomi! Welcome to the blog!

Naomi: Cats. We used to raise Golden Retrievers, and I love them! However, cats have those quirky personalities that crack me up. Mine are masters at giving me a dead pan, why-are-you-touching-me blink one minute, and the wide-eyed, I’ve-never-seen-you-before panic look the next. Plus, I prefer them for their independent natures. Just this morning, my cat Jack opened the door to let himself in, while he let Little Mew out. Smart kitty.

Carrie: If you want a quirky pet, you should have known our sweet Zuzu dog. She had the most hilarious personality – complete with crack-me-up dead pan looks.

Naomi: I was totally hooked on a couple of Netflix series, most notably Heartland and Longmire. Now we’ve switched to Disney Plus and whatever we can get for free on our Roku and Youtube. I’m an “old movie” buff. I’ll ferret out any classics or old westerns I can find. By the way, I LOVED the new Little Women.

Carrie: Oh good! I’ve been scared to see it but I have been hearing good things about it.

Naomi: While I do love audiobooks, especially when I’m driving, I am more inspired and rejuvenated on a regular basis by music. For books, I’d rather look at the print, while music sometimes sets off lightbulbs in my brain with story themes for my novels.

Carrie: I heard Beth Moore say once that music is the language our soul speaks – I’ve loved that thought ever since 🙂

Naomi:  I love them both, but I generally prefer ebook for fiction and print for non-fiction.

Carrie: oh that’s interesting!

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Naomi: I’m a grandma! This summer my hubby and I will welcome grands #15 and #16. One of my favorite non-fiction books is Extreme Grandparenting by Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel. If I can fulfil my grandparenting role in the way God has called me to, that would be my superpower indeed. Beyond that…napping? I can pull off a pretty good power nap without effort. ?

Carrie: I love this answer ?

Q: Who is your favorite book character from childhood?

Naomi: I have two. In second grade, I fell in love with a very particular version of Beauty and the Beast, filled with frightening and beautiful imagery. Belle’s character came alive to me, because of her courage and sacrificial love, as well as her beauty. That book probably had the first big impact on my longing to become a writer. Besides Belle, I also adored Amelia Bedelia whose lemon meringue pie could tame away all the frustrations she might cause her employers. Amelia had a joy-filled spirit, a willingness to accept challenges, and her hilarious literalism sparked an enthusiasm for reading in this youngster.

Carrie: Amelia Bedelia has always had my heart too!

Q: If I asked your characters to describe YOU as an author, what would they say?

Naomi: I wonder! I guess they’d say I’m quintessential, as far as most authors go, spending a lot of time in their worlds along with my cat and a favorite beverage at my side. They might also tell you I’m easily distracted at points—wandering off to watch a movie or bake bread instead of writing—and totally absorbed at others, so much so that I tune out everything going on around me while I’m deep in a scene. They’d probably tell you I’m a living bottle opener, prying at them until I crack open their psyches. They might suggest that I’m mostly a plotter, but that I do let them take over if they’ve got something important to say or want to go someplace that I hadn’t imagined yet, so I’m not too controlling. I think they’d admit that there’s not much they’d keep from me once we’ve established a good, working relationship. I try not to judge them, but rather, understand them. Hopefully, readers will too.

Carrie: a living bottle opener – hahaha – that’s awesome!

Q: What surprised you about A Tender Siege or your characters as you wrote their story?

Naomi: I was a bit surprised how quickly my hero Lachan McRae burst into living color for me in my novella A Tender Siege (The Highlanders Collection), especially since I’d never written a main character who was Scottish before. Yet, I’d barely sketched him out when he took off on the page.

All characters take a certain amount of acquaintance to get to know them, but just like people you meet every day, some you get to know more quickly and easily than others. A reserved character may only reveal himself to me in inches, while a flamboyant character just shows up and starts talking about herself. I am always very excited to see where these characters’ personalities are going to go. Even plotting doesn’t always tell you that.

Carrie: I’m always fascinated by this kind of glimpse into the writing process… I love how the characters come alive for authors – much the same way they then come alive for the readers 🙂

Q: If Hollywood wanted to produce A Tender Siege as a movie, who would you want to be cast as the lead roles?

Naomi: My son Cade. He’s the cover model on The Highlanders. He doesn’t have acting aspirations, but he could pull it off. I think he’s content as he is as a business owner, husband, and daddy though. ?

Carrie: what a fun bit of book trivia!!

Q: What is one of your favorite quotes from A Tender Siege & why do you love it?

Naomi: Ooh…good question. I can’t pack all the emotion of the scene into a brief quote, but I love this one because it’s at a pivotal point in the story, where Lachlan feels a tearing shift in his heart. Here goes:

“You would ha’ been proud, Moira. I didn’t let her down.” He closed his eyes. “Tell her, God. Tell her she would ha’ been proud.”

Without giving any spoilers, I can tell you that Moira is Lachlan’s deceased wife. It’s been five long years, but he hasn’t been able to let her go, and he’s often wished he could go to her. Now something has happened that has forced him to consider living once more. He feels his grasp on the past loosening.

Carrie: oh wow – that does sound really emotional!! Poor Lachlan ♥

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Naomi: In 2020 look for the re-release of my Empire in Pine 3-book, historical romance series (The Green Veil, The Red Fury, The Black Rose) which went out of print in 2018. If you like generational sagas that involve lumberjacks and strong heroines, you’ll enjoy this adventuresome series. In the meantime, I’ll wind up my current work-in-progress, a WWI historical romance, and polish it up for submission.

Naomi Musch is offering a signed print copy OR ebook copy of The Highlanders to one of my readers! (Print book is open to US only, ebook is open internationally except where prohibited by law or logistics) This giveaway is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policies which can be found here. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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What about you? What interests you most about “A Tender Siege” by Naomi Musch from The Highlanders collection?

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28 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Naomi Musch & “A Tender Siege” (The Highlanders collection)

    • It was a labor of love. Along with our editors, we were having trouble finding a modestly appareled cover model for the book. Since I have 3 boys and one of my daughters is a photographer, I volunteered to try and come up with something. I’m so thankful Cade was willing to play the role!

  1. Roxanne C.

    I don’t recall ever reading a story with Scottish hero and a Native American heroine. I like the premise, especially a historical Christian romance.

    • Now that you mention it, Roxanne, I don’t think I do either. I’m not sure I realized it was kind of original when I wrote it. Lol! I have a Metis woman (French Canadian/Native Ojibwe) who’s the heroine in my novel Mist O’er the Voyageur. The hero in that one is French, and there are some Scotsman as minor characters.

  2. Perrianne Askew

    I love the fact that her son isnthe cover model for the book! I also love that she wanted modest apparel.

  3. Alicia Haney

    Hi I enjoyed reading this author interview and getting to know her little more! Your book sounds intriguing and like a very good page turner! The cover is Beautiful and how awesome that your son is on the cover!! Thank you for such a wonderful interview, I enjoyed reading it. And Thank you for sharing a little about the book. Have a Great weekend. God Bless you.

  4. Lynn Dean

    Your character, Lachlan, sounds like he has a lot of depth. I enjoy stories told from the hero’s point of view.

    • Naomi Musch

      Another thing we have in common, Lynn. I sometimes find it easier to write the hero’s POV than the heroine’s. Maybe it’s from living with a household of menfolk. 🙂

  5. Caryl Kane

    Hey Carrie and Naomi! Thank you for the wonderful interview. I’ve not read many books with Scottish families. This one sounds like a must read.

  6. Pam Lunsford

    I have to admit I’ve never read any of your books or the other authors who wrote the book with you. That’s what I like about reading Carrie’s newsletter I get to find new authors and read about authors I already love.
    I really enjoy Scottish book but they are hard to find. I am so excited about this book and looking forward to reading you story. It sounds so good. I like books were two lost/lonely people find each other and realize there’s still happiness left in their lives.
    Do you have Scottish ancestors?

    • You bring up so many good points. Yes, Carrie’s site/newsletter was a delightful find for me too. I have a lot of favorites, but it’s so great to discover new-to-me authors as well. I haven’t read a lot of Christian Scottish stories either. There are a few. Laura Frantz’s A Bound Heart and Lori Benton’s The King’s Mercy both contain Scottish heroes. And YES, I DO have Scottish ancestors, or so I’m told. I have Irish ancestors, and they tell me there are Scottish ones in there too, but I haven’t been able to trace very far on that branch of my family. I have a lot of German as well. I tell my kids that if we go back far enough, we’re basically barbarians. Lol!

  7. Vivian Furbay

    What a fascinating story! Would love to read this with all the aspects of war and danger plus a romance might be involved.

    • Thank you for that, Brenda! We have such an integral history with the Native Americans. I love reading and researching it. If you haven’t already done so, you might enjoy my novel Mist O’er the Voyageur. The heroine in that one is Metis (Ojibwe/French Canadian). Blessings! Thanks for entering!

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