Top Ten Tuesday: A Bunch More Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is ‘A Bunch More Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud’ (since I already did A Bunch of Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud last March). Because I included so many of my fave laugh out loud books & authors in that initial post, I selected the books for today’s post based on books I’ve read since that time. I love laughter – it’s always been such an important part of my family & my marriage – so books that make me laugh out loud are always a plus for me!

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To Steal a Heart by Jen Turano

“Part farce, part romantic comedy, it brings the Gilded Age world to life with plenty of laughter and even a few swoons… Daphne is hands down my favorite character – an eccentric writer with an unfortunate penchant for swooning and/or whipping out her notepad to work out a scene at the most inappropriate times (like when she’s supposed to be the lookout).”

Montana Match by Carol Ross

“And oh my goodness, let’s talk about Luke and Simon. These BFFs are hilarious together but will defend each other to the death – the author captures a bro friendship perfectly. Their texts had me laughing out loud more than once…”

A Peanut Butter Christmas” by Jennifer Beckstrand

“Oh how I adore this author’s humor & the way she incorporates it so perfectly into her stories. I fell in love with precocious twin brothers Benji & Alfie in Andrew and… the youngest Petersheim brothers are once again up to their misguided (not to mention hilarious and infinitely endearing) matchmaking efforts.”

Beach Haven by T.I. Lowe

“Lowe’s southern charm (and a bit of sass) is evident on every page, and between Opal’s relationship with her two best friends (the Sand Queens), her cooking misadventures, and her banter with Linc (i.e. her effervescence and Linc’s return grumpiness lol), there are plenty of opportunities to chuckle too.”

Loving the Texas Lawman by Mary Connealy

I haven’t officially reviewed this series yet, but the banter between Trudy and Ben is hilarious. And the way Mary Connealy writes, even just in the narrative parts, often has me laughing out loud. There’s something weird going on with the Kindle copy but the paperback is just fine 🙂

Whatever Happens Next by Jaycee Weaver

“This is my first Jaycee Weaver novel but all it took was one chapter for me to fall in love with her writing style – and these characters. I laughed out loud at Jenna’s impressions of childbirth as she stood in for her friend’s husband – “What good could honestly come from seeing your best friend in such a position?” – and then again at Dyson & Jenna’s first meeting – “Was she still talking? Good gravy, did she ever stop?” Dyson’s dry observations of Jenna’s klutzy rambling had me in his corner right away – and in Jenna’s.”

Alaskan Dreams by Beth Carpenter

“The goats are hilarious! Their adorable antics had me laughing out loud on several occasions, but I also found them to be sweetly endearing. Mainly Spritz who definitely decided Patrick was her human – and who knew goats did such a thing? So cute.”

Tea & Treachery by Vicki Delany

“Delany’s writing is the perfect blend of wit and mystery, and I’m always sure to laugh out loud at least once over the way she’s particularly phrased a scene to highlight its humor without dumbing it down. In Tea & Treachery, I found myself chuckling over Lily’s summing up of the chaos that ensued after a body was found on her grandmother’s property. It begins with “Whereupon the scene had descended into something out of a French farce,” continues with one intentionally (and humorously) long sentence of the kind of things one on top of the other that would make me break out into nervous laughter if I were an observer, ending with “And then the coroner arrived.” Because that’s exactly what a scene dissolving into a farce needs to make you feel better – the coroner. LOL.”

Stay With Me by Becky Wade

“One of the first things that sets this book apart for me is the way it respectfully and honestly deals with tough issues like addiction and at the same time maintains a sense of humor and tenderness throughout. (The scene where Sam gets roped into Gen’s therapy session had me laughing out loud.) ”

The Mistletoe Countess by Pepper Basham

This book doesn’t release until September but I’ve read it in its earliest drafts & read it again recently and y’all. I cannot wait for you to meet Frederick and Grace. Grace is the most adorable heroine ever created, and Frederick with her is equally hilarious just in a different way. Oh my word, it’s one of my top fave books I’ve ever read and you really should go ahead and preorder it now so you can thank me in September 🙂

What about you? What are some more books that have made you laugh out loud lately? Which of my picks have you read? Do you have a go-to laugh-out-loud author?

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7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: A Bunch More Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

  1. Paula Shreckhise

    I have read Jen Turano’s book. She is definitely good for lots of laughs.
    Just finished A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin. Hilarious!

  2. Amy Donahue

    It’s non-fiction, but Ree Drummond’s Frontier Follies had many a lol moment for me. I loved it so much that I bought a copy for my sister’s upcoming birthday 🙂

  3. I recently read the ARC of Angela Ruth Strong’s Husband Auditions. It was hysterical! And I’m so incredibly honored to see Whatever Happens Next on your list! 😱

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