Top Ten Tuesday: Some of My Fave First Lines

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Happy Tuesday! Today for Top Ten Tuesday we’re discussing some of our fave opening lines – which has me dealing with even more day confusion than the pandemic already does because usually I’m talking about first lines on First Line Fridays! But nonetheless, we’re talking about fave first lines today and it is, in fact, Tuesday my calendar assures me 🙂

In May 2018 I went through the previous two years’ worth of FLF posts and picked out my fave lines. You can find that post HERE to see more of my faves than I’ll mention here today. So I thought it fitting to go through the two years since then and pick out some of my fave first lines! (I’ve also picked some that I did on my day to host FLF on Hoarding Books)

I woke to the point of a sword in my thigh.

Soot-stained windows filtered the morning light, casting an ashen shadow on the crowded courtroom and darkening the sting of judgment.

The man staring back at me looks old.

The caskets were closed, of course.

All the stories have been written, including mine.

The perp was a mama raccoon.

An earthquake started it.

Let me begin by stating this clearly. I was voluntold.

Surprises come in two shapes – good and bad. This one, though, felt indeterminate.

It was, perhaps, the greatest torment to love someone who barely seemed to notice one’s existence.

I chose each of these lines because they grab me right away and make me want to keep reading. What about you? Which of these fave first lines do you love too? Do you have a fave first line of your own?

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16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Some of My Fave First Lines

  1. Ooh! Lu. was one of my picks too. (It probably helped that I only read it last week. Lol!) Some of your other choices were definitely familiar though 🙂

  2. Wow, that first line in How the Light Gets In is attention grabbing. A closed casket generally either means that the deceased has a very dangerous infectious illness or that their body was very badly damaged by whatever took their life.

    My TTT .

    • haha you have great first lines too (See Beckie B’s post lol) – i just haven’t shared any in the last two years. Another thing this post did for me was show me gaps in the authors/books I’ve featured on FLF so far lol

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