Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Shannon Taylor Vannatter & The Cowboy’s Missing Memory

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Please join me in welcoming Shannon Taylor Vannatter to the blog today to chat about her new book, The Cowboy’s Missing Memory!

Award winning author, Shannon Taylor Vannatter writes contemporary Christian cowboy romance and has over a dozen published titles. A romance reader since her teens, she hopes to entertain Christian women and plant seeds in the non-believer’s heart as she demonstrates that love doesn’t conquer all—Jesus does.

She gleans fodder for her fiction in rural Arkansas where she spent her teenage summers working the concession stand with her rodeo announcing dad and married a Texan who morphed into a pastor. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her husband and son, flea marketing, and doing craft projects.

Connect with her: Shannon’s Website, Shannon’s Blog, Shannon’s Facebook, Shannon’s Goodreads, Shannon’s Pinterest, Shannon’s Twitter, Newsletter Archives, Shannon’s Amazon Author Page and Shannon’s Bookbub. Sign up for her Newsletter to get a free e-book, recipes, behind the scenes info, & enter exclusive giveaways: Shannon’s Newsletter

Hill Country Cowboys #2

GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
PUBLISHER: Love Inspired
RELEASE DATE: June 16, 2020 (P) / July 1, 2020 (K)
PAGES: 224

Can he reclaim his past…and build a future?

He needs to remember.

She’s his best hope…

After a rodeo accident took away Clint Rawlins’s mobility and two years’ worth of memories, occupational therapist Lexie Parker is his only shot at recovering and regaining independence. Lexie is drawn to Clint…but she’s wary of the amnesiac’s all-too-vulnerable feelings. And with the possibility of him returning to his dangerous bull-riding side job, she refuses to risk her heart. But resisting her charming patient may be harder than she expected…


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Christian Book

Hi Shannon! Welcome to the blog!

Shannon: Winter. I hate being hot and sweating for no reason. If I’m doing something physical and I sweat, that’s okay. But just standing around sweating isn’t okay. I especially hate humidity and there’s plenty of that in Arkansas. It’s much easier to get warm. You can always put more clothes on. But hot is just hot. I’m a major fan of air conditioning.

Carrie: Ugh. Me too. I crank up that a/c from spring to fall here in Kentucky lol

Shannon: Both. I’ve had beloved pets of both species. I really couldn’t pick. I think people who hate cats have never had one. They can be just as loving, it’s just on their timetable. I tell people dogs love everybody, but if a cat loves you, you’re special. Cats are easier to take care of and more peaceful as well. But dogs love you on your timetable. Whenever you make time for them, they’re there with their whole being.

Carrie: That’s what I love about dogs 🙂 But i respect what you’re saying about cats too 😉

Shannon: Both. I love hot coffee with lots of creamer and sugar or a cold flavored frappaccino. I also love sweet ice tea with meals. But I’m not a fan of hot tea.

Carrie: The bitterness in coffee & tea makes my face scrunch up in an entertaining way for whomever happens to be trying to convince me to try one of said beverages yet again lol

Shannon: Both. I live in the mountains, so I love traveling to the ocean. I don’t want to swim in the ocean. I like chlorine and I don’t like sharks. When I go to the ocean, I wade in the shoreline and pick up shells. And I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s always windy, so I’d never have a good hair day. Even though I’m an ex-hairdresser, good hair days are still important.

Carrie: that’s how i feel about the ocean too

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Shannon: I’d love for reading to be my superpower. But since I write, I don’t have time to read as much as I’d like. I have a TBR stack I’d love to dig into. But on top of writing, I just went into a partnership to buy a small publishing company. I’m the acquisitions and content editor. So I guess I’ll get to read that way, but it won’t be just for pleasure until the page proof stage.

Carrie: Congrats on the new endeavor!

Q: When you walk into a bookstore, where do you head first?

Shannon: The Inspirational section. When I first started writing, my characters kept talking to God and I let them. Christian Fiction was relatively new. Even Christian bookstores only carried nonfiction. I had no idea there was a market for what I was writing.

Since Christian Fiction got on the radar, I love browsing the aisles. At first, I was checking out who published what. After I started attending national writer’s conferences, I’d browse and count how many authors I’d met. When my genre, Contemporary Romance, faded away a few years back, I’d count how many CR titles there were. I’m glad to see they’ve made a comeback. But it’s sad to see Christian Bookstores becoming a thing of the past.

Carrie: It really is but I do love “visiting my friends” (aka finding books by author friends of mine) at any bookstore I happen upon

Q: Writing spaces are as diverse as authors and books. Where is your favorite space to write?

Shannon: My office. For years, I had a corner in the living room. A few years back, our roof was leaking and our air conditioning/heating unit quit. We had to get a loan to get everything fixed and I told my husband we should build on an office while we were at it. He agreed. So for the last three years, I’ve had an office with a door I can close. It’s near our bedroom and away from the main living area, so it’s quiet during the day, even if everyone else is home. Since I love seashells, the decor is coastal themed with shells everywhere.

We also have a screened porch next to my office that we’re currently closing in. I love sitting out there, but weather only allows a dozen or so days a year. We’re making it a sun room so we can use it year round. It has wicker furniture with big comfy cushions. I’m planning to do my book acquiring and editing out there. Maybe I can occasionally read for pleasure in my reading room. It’s currently enclosed, but we still have to insulate, do the interior walls, the flooring, and get a vent put in for ac and heat.

Carrie: oh that sounds delightful!! I want one! Fully air conditioned, of course haha

Q: If Hollywood wanted to produce The Cowboy’s Missing Memory as a movie, who would you want to be cast as the lead roles?

Shannon: I always find actors, actresses, or models on Pinterest to inspire my characters. For Lexie Parker, I picked Pryanka Chopra, an Indian actress. For Clint Rawlins, I chose Ruben Cortada, a Cuban actor and model. They’d be cast in my dream movie version of The Cowboy’s Missing Memory.

Carrie: oooo i had to look up Ruben but i highly approve! Love the diverse casting, too 🙂

Q: Did you have the whole plot outlined before you started writing, or did you let the characters dictate what came next?

Shannon: I used to be a pantser, meaning I knew where the story started, a big surprise in the middle, and how it ended. Then I wrote and connected the dots as I went. But since getting published, I have to plot the entire book before I can submit it to my editor. Plotting before writing is really hard for me. And then once I write the book, it’s hard for me, since I can’t pants my way through it.

Carrie: Oh yikes. That would be difficult to switch gears like that from what’s comfortable for you in your writing process.

Q: What is one of your favorite quotes from The Cowboy’s Missing Memory & why do you love it?

Shannon: “You’re allergic to cats.”

After Clint is in a bull wreck, he loses the last two years of his memory. His mom convinces Lexie, an occupational therapist to work with him. Lexie was his dad’s therapist before he died, but she and Clint never met. In the two and half years since his dad died, his mom met someone new and is engaged. But Clint doesn’t remember this and the doctor has advised his mom and Lexie not to drop any bombshells on him for a few days. When they arrive at his mom’s ranch to begin therapy, her fiancé is there. His mom is at a loss for words to explain who he is. Lexie covers by saying he came to feed the cat. Clint looks at his mom and says, “You’re allergic to cats.”

Carrie: oops! lol Guess he didn’t forget everything 🙂

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Shannon: Book 3 in my Hill Country Cowboys series releases in March 2021. I don’t have an official title or cover yet.

Shannon Taylor Vannatter is offering a giveaway for her blog tour! Five print copies of The Cowboy’s Missing Memory and five print copies of her Western Collection two in one with Jill Lynn – Counting on the Cowboy and Her Texas Cowboy – will be split among commenters among all the participating blog posts. US and international winners included. Winners will be revealed on Shannon’s Blog on July 15th. ReadingIsMySuperPower’s giveaway policies do not apply as Shannon Taylor Vannatter is hosting the giveaway & choosing the winners.

Enter by commenting on this post and/or any of the following posts:

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What about you? What interests you most about The Cowboy’s Missing Memory and/or my Q&A with Shannon Taylor Vannatter?

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48 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Shannon Taylor Vannatter & The Cowboy’s Missing Memory

  1. IRENE

    This book sounds fantastic! I enjoy amnesia story, & of course, I love cowboys! Bet Lexie is also worried that if she should start a relationship/fall in love with Clint, what will happen when he gets his memory back!?

  2. Robin in NC

    Shannon, your screened in porch soon to be sunroom sounds divine! Perfect for reading, writing, relaxing or just plain escaping. 😉

    • I love it, Robin. It was my husband’s idea to close it in. I resisted at first because I really loved the screened porch. But the sunroom is so much better. Our AC guy hasn’t come yet, but I can leave the door to my office open and it gets pretty cool out there. It’s still plywood right now, but we got the flooring yesterday. The walls are siding with the front one glass and a bit of insulation along the sides and over the top. I think we’re going to start on the walls this weekend.

      I’ve been sitting out there, working on the book I’m editing for the new publishing company. And we put a TV out there, so at night, my husband and I sit out there and watch TV. I’m trying to get him interested in making the front porch a screened porch now.

  3. Shelia Hall

    Storyline sounds interesting and the 2 you picked for the movie are awesome choices.

  4. I love cowboy stories! Add to that a your great plot, and I’m intrigued!
    I love winter, too, and cats! In fact, my Duncan is literally sitting on my right arm watching the keyboard intently as I type this comment!

  5. Diana Hardt

    Nice cover. I liked the blurb. It sounds like a really interesting book. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What interests me the most about the book is the plot. How someone who can’t remember and a girl who starts having feeling for this guy despite being leary of someone who can’t remember. Very intriguing plot.
    Would love to read and review paperback/print format of book.
    What made you choose this particular plot?
    How did you choose your characters?

  7. I love reading amnesia stories, Crystal. So I thought it was time to try my hand and writing one. My 2nd cousin had just started college at the time and planned to be an occupational therapist. I’d never heard of that, so it intrigued me. Things that intrigue me usually end up in a book. For the hero to have amnesia, he needed to be injured and bull riding is my go to since my dad announced at our small town rodeo when I was a teen and I worked in the concession stand. I set the story in Medina, Texas where my husband’s family has a ranch. I’ve based most of my ranch settings on the family ranch with the river on the back of the property. I made it a beefalo ranch becaus I saw one out of a neighbor’s fence years ago and it was quite something. I didn’t know what it was, so when I found out, it intrigued me, so of course I had to put it in a book. Thanks for asking.

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