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Posted May 25, 2020 by meezcarrie in Christian, contemporary, historical, romance / 8 Comments

Happy Memorial Day, dear readers! This traditionally marks the unofficial kickoff to summer, and for me summer means reading inside with the air conditioning on full blast… much like every other season (though I do turn on the heat instead in winter lol). But for a lot of you, summer means reading outside, at the park, at the beach, by the pool, in your camper, etc. and what better additions to your summer TBR list than these lovely books with ‘summer’ in the title! I haven’t read all of these but they’re all Christian and/or clean read fiction so I feel safe recommending them to you. Soooooooo…. anyone up for some summer book love? Grab your fave cool drink and some ice cream & check out these titles!


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What about you? Do your reading habits change during the summer? Do you prefer to spend your summers outdoors where it’s hot or inside where it’s cool? Are you a beach person or a camping person? Which summer book (or books) from this list do you most want to read?

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8 responses to “Summer Book Lovin’

  1. Girl, you are killing me…… can I resist any of these books!! 💜 Yes yes yes I want to read them all but first I’m going to have to make my list because, well, you know me…….

    Happy Memorial Day and Happy Summer!🌞📚☕🌺💜💜

      • Trixi

        I don’t have a season where I don’t read because I read everyday 🙂 Living on the Oregon coast, we have very mild weather for the most part and a cool breeze coming through my open windows during the Summer. It keeps things nice in the house. There is the very rare occasion where it will get in the 90’s for a day or two. I’m so thankful we have a heat pump that also acts as an A/C unit because that is WAY too hot for this girl! Most houses out here do not have A/C because we have such mild weather…So try your summer heat without it, no thank you…lol!

        We have the beach so close to my house, so my preference would be camping. More specifically in an RV or something silmilar, lol! The older I get, the less appealing sleeping on the hard ground in a sleeping bag is. 😂. But, I used to camp a lot growing up, my dad was a camping lover and we had friends we’d go with. Nothing like being in nature, fishing, cooking over the fire and just having fun outdoors with good friends!

        And now you’ve just added like a bazillion books to my already mountain high want-to-read pile!! Just from the beautiful covers I’d read every one of them. I’m blaming you if my husband complains that I’m ignoring him because I have my nose stuck in a book…haha!!

        Seriously though, thanks for spotlighting a few on your blog. You always have some great reads to recommend.

  2. Carla

    So many amazing books on this list. I will have a huge summer TBR once I finish checking these out.

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