Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Mary Davis & The Damsel’s Intent

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Please join me in welcoming author Mary Davis to the blog today to chat about her new historical romance, The Damsel’s Intent!

The Quilting Circle #3
GENRE: Inspirational Historical Romance
PUBLISHER: Mountain Brook Ink
RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2020
PAGES: 289

Can Nicole learn to be enough of a lady to snag the handsome rancher?

Washington State 1893

Nicole Waterby has lived her whole life in the hills away from town due to her grandfather’s mistrust of people. But now he’s passed away, and Nicole is left to care for her two younger cousins. Feeling inadequate to handle the responsibility, she heads down the mountain to fetch herself a husband. She doesn’t realize women don’t wear trousers, buckskins, or carry a gun. She has a lot to learn about being a lady if she’s going to catch a husband. And the quilting circle is just the group of women to help her.

Rancher Shane Keegan has drifted from one location to another to find a place to belong. He longs to have a family of his own but feels doomed to live a life alone. When Nicole crosses his path, he wonders if he can have love, but he soon realizes she’s destined for someone better than a saddle tramp. Even though he knows there’s no future for him with the intriguing mountain girl, he still steps in to help her at every opportunity.

Will love stand a chance while both Nicole and Shane try to be people they are not?


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An Interview With Nicole & Shane

by Mary Davis, author of The Damsel’s Intent

Hello Everyone,

The third book in The Quilting Circle series, THE DAMSEL’S INTENT, just released. When I met Shane in book two, I knew he needed a special lady in his life. In walked Nicole—or rather she tucked and rolled and came up ready to shoot. I thought I’d pose a few background questions to my main characters Nicole and Shane.

I have no clue what they’re going to say.

Mary: Welcome, Nicole and Shane. Thank you for coming. My readers want to know more about you, as do I. Even though I wrote your love story and know much about your backgrounds, there is still so much to learn. First question, what is your earliest memory?

Nicole: Sitting on my grandpa’s lap in front of the fire while he read, usually the Bible. I didn’t care what he read. I enjoyed the sound of his voice. He made me feel safe and cared for, the same as Shane does now.

Shane: Nothing so glorious for me. I was about three and got a bean stuck up my nose. When my mama helped dislodge it, I was disappointed. I had thought it was rather nifty and wanted to see if I could grow a bean plant in there. My pa could tell I would likely try it again, so he told me if a plant did grow out of my nose, the roots would wiggle deep down into my stomach and out my feet, and I’d get stuck in one place to the ground. Perhaps that’s why I took to the wandering life so easily—until Nicole came along. Now, I’m happily rooted in place.

Mary: What is your happiest memory before meeting each other? Shane, how about you go first this time?

Shane: Nothing seems to matter before Nicole showed up. Any rare sparks of joy, pale in comparison to meeting her.

Nicole: I agree. How can one see beyond the love they are bathed in? But one happy memory I have is when I was about seven, Grandpa brought home a kitten for me. I named the little gray ball of fluff Zeolite. Grandpa was teaching me about rocks, and I like the sound of zeolite.

Mary: What do you love most about the other?

Nicole: Shane has such a big, kind heart. He was nice to me when no one else was. He took Rolfy under his wing and kept him from running away.

Shane: She keeps me on my toes. Life with her will never be boring.

Mary: What is your favorite color and why?

Shane: It used to be yellow. I don’t know why. But now my favorite is the lovely shade of violet in Nicole’s eyes.

Nicole: Purple. I don’t really know why? It almost seems silly that one can have a favorite when they are all so lovely. I do remember these little purple flowers that grew in the meadow near our cabin. I would pick a fist full and present them to my grandpa. He would always be very excited about them and tell me they were the most beautiful ones he’d ever seen. Before he we knew it, there were little globs of flowers all over the inside the cabin.

Mary: When did you know you were in love?

Nicole: Not until Aunt Henny told me that was what the wonderful feeling inside me was, but it started back when I first met him. I couldn’t get him out of my head. I kept thinking about him all the time. Wondering where his was, what he was doing, and when I’d see him next. I still do when we are apart.

Shane: I guess it sort of snuck up on me. I wasn’t looking to fall in love. In fact, I was sure I’d never fall in love. Part of me wants to say that it started when I first saw her tuck and roll out of the way of that rearing horse, but at the time, I thought she was a boy all dress up in buckskins, so that was merely admiration. It must have started when I swiped her hat. She had such a fire in her violet eyes. She intrigued me from the first moment I laid my eyes on her. I thank the good Lord for bringing her into my life.

Mary: Thank you both for coming and for your enlightening answers.

and thank YOU, Mary, for the fun interview 🙂

Bestselling, award-winning novelist MARY DAVIS has over thirty titles in both historical and contemporary themes. She is a member of ACFW and has led critique groups for more than two decades. Mary lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of over thirty-five years and two cats. She has three adult children and two adorable grandchildren. She enjoys playing board and card games, rain, and cats. She would enjoy gardening if she didn’t have a black thumb. Her hobbies are quilting, porcelain doll making, sewing, crafts, crocheting, and knitting.

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What about you? What makes you want to read The Damsel’s Intent by Mary Davis? What interests you most about the main characters?

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  1. Calvin

    Very neat, the theme is intriguing, usually with damsels it’s predictable but that is still entertaining.

  2. Lynn Brown

    I wanna hear more about the hill life she comes from to the town life where she goes to catch a husband. It sounds like a good story.

  3. Diana Hardt

    Nice cover. I liked the blurb and interview. It sounds like a really interesting book. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Rosie

    I love stories with ranchers, and the cover is so nice, it makes me want to know more!


    Soounds like a really interesting story line. Probably lots of funny scenes where she’ll try to act like a lady. Wonder why he thinks he’s not worthy of her?

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