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Finding Love in Wishing Bridge JustRead Blog TourWelcome to the Blog Tour & Giveaway for Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge by my dear Ruth Logan Herne, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge by Ruth Logan HerneTitle: Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge
Series: Wishing Bridge #3
Author: Ruth Logan Herne
Release Date: March 2, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Being a supermodel isn’t just hard.

It can be a killer, so when international sensation Jazz Monroe answered a friend’s call for help, she’d just taken a hiatus from the job that made her a very rich woman and almost took her life. Outwardly Jazz was everything anyone would want to be. Beautiful, confident, rich and famous, and often seen on the arm of some of the world’s most eligible bachelors, Jazz knows the truth she hides. Her self-confidence is an act and the eating disorder that plagues her refuses to let her rest.

But then she and her old friend Thea are called to help a friend and fulfill a pledge they’d made a dozen years before as high school seniors. If any one of the three ever needed help, the others would come running. Last December, Kelsey made that call and her two old friends, the other members of the “Soul Sisterhood”, responded. They’re here now. Thea is practicing medicine, Kelsey has married the hero deputy that saved her life and Jazz is finding the hints of peace that have eluded her for nearly two decades. She settles into the little town, helping out at a local diner, waiting for the sky to fall.

It doesn’t. Instead, the sun begins to shine, winter fades to spring, and surrounded by new and old friends, Jazz begins to believe in herself. She loves the small town, the kindness of the locals, the warmth of the family diner and the special attention from two very different and distinct men makes her think new thoughts. Thoughts of family and picket fences and settling down.

But an unexpected attack on a wood-edged path reignites her fears and insecurities. Now she’s looking in shadows again, doubting herself and others. In Manhattan, locked elevators and a staffed entrance desk kept her safe from intruders.

Wishing Bridge has nothing like that. Here, she lives life at ground level, with no bodyguards watching out for her. But when a local contingent makes it their job to keep her safe, Jazz learns not to sell the small town short. Folks here mean what they say because that’s the kind of town Wishing Bridge is.

As Jazz rediscovers the most important things in life, she realizes that happiness isn’t about where you are: it’s about who you’re with. And who you love.

Join Jazz, Kelsey, Thea and the rest of the Wishing Bridge cast as they band together to help the town and one another because together– in Wishing Bridge– they can make anything happen.


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The Book That Created A Whole New World…
Or Why I Absolutely Love What God Has Called Me To Do

by Ruth Logan Herne, author of Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge

You know how there are those moments you absolutely remember? Those historic moments when something momentous happens and you never forget where you were. What you were doing. Who you were with. What you were wearing, even. Being of a certain age, I remember JFK’s death and funeral, Bobby’s assassination and then that of Martin Luther King. The Challenger Disaster. The moment I realized the towers had been targeted and all those lives lost…

But there was also a book.

And I was easily as young as the little girl who heard of the president’s tragic death in Dallas. It was probably that very same year, eight years old, and reading a book that stayed with me forever. A book that once the Internet offered access, I ordered copies for all of my children so that they could better understand their mother. And that book was “Understood Betsy” by Dorothy Canfield Fisher.  I even remember the author’s name, throughout the years, and what her heartwarming story meant to me.

It’s not about the brilliance of the story, the remaking of a sad and sickly little girl named Elizabeth Ann, sheltered and cossetted by two maiden aunts until the great-aunt took ill and Elizabeth Ann had to be bundled off to her country cousins, three farm-loving, dirt-digging, self-made folks who worked the land and the seasons like so many others.

It’s about Betsy’s transformation, like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes, from the pitiful child she was to the strong, steady, stable girl she became. In her transformation and growth, I saw my own path to health and wellness. As Betsy worked to be more like “Cousin Ann”, the pragmatic, kind of square-built, single cousin who helped run the farm now that her parents were on in years, I wanted to be more like Cousin Ann, too.

Ann was capable.

I wanted to be capable!

Ann was industrious.


Ann thought for herself and didn’t let opinions of others sway her.


Ann was a hard-working, faithful, practical woman who did whatever was needed and got on with it.


Right then, at eight or nine years old, I realized the kind of grown-up I wanted to be. I was not surrounded by this kind of grown up at home. My mom was struggling with huge mental health demons that led to major depressions and suicide attempts and my father was a foul-tempered drunk. It was, to say the least, an unhealthy pairing, my friends, but it taught me so much about temperance, faith, forgiveness and how to make better choices.

How to become more like Ann.

So that became my goal. And that one day I would write beautiful stories that help women feel better about themselves, about life, about redemption, about faith, hope and love.

Some would scoff at the idea of a child having such a transformation at that age.

I never scoff at children’s amazing minds because therein lies the future. Having lived it, I know what wondrous things can go on in a young mind with an old soul.

So from that point on I knew who I wanted to be and what I wanted to be. And when writing had to be put on hold as I raised six amazing children and worked no small number of hairnet and nametag jobs, I tucked away all of the experience and information I gleaned (learned from Mary, “who tucked all this away in her heart”) for future use. I was confident that God was letting me be paid to do hands-on book research, and I’ve used a lot of it, for sure.

Life is full of twists and turns and hard-rights. But Jazz’s beautiful story “Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge” is my 53rd book (including a smattering of novellas.) and if we just follow those turns, twists, and make those hard rights without blowing a tire, it’s amazing how life can unfold before us. We are stronger than we believe. We are smarter than we know. And we are treasures in God’s garden of life.

Ruth Logan Herne

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Ruth Logan Herne is living her dream of writing sweet stories, full of unforgettable characters in pastoral small towns and the occasional big city. With over 50 books published to date, and more to come, Ruthy loves to pen stories in the middle of the night when it bothers no one… and, in return, they don’t bother her! J Married with six children and a daughter of her heart, Ruthy has fourteen grandkids who all love her and think she’s the coolest thing on the planet. Except for Star Wars & Harry Potter, puppies, baseball, Nerd ropes…. Okay, you get the picture. She loves chatting with readers. Email Ruthy at, ask to be put on her newsletter list or visit her website at

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