My Fave Reads of 2020

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And welcome to my (narrowed down, I swear) list of my fave reads of 2020!

There have been so many great books out this year (again!) but life prevented me from reading as much as I wanted to (again!). I initially thought (without checking) that I’d read so much less than I did last year. But lo and behold, I actually read more AND i even exceeded (barely) my reading challenge goal of 200 books on Goodreads. I think the reason it felt like so much less is that i didn’t review as many, I don’t think. But at least I was still reading! I’ve made some changes to my schedule this year to allow me to catch up on all the fabulous books I’ve missed in the last couple of years – as well as all the fab books coming out this year – and hopefully review more of them here on the blog too.

Here are some of my very fave reads from the books I did read in 2020 – not all were released last year, though; some were tag-alongs from years past that I hadn’t read yet.

(The covers are either linked directly to my reviews of these books OR to Amazon, using my affiliate link. Books are listed in alphabetical order by genre, though series are listed together where the 1st book falls alphabetically)





















plus I have to mention this children’s book
which instantly became one of my faves – and my nephews’ too!

What were some of your fave reads of 2020? Have you read my fave picks?

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18 responses to “My Fave Reads of 2020

  1. Marilyn

    My favorite books for 2020 are My Dear Hamilton,America’s First Daughter and Wives and Daughters.

  2. Thanks for providing such a great list. My fave new fun discovery this year was the Death of Mungo Blackwell for its clever plot and humor–can’t wait to read the sequel and more that you’ve introduced me to here. Have a great 2021!

  3. Misty M. Beller

    Carrie, this is such a great list! Some of my favorites are on here. And I might have squealed when I saw the Mountain Series. So glad you enjoyed it! 🥰

  4. Jackie Layton

    I’m humbled and honored to have made your list. Thanks so much! Congratulations to everybody on Meez Carie’s list of favorites!

  5. Arletta

    Is Don’t Wake the Dragon a Christian book? I ask because I’m wondering if it would be appropriate for our church library.

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