New Releases I’m Excited About: Mid 2020 Amish Fiction

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Hi friends! It’s that time again when I look at my overflowing TBR bookcases (yes, bookcases. plural. and let’s not speak of the Kindle backlog) and then I look at all the delicious new books coming out this season …. and I resign myself to blissfully abandoning all hope of ever catching up! lol. Today we’re looking at Mid 2020 Amish Fiction New Releases.

Here is the schedule of posts for the week so you can zero in on your fave genre!

Wednesday: Contemporary Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
Thursday: Historical Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
ran out of time on Friday lol
Today: Mystery/Suspense
TODAY: Amish Fiction
Sunday: Speculative/Youth
Sunday: Non-Fiction

In my continued quest to streamline these posts and make them less overwhelming for me and for you too (because, sweet mercy, that’s a lot of covers and links in one place lol), I’m only selecting a few I’m most giddy about to spotlight here.

Then, I’ll also include a link to my Goodreads shelf with ALL the books coming out in 2020 in this genre. The shelves will stay up until next year. AND I’ll also include links to all the May 2020 releases and June 2020 releases and July 2020 releases and August 2020 releases, each in their own list. You can also keep up with 2020’s new books as I learn about them by bookmarking the ‘2020 Releases‘ page on my blog menu & checking it each month!

spotlight on titles i’m most giddy about

(Walnut Creek #4)
Shelley Shepard Gray
Gallery Books / May 5, 2020

Kendra Troyer always knew she would leave Walnut Creek the first chance she got. When she was accepted into design school, she tried her best not to look back at the four siblings she was abandoning, but ahead to Columbus, where she was determined to stay—far away from her abusive home and far away from Nate Miller, the boy she vowed to despise for the rest of her life. Though she suffered through dark times in Columbus, Kendra found her faith in the Lord again, and years later, when she learned one of her good friends had died, she realized it was time to go home to those she left behind. Complicating things even further is the ever-present Nate Miller, who now owns the hardware store two doors down and whose very presence stirs in Kendra a fierce need to turn away and hide from her past. But Nate is persistent in setting things right between them.

(Amish Marketplace #2)
Amy Clipston
Zondervan / May 5, 2020

Salina Petersheim runs her own booth at the Amish market, where she’s known for having the freshest and most delicious produce in the area. Her father is the bishop of her church district, and her brother is a deacon. They are a very close family, yet sometimes she tires of being compared to her older brother, Neil, who is married and has two children. She also feels the pressure of having to be the perfect daughter for her parents. Salina has been dating Josiah for almost a year now, but he feels more like a friend than a boyfriend. He’s handsome and easy to talk to, but he just doesn’t warm her heart the way she feels a boyfriend and future husband should. She secretly longs for more. Along comes William “Will” Zimmerman, a Mennonite chef who runs a restaurant located next door to the Amish market. He wants Salina to supply the produce for his restaurant, and as they forge a business relationship, they both feel themselves falling in love.

(Amish Country Justice #8)
Dana R. Lynn
Love Inspired Suspense / June 1, 2020

After overhearing an illegal weapons deal, Sophie Larson knows two things: her uncle’s a dangerous criminal…and he wants her dead. Now undercover cop Aiden Forster has no choice but to blow his cover and protect Sophie by hiding her and her deaf sister in Amish country. But with a mole in the police force, danger isn’t far behind.

(The Amish of Cedar Grove #3)
Patricia Davids
HQN / June 2, 2020

Sarah Yoder has always dreamed of having a family of her own. But with no eligible prospects, she’s beginning to worry—until the Rabor brothers return to Cedar Grove. Sarah and Isaac Rabor walked out together the summer they were sixteen, so perhaps he’s the answer to her prayers. The only trouble is that she can’t seem to catch his eye. If only she had a little help…Levi Rabor has no interest in marriage. When his mother reveals her plans to deed the family farm to the first son who marries, Levi has a plan to ensure that it isn’t him: a pretend courtship with Sarah to nudge his competitive brother in her direction. Once Isaac is married, Levi can leave town to train racehorses—just as he wanted. So why does Sarah—with her vision of a peaceful, happy life on the land—make his heart gallop? Perhaps the answer lies in how sweetly surprising love can be.

Kathleen Fuller
Zondervan / June 2, 2020

Four sweet and funny Amish love stories, spanning four different generations. Love comes at all times and for all ages!

(Amish of Prince Edward Island #1)
Amy Grochowski
Ambassador International / June 9, 2020

A Canadian Amish farmer
A Lancaster Amish businesswoman
A Prince Edward Island foster child

Providence brings together a mismatched family, giving all three a second chance for love. Only love may never have had such a tough job.

(Unexpected Amish Blessings #2)
Rachel J. Good
Zebra / June 30, 2020

Priscilla Ebersol has a fulfilling life teaching special needs children—until her boyfriend’s humiliating betrayal ruins her reputation and threatens her job. Ostracized for something she didn’t do, Priscilla throws herself into a project on the benefits of camel’s milk for autism. Her research leads her to a fledgling local camel farm, where she discovers far more than she bargained for . . . When a pushy Englisch company shows interest in shy, handsome Gabriel Kauffman’s camel farm, he struggles to get out of a sticky negotiation. Lovely, well-spoken Priscilla appears at the perfect moment, and defends Gabe’s business so well that she is mistaken for his wife. It’s a ruse the two quietly continue, all the while secretly wishing it could be true. But though their bond deepens, Priscilla’s heart is still wounded, and Gabe battles with a troubling secret.

(The Petersheim Brothers #3)
Jennifer Beckstrand
Zebra / June 30, 2020

Between work and keeping his little brothers out of trouble, Austin Petersheim barely has time to think, much less court the most popular maidel in town. But if he can establish a local market to direct-sell his family’s goods, he’ll stand out as a potential husband. He’s so grateful for the help of his longtime friend, Hannah Yutzy, who has such practical ideas—and is so easy to talk to . . . While Austin embarks on his plan, his siblings have a plan of their own: to give Austin and Hannah a little nudge to show them they’re made for each other. When their antics wreak havoc with a rival family emporium, Hannah must help Austin set things right.  And as she does just that, Austin is stunned to realize his best friend could be his perfect wife. Now he’ll just need the courage and faith to find out if she agrees . . .

(Walnut Creek #4.5)
Shelley Shepard Gray
Gallery Books / July 6, 2020

Two years after her older brother Andy’s death, Ella and her parents are still struggling. When a couple of Andy’s childhood friends realize that Ella spent the previous Christmas alone, they decide to make this year’s holiday better. They start stopping by Ella’s home, bringing with them stories about Andy and their love for him. Meanwhile, Ella finds herself spending more and more time with one of the friend’s siblings, who just happens to be waiting for his own Christmas miracle.

(The Promise Glen #2)
Marta Perry
Berkley / July 7, 2020

Dorcas Beiler’s reckless teenage years are far behind her. She’s serious and responsible now, and the good people of Promise Glen trust her with the education of their children. But when her first love returns after years of exile from the community, her past comes rushing back. Thomas is the only one who knows her secret, and despite his careless charm and teasing manner, she refuses to let her guard down. Thomas Fisher has plans. Plans to start a construction company and prove himself a success to all those who doubted him, and plans to find the woman he left behind. His chance comes when he lands the opportunity to rebuild the stable and shed at the community school. He won’t be paid for his time, but he’ll be able to showcase his abilities…and spend time with Dorcas. Scenting love in the air, Dorcas’s young pupils make excuses to bring them together. As old feelings stir, Dorcas and Thomas wonder whether their first love might also be their last.

(Amish Mercies #3)
Ruth Reid
Thomas Nelson / July 7, 2020

After the tragic death of her parents, Jonica Muller must return to the Amish community she left in shame. Tasked with settling her father’s estate, she plans to keep her visit as brief as possible so she can return to start a life with Ephraim, a widower who has offered her and her five-year-old son the stability of a family. But Jonica’s childhood home in Posen, Michigan, won’t let her go so quickly. Her father’s sister, Aenti Edna, is showing signs of a slipping mind. To Jonica’s alarm, Edna’s begun entertaining a mysterious redheaded Englischer who has unclear intentions toward the aging woman and the Mullers’ property. Caleb is a young farmer working Edna’s land, trying to hide his own secret shame from his family and his girlfriend, Darleen. But when Jonica asks him to come to Edna’s aid, she unwittingly sets events in motion that change everyone’s ability to live in the shadows of their lives.

Laura Bradford
Kensington / July 28, 2020

Danielle Parker is a gold-medal mom–the kind who volunteers in her children’s classrooms, shuttles them between activities, throws legendary birthday parties, and has a remedy on hand for any emergency. Whatever her husband, Jeff, and their children need, Dani is there, always. Except for one day. On that day–the day that Dani reluctantly takes some “me time” while her mom and Jeff drive the children to the park–the unthinkable happens. The car crash leaves no survivors. Somehow, Dani gets through the funerals and visits, accepting neighbors’ sympathy and dropped-off meals. All the while, guilt and grief make her wish the accident had claimed her life too. Then a call comes from Lydia Schlabach, an Amish woman Dani befriended in childhood. In addition to condolences, Lydia offers Dani something more: a place to escape to. In Pennsylvania’s Amish country, Dani’s days take on a new rhythm, marked by the clip-clop of buggies and the bustle of chores. Lydia gives Dani space to mourn, to think, and to realize how long it’s been since she felt like a person in her own right. And with the help of friendships old and new, Dani learns about the ways life continues to surprise us–even after the deepest loss–with joy, love, and second chances. . . .

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What about you? Which Mid 2020 Amish Fiction New Releases did you add from my Goodreads shelf to yours? Which covers are your favorites?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here or in my goodreads/amazon lists, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books LOL! Please feel free to leave your release info for Christian / clean fiction in the comments.

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14 responses to “New Releases I’m Excited About: Mid 2020 Amish Fiction

  1. Kay Garrett

    Coming Next Week: THE AMISH MENORAH AND OTHER STORIES by The Men of Amish Fiction: Willard Carpenter, Patrick E. Craig, Jerry Eicher, Thomas Nye, Murray Pura and Amos Wyse.
    Saw one review that said:
    Rich in history and issues of life this Amish anthology collection is a winsome read! The settings from Germany to the Midwest and various states brought picturesque scenes along with detailed dialogue and unique dealings the characters were faced with. The characters were dimensional with flaws but had fortitude, tenacity, spirit and faith to overcome their challenges.
    Each tale penned in the author’s unique style gave way to emotions and seeing the struggles of life throughout history of the Amish and currently with misunderstandings of their practices. These men of Amish fiction know how to reel a reader into their story and keep them spellbound till the end, while weaving in romance and faith.
    I know some of these authors and it’s going to be a GREAT book!

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