Three Great Things: February 2021

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I can’t believe it’s the end of February already – it feels like this month just flew by. Anyway, the end of the month means it’s time for another Three Great Things post, the new blog series I started in January. There’s so much negativity in the world right now, so many reasons to despair and feel like life is one chunk of bad news after another. But y’all there ARE great things still going on out there, if we just stop to appreciate them. So that’s what I want to do every month – even just to keep my own focus on the good things God’s allowed me to experience. So here’s three great things I read, watched, listened to, and learned in February 2021!

three great things I read


three great things i watched

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

Like Joe Kenda’s new show that I mentioned in January, we were super excited to learn that Chip & Joanna Gaines would be back with a new Fixer Upper series, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. There are only 4 episodes on Discovery+ so far, but watching these two is like comfort food for me. So great to have them back!

This With Them

Another ‘comfort watch’ for me is this quirky & fun YouTube channel by sister-brother duo, Kate & Alex of This With Them. I actually only watch the episodes where they try American candy/snacks, etc. but I love seeing their reactions to food I’ve also tried – and learning about foods that I haven’t discovered yet. I’ve even found some new fave snacks/candy thanks to things I’ve seen on their channel.

West Ridge Church

This sermon from one of our pastors a couple of weeks ago is the BEST sermon on suffering I’ve ever heard. It’s encouraging and comforting and challenging, all at once. I highly recommend it to everyone.

three great things i listened to

click the graphics to listen too 🙂

three great things i learned

– adult literacy education in the United States basically began in Eastern Kentucky with the “moonlight schools

– the Queen of England ordered a waffle maker to send to Harry & Meghan’s little boy for Christmas (I don’t know why that delights me so much, but it does lol)

– reading actually rewires your brain, making you functionally smarter

What about you? What are three great things you read, watched, listened to, and/or learned in February 2021? 

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