Top Ten Tuesday: Signs That You Are a Book Lover

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Happy Tuesday! Today for Top Ten Tuesday we’re talking about ten signs that you are a book lover and – let’s face it – most people who stop by here are 🙂  Hopefully you’ll see yourself in at least one of these clues!

Your first word was book

(raises hand)

You sometimes can’t find your driver’s license in your purse…
but you always know right where your library card is.

The librarians at your local branch know you by your first name.

You take your Kindle on every road trip – even just across town. Just in case.

(my hand is up again)

You take your Kindle AND a backup bag of print books on trips that are overnight or longer. Just in case.

(yep. hand’s still up.)

You have been known to hug a book.

(arm’s getting tired now… hand’s still up)

You’ve named a child or a pet or a car after a fictional character.

You’ve canceled plans (or sleep) to keep reading #justonemorechapter

(had a break but hand’s back up)

Your book budget is larger than your clothing budget.

(hand’s still up)

Your house could double as a lending library in a national emergency.

(waves hand wildly in the air)

So… ARE you a book lover? Or do you love someone who is?
Here are some great buys to feed the book lover in us…

Or head to the SHOP page!

What about you? Which of these ten signs that you are a book lover apply to you? What would you add to this list?

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34 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Signs That You Are a Book Lover

  1. Love these 🙂 PS – I haven’t used my library card in years as I know my number off by heart LOL. Check out mine at The Phantom Paragrapher

  2. DeAnna Dodson

    I’d say I’m guilty of 4 – 10. Don’t know what my first word was, so 1 is a possibility. I love libraries, but I seem to always buy any book I’m interested in (dadgum Amazon).

    So there’s that. 😀

  3. Gloria A

    I take my Kindle everywhere. I have hangovers from reading too late at night. I have enough books to entertain lots of people. I don’t go to the library anymore although I used to go a lot. I buy them now but I review enough that I shouldn’t buy any. I guess there are worse addictions. Fun post, Carrie.

  4. #7 was a must. My husband had to agree to that or we couldn’t get married. 🙂 Firstborn son had to be named after the first CF HR hero that I read. My husband was even sweet enough to suggest son #2 should be named after the first CF HR hero I WROTE! Alas, I just couldn’t make myself love it, but he earned 1,000 husband points for going with the book theme and actually be willing to do it.

  5. Winnie Thomas

    Yep! I can relate to pretty much all of these, although I’m not sure what my first word was. I taught myself to read when I was 4, and when my sister, who is 16 months older than I am, learned to read, I’d look over her shoulder and tell her the words she didn’t know. It did NOT endear me to her!

    I’ve thought about putting a box of books out on the step for people to borrow, but I didn’t know if I’d have to furnish Clorox wipes, and I don’t want to give mine up.

    • DeAnna Dodson

      I did the same with my year-older brother. He was so excited when he came home from school the first time and told Mom he could read. And I sat there and told him the words when he didn’t read fast enough. Yep, it didn’t do much for our relationship. 😉

  6. Sunshine Schuppel

    Yes, yes, yes! These are great! My librarians DO know me on sight and don’t even ask for my name before gathering up my reserved books, LOL! In fact, I have my library card number memorized. And I do take my Kindle anytime I leave the house (plus, I just MAY have a couple of hard copy books tucked into the pockets of my car at all times, just in case…). And my house as a lending library….no problem! 🙂 I could keep many a reader occupied for at least 6 months with the hundreds of books on my shelves!

  7. Ebos Aifuobhokhan

    Are you sure you do not have more to add to this list because I scored about 7/10

  8. Sunshine Schuppel

    When I go to the library to pick up my reserved holds, the librarians don’t even need my name because they recognize me on sight, LOL! They just disappear into the back and emerge with my stack of books, often before I even reach the counter. 🙂 And I definitely bring my Kindle with me on most local trips…along with a stack of regular books if I am gone overnight or longer!

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