Regency Bingo 2020 (and Giveaways!): How to Play & How to Enter!

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Behold…. Regency Bingo 2020!

Games, you say?

Regency fiction, you say?

GIVEAWAYS, you say???

Count. Me. In.

Three of my fave authors (I would legit read a phone book if they wrote it. Probably.) have teamed up for frivolity and shenanigans, Regency style!

So who’s behind Regency Bingo 2020? Watch below!

Erica Vetsch, Michelle Griep, AND Julie Klassen!! Yes please!

I hear you asking, “HOW do you play, Carrie?!?!?” and “What are these giveaways of which you speak??”

Well I’m so glad you asked – all the instructions (and GIVEAWAY INFO!) are in the video below!

And I have it on good authority (as in, I’ve seen it for myself) that you can get the word list at the facebook group – just click HERE to join the festivities!

But hurry and get in your entries for Regency Bingo 2020 by March 31st so you can play in April & May!

And while you’re at it, check out the latest (or upcoming) Regency releases from the masterminds of this fun –


And then go get in your entries for the Regency Bingo 2020 game because you might be able to win a set of each of these (and if you’ve already bought them, then you can make a friend’s day by sharing with them!)

What about you? What do you love about Regency Romances? What was the last Regency romance that you read?

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3 responses to “Regency Bingo 2020 (and Giveaways!): How to Play & How to Enter!

  1. Teri DiVincenzo

    I’m so excited about this, and I totally agree about the phonebook thing! 😂😂 I just hope I can remember to check back on the right days to see if my words have been called 😁😁

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