First Line Friday (and a Giveaway!): The Paris Dressmaker

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Happy Friday! And welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books!!! Since it’s Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. Today, I’m featuring the first line of The Paris Dressmaker by Kristy Cambron, currently on tour with JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC (the company I own with my book sisters).

and the first line is…

“If Lila de Laurent were discovered in the forest, she was dead.”


Based on true accounts of how Parisiennes resisted the Nazi occupation in World War II—from fashion houses to the city streets—comes a story of two courageous women who risked everything to fight an evil they couldn’t abide.

Paris, 1939. Maison Chanel has closed, thrusting haute couture dressmaker Lila de Laurent out of the world of high fashion as Nazi soldiers invade the streets and the City of Lights slips into darkness. Lila’s life is now a series of rations, brutal restrictions, and carefully controlled propaganda while Paris is cut off from the rest of the world. Yet in hidden corners of the city, the faithful pledge to resist. Lila is drawn to La Resistance and is soon using her skills as a dressmaker to infiltrate the Nazi elite. She takes their measurements and designs masterpieces, all while collecting secrets in the glamorous Hôtel Ritz—the heart of the Nazis’ Parisian headquarters. But when dashing René Touliard suddenly reenters her world, Lila finds her heart tangled between determination to help save his Jewish family and bolstering the fight for liberation.

Paris, 1943. Sandrine Paquet’s job is to catalog the priceless works of art bound for the Führer’s Berlin, masterpieces stolen from prominent Jewish families. But behind closed doors, she secretly forages for information from the underground resistance. Beneath her compliant façade lies a woman bent on uncovering the fate of her missing husband . . . but at what cost? As Hitler’s regime crumbles, Sandrine is drawn in deeper when she uncrates an exquisite blush Chanel gown concealing a cryptic message that may reveal the fate of a dressmaker who vanished from within the fashion elite.

Told across the span of the Nazi occupation, The Paris Dressmaker highlights the brave women who used everything in their power to resist darkness and restore light to their world.

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10 responses to “First Line Friday (and a Giveaway!): The Paris Dressmaker

  1. Gloria A

    I just finished Pay the Price by Carol J Post. I always enjoy her books and am glad to hear that a fourth book will be coming out in this series.
    The house stood silhouetted against a cloudless sky, the landscape frosty and still under the onslaught of one of Central Florida’s infrequent cold fronts.

  2. Becky Smith

    Happy Friday! My first line is from “Storing Up Trouble” by Jen Turano:

    “The truth of the matter was this – she, Miss Beatrix Waterbury, had been banished from New York, and all because she’d had the great misfortune of landing herself in jail… twice.”

  3. Paula Shreckhise

    My first line us from Prince of Spies by Elizabeth Camden:
    January 1902
    Marianne ventured farther onto the frozen river despite the people warning her against it.

  4. Happy Friday!
    On my blog, I’m sharing the first line from Facing the Dawn by Cynthia Ruchti: It’s an AMAZING story. Highly recommend it. Currently I’m reading A Captain for Caroline Grey by Julie Wright so I’ll share from there.
    “Caroline’s embarrassment turned to anger that brewed and simmered until she felt as though she quite loathed the captain.”
    Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂❤📚

  5. Anne

    It does not take much to remain unseen in a house lie this. The Peacock Summer by Hannah Richell.

  6. Diana Hardt

    This comes from Arctic Christmas Ambush by Sherri Shackelford. The gunman was still in the house. Kara Riley sank deeper into the jumble of suffocating winter coats in the hall closet. A metal zipper scraped her cheek, and the stale scent of mothballs turned her stomach. She had to stay calm and think if she was going to survive the next few minutes.

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