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I’m so delighted to welcome Laura Gallier back to the blog today for a look at her new book The Defiance & a generation in need.

The Delusion #3
GENRE: Inspirational Young Adult
PUBLISHER: Wander (Tyndale House YA imprint)
RELEASE DATE: November 3, 2020
PAGES: 304

Four months after the deadly overlord, Molek, has been banished beyond the city limits of Masonville, Texas, Owen Edmonds’ crucial mission to save lives escalates when seven Cosmic Rulers of darkness close in to decimate his town. With the backing of mighty Watchmen, Owen works to expose and counteract the demonic invaders’ schemes, but his efforts are met with strong resistance, especially as powers of witchcraft are loosed against him. Owen finds the strength to persevere, even as the stakes rise to an all-time high, but it’s then that he and the love of his life, Ray Anne, are both confronted by their most dreaded, longstanding fears–a strategic move by the enemy. As the battle between good and evil culminates in an epic standoff, Owen and Ray Anne must make the decision of a lifetime: will they face their fears or run?


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a generation in need:
Why Teenagers Need the Hope of Jesus Now More Than Ever

by Laura Gallier, author of The Defiance

Every person in all generations has need of Christ, so why make the case that today’s teens need the hope of Jesus now more than ever? Consider the following reasons, listed in progressive order. Better yet, utilize these as discussion points with the young people in your home and within your sphere of influence . . .

1. Many families are fractured, falling apart or in ruins.

God’s biblical, beautiful plan for loving marriages and close-knit families is designed to build a strong, secure foundation in children that paves the way for them to embrace a secure, strong relationship with God the Father (Malachi 2:15). No wonder there’s an all-out attack on families—everything from redefining the terms to heightened spiritual warfare in households across the land.

When our family life is ransacked by strife, neglect, divorce, and division, it takes a direct toll on kids’ spiritual, mental, and emotional health. The end result is the widespread dysfunction we’re witnessing among teens today: suicide, depression, addiction, and sexual promiscuity, to name a few.

Case in point, today’s young people need the hope of Christ more than ever because as families increasingly falter, more teens than ever are hurting and hopeless. Furthermore, young people need deep inner healing and mind renewal that can only come from God, as well as a biblical understanding of marriage and parent-child relationships so they can build their own family on a strong foundation someday, creating a new generational legacy.

DISCUSS: How does it affect kids and teens when their home life is unstable, lacking in loving communication and affection, versus a family life that involves joyful, affirming relationships with Mom and Dad in the home? What factors make a family distant and dysfunctional versus close and loving?

2. Society is drowning in immorality—and working overtime to drag teens down too.

When Mom and Dad are ill-equipped or unavailable to impart biblical wisdom and instruction to their kids in the context of warm, caring relationships, the media and cultural influences are all too eager to mold kids’ value system and beliefs. No wonder today’s young people are being bombarded by deceptive ideas about pretty much everything. Nearly everywhere we look, immoral, self-sabotaging pursuits and lifestyles are glamourized as “the high life.”

When materialism, vanity, popularity, perversion, and every other form of godless living prove deeply dissatisfying and destructive, teens are left thoroughly confused, wondering why they’re not fulfilled like the world said they’d be. It’s only when these young people discover a meaningful relationship with Christ and embrace His counter-culture value system that they break free from self-sabotaging, immoral living.

It’s important to note, God is not looking to restrict our fun or freedom! He guides us away from worldly traps that ensnare and enslave, leading us instead to a fulfilling destiny. Furthermore, without Christ, teens are destined to descend deeper into immorality and demonic bondage—the subject of our next point.

DISCUSS: Name some common ways young people seek to find happiness and fulfilment, only to experience disappointment and consequences. Do you believe following God’s biblical instructions and values can lead to a rewarding life? Why or why not?

3. Satanic forces are increasingly empowered and overt.

Without question, Christ disarmed Satan’s power over humanity when He died on the Cross (Colossians 2:15). That said, when we disregard Christ and live according to our sinful, satanic nature, demonic forces are empowered to oppress and deceive us. To be clear, sin opens the door for Satan to operate in our lives—Christians and non-Christians alike. Stated another way, when we submit to God and resist the devil, Satan must flee from us (James 4:7), but when we resist God and submit to the devil, Satan’s grip and influence increases in our lives (Matthew 12:43-45).

Demonic forces dwell unseen in our airspace (Ephesians 2:2; 6:12). And so, as our society as a whole becomes more indulgent and accepting of blatant sin and godless lifestyles, the unseen spiritual atmosphere around us becomes more demonically charged. As a result, without the hope of Christ, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to endure the heightened presence of evil we’re all inevitably subjected to. With Christ, however, today’s teens can maintain peace of mind and live in victory over unseen tempters and oppressors.

DISCUSS: Humbly and prayerfully soul search: are there any areas in your life where you’re submitting to sin and resisting the Holy Spirit? How might this be allowing Satan to operate in your life? What would you need to do to empower the Holy Spirit to work in your life instead?

4. The Antichrist spirit is actively recruiting.

The second chapter of 2 Thessalonians foretells of a man of lawlessness (the Antichrist) who will rise to power in the last days. But even before his rule begins, we’re told the satanic, Antichrist spirit of lawlessness will already be well at work in the earth (verse 7). We’re also informed this evil spirit’s mission is to deceive those who do not know Christ so that they become swept up in a delusional, godless spiritual state, eventually suffering eternal death.

Without diving into deep discussions about spiritual prophecy, suffice it to say there is mounting evidence that increasing masses of people are caving to the influence of this lawless (Antichrist) spirit. This is yet another vital reason today’s teens desperately need to know Christ and abide in His Word. They must be able to discern persuasive satanic deceptions and cultural philosophies from that of the Savior’s truth and salvation, even while many around them bow to politically correct lies.

DISCUSS: What are some modern social movements that seem justifiable, yet conflict with biblical principles and truth?

5. Jesus is coming back!

That same chapter—2 Thessalonians 2—tells us that as we witness masses of people becoming deceived by the spirit of lawlessness, we can be sure the return of Christ is drawing near. Can any teen, or adult for that matter, afford to put off a relationship with Christ as the clock ticks down to His return and judgement on those who’ve rejected the gospel? (Yes, I said judgement; we can’t afford to water down biblical realities.)

In the years to come—in the midst of God’s blessings and enjoyable life moments—trials and persecution are sure to increase. As God’s beloved children, we’re told not to fear; our heavenly Father will protect and provide for us (Psalm 91). But no such promise is given to those who reject Christ and live to indulge their sin nature. And so it is, today’s teens need the hope of Christ because without it, there quite literally is no hope.

DISCUSS: If Christ came back to the earth today to receive those who love and honor Him and execute judgement on those who reject and rebel against Him, would you be ready to meet Him face-to-face? Do you know what it means to be born again?

LAURA GALLIER is the author of the Delusion series, an award-winning young adult novel series that sheds light on the unseen battle between good and evil—currently in development for feature film. Laura is also the co-author of the 4 Freedom Bible Study, a practical guide for overcoming spiritual warfare. Her latest book in the Delusion series, The Defiance, releases November 3. Purchase Laura’s books at major retail outlets, and learn more about her at!

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What about you? What makes you want to read The Defiance by Laura Gallier? Have you read the first two books in the series?

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  1. Erin Wilson

    I am 36 years old and not much of a “reader”, but I have read each book of the Delusion series and could not put them down once I started! The realities and biblical truths this book is based on not only awaken your soul to the realities of the spirit realm that surrounds us each day (Ephesians 6:10-20), but it also sets fire to the soul for Christ and fans the flame to go out and share the Gospel of Christ. My 15 y/o also couldn’t put the book down, and that says a lot in itself!

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