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Please join me in welcoming author B.T. Higgins to the blog today to chat about his new science fiction book for teens/preteens, Becoming The Plagiarist.

GENRE: Young Adult Science Fiction
PUBLISHER: The Cotton Wood Project
RELEASE DATE: February 28, 2020
PAGES: 245

Mike Wilson, a junior at Cypress Christian Academy, discovers he’s been reading minds by accident. The day after he gets his license, he can drive as well as his Driver’s Ed teacher, Mr. Clark. He has a full day of memories straight from the mind of Zayden Perez, the most loved and hated guy at school.

This year at CCA, the world-famous tech entrepreneur, Henry Jacks is teaching at the school. Mike inadvertently downloads his mind during the first day of class and now Mike’s a tech genius too. He desperately wants Mr. Jacks out of his head and he doesn’t want to steal any more thoughts, but that might be the only way he can survive.


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by B.T. Higgins, author of Becoming The Plagiarist

I have a faucet in my head. When I open it, the book ideas start pouring out. Anything can be the seed of a story, literally anything. What if this happened? What if that were possible? How would this affect that? I am surrounded by story possibilities. If a story is tenacious enough, I record a few lines of it in a folder. The purpose of this? If I don’t get it out of my head, it will cannibalize my current book. Nothing will ever get finished.

Once I tried to shut off my creative faucet all together and found that my life became a wasteland, dry and harsh, filled with endless wasted days. And so, I MUST crack open the faucet a little each day to water my life and keep it growing.

My most recent book, Becoming the Plagiarist, was a lot of fun to write. It was one of those loud and obnoxious ideas that kept jumping out of my ideas folder. “Stop ignoring me!” It shouted. “I’m filled with cool stuff. My main character is a mind reader! Everyone loves a little telepathy. There is a futuristic high school filled with artificial intelligent computers that cultivate the genius of each student. All the teachers are world-famous experts in their subjects. AND there’s more! His family is fun and quirky. There are bullies and blackmail, battles and pranks, great classes and horrible ones, a best friend and scheming enemies. It gets out of control!”

“Fine,” I said. “I give in. I’ll write you down, but you know I’m supposed to be a middle-grade fiction writer.”

“Mike, the main character,” yelled the story. “downloads the mind of a billionaire, tech entrepreneur, and now he is a tech genius too!”

“Oo. That could be fun,” I said. “O.K. I’ll write a YA novel.”

That’s how it happened. More or less.

An excerpt from Becoming the Plagiarist by B.T. Higgins:

Mike remembered running on a fresh-cut grass field. It was a Saturday. The morning sun shone fully, but it wasn’t hot, yet. He ran downfield, dribbling the soccer ball from his left to right foot. His shoes were red with black stripes. Mike felt the press of the ball against the side of his foot as he passed across to Richardo. Each step pounded in his ears. The grass snicked against his shoes.

The other team wore yellow jerseys. Number 16 guarded Mike as he sprinted forward, faking right and cutting left to get open. Richardo saw him and sent a neat pass to Mike. The goalie saw the coming shot and bent at the knees. Mike dribbled two steps and pounded the shot to the left corner, past the goalie’s glove by inches. Goal and game. Mike could still feel the sting of the ball on the top of his foot. Goal and game.

This memory disturbed Mike very much. He frowned and shook it away. The memory couldn’t be real. Mike had no right foot. That’s not completely accurate. He had an ankle joint and heel bone, but that was it. He had been born without the rest of a foot. It was called congenital amputation, not that the name helped much.

Yet, he had memories. Impossible memories. The more he tried to ignore them, the more detail from the game came to him. If he didn’t distract himself quickly, Mike would be able to replay the entire game in his head.

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B.T. Higgins lives in the wild urban jungles of Alaska with his wife and four children. As you might expect, he is an avid fan of long naps and noise-canceling headphones. He has been a garbageman, a propane technician, a teacher, a tutor, a musician and an exotic-bird-cage scrubber, but writing stories is, by far, his favorite job.

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