Book Review: Protection for Hire by Camy Tang

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Protection for Hire #1

GENRE: Inspirational Romantic Suspense
PUBLISHER: Zondervan
RELEASE DATE: December 10, 2011
PAGES: 335

Tessa Lancaster’s skills first earned her a position as an enforcer in her Uncle Teruo’s Japanese Mafia gang. Then they landed her in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Now, three months after her release, Tessa’s abilities have gained her a job as bodyguard for wealthy socialite Elizabeth St. Amant and her three-year-old son.

But there’s a problem or two … or three …. There’s Elizabeth’s abusive husband whose relentless pursuit goes deeper than mere vengeance. There’s Uncle Teruo, who doesn’t understand why Tessa’s new faith as a Christian prevents her from returning to the yakuza. And then there’s Elizabeth’s lawyer, Charles Britton, who Tessa doesn’t know is the one who ensured that she did maximum time behind bars.

Now Tessa and Charles must work together in order to protect their client, while new truths emerge and circumstances spiral to a deadly fever pitch. Factor in both Tessa’s and Charles’s families and you’ve got some wild dynamics—and an action-packed, romantic read as Tessa and Charles discover the reality of being made new in Christ.

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This may have been my first read by Camy Tang but it won’t be my last! Well-defined and layered (sometimes hilarious) characters, romance, humor, faith, cultural diversity, and smartly-plotted suspense (with martial arts!) all come together for a truly entertaining and compelling reading experience.

Tessa’s life is complicated, to say the least. It was already complicated before she went to prison while ‘taking one for the team’ for her beloved uncle’s yakuza (Japanese mafia gang). But in prison she decided to follow Jesus and while she knows she’s been made new she’s struggling to adapt to the drastic changes she has made and the uphill battle she faces in a family that doesn’t understand her decision. I really loved Tang’s portrayal of Tessa’s journey. It’s never preachy, but it is an authentic look at what it means to follow Jesus as a new believer whose family is not at all supportive of the transformation – and what being made new in Jesus really means.

Tessa’s and Charles’ families are wonderfully wacky and are sure to leave a smile on your face! Elizabeth is hilarious too, even though her story is sobering and all too common, and there were many moments that I laughed out loud at something one of these characters said or did. Even Tessa and Charles’ meet-cute is hysterical – it’s not every day that … well… you’ll just have to read it for yourself 😉 On top of the humor and heart, this story is also action-packed with a few surprising twists and an intriguing blend of cultures.

Bottom Line: If you love diverse characters, grinning from ear-to-ear, and staying completely immersed in a story’s action and suspense, then you really must go grab a copy of Protection for Hire (and its sequel) today!

(I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I purchased for my own collection. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. This review first appeared on Diversity Between The Pages.)

My Rating: 4 stars / loved it!

KissingBook Level: 3 / may forget to breathe on occasion

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Camy Tang grew up in Hawaii and now lives in San Jose, California, with her engineer husband and rambunctious mutt, Snickers. She used to be a biologist, but now she writes full time, is a staff worker for her church youth group, and leads a worship team for Sunday service. She loves knitting, running, and reading.

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What about you? What makes you want to read Protection for Hire?

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8 responses to “Book Review: Protection for Hire by Camy Tang

  1. Amy M.

    I read this book and Dangerous Stage in 2015 and loved them both. Have been impatiently waiting/finger-crossing/hoping/praying there’s a third book somewhere in Mrs. Tang’s pipe line. I need much, much more of Tessa and Charles.

  2. Thanks so much for reposting this review, Carrie! I really appreciate it!

    Amy, I was hoping to write a third PFH book, but life unfortunately got in the way, including a massive series of writer’s blocks over the past 5 years. I’m doing better now but trying to catch up on writing all the books in my head! I hope to write another PFH book sometime in the next few years, if God will give me the okay on it. I had a lot of ideas, but none that really glorified God the right way.


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