Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Invite to a Murder Mystery Party

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is all about what – or who – we would need for a bookish party. I decided to throw a hypothetical murder mystery party and invite some of my fave authors of cozy mysteries (or mysteries that have that cozy feel if not exactly part of that genre). I also decided to assign ‘roles’ like I would in a murder mystery party. More on that in a minute.

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lynn cahoon


laura bradford


heather day gilbert


vivien chien


tina kashian


V.M. burns


julianna deering/deanna julie dodson


eva gates/vicki delany


amy lillard


connie berry


Every good murder mystery party has assigned roles. I picked the roles themselves based on typical cozy mystery characters. And then I enlisted the help of my husband to make the assignments as random as possible. (He gave me a number 1-10 for each role and I inserted the pre-numbered author that matched.)

the amateur sleuth
Vivien Chien

the begrudging local sheriff
Julianna Deering

the loyal pet
Lynn Cahoon
(sorry, Lynn haha!)

the best friend
Heather Day Gilbert

the murderer
Connie Berry

the victim
Amy Lillard
(really sorry, Amy lol)

the nosy neighbor
Laura Bradford

the business rival
Tina Kashian

the sympathetic suspect
Eva Gates

the quirky coworker
V.M. Burns

What about you? Which authors would you invite to a murder mystery party?

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19 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Invite to a Murder Mystery Party

  1. Gloria A

    I love your list and would add Amanda Flower, Bree Baker, and Daryl Wood Gerber.

  2. Debra E. Marvin

    I’m in awe of Christy Barritt. She does all manner of suspense and mystery and she’s hard to keep up with!

    • YESSSSSSSS I can’t believe I left off CHRISTY BARRITT!! (In my defense, the last book of hers I read was suspense so that was where my mind was lol)

  3. Julianna Deering/DeAnna Dodson

    Yes! I’d come be the sheriff. I promise to be extremely begrudging! I’d warn off the sleuth first, saying that she should leave the investigation to trained professionals. Then I’d be smugly delighted when she got herself into trouble I had to get her out of. Then I’d realize she was onto something and (here’s where I’d be really begrudging) try to help her. Then, when she saved me and solved the case, we’d be best friends and I’d invite her to come back anytime. 😀

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