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Is it Just Me JustRead Blog TourWelcome to the Blog Tour for Is It Just Me? by Grace Valentine, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours! I’m honored to host Grace today on the blog to chat about her new book!

Is It Just MeTitle: Is It Just Me? by Grace Valentine
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: February 9, 2021
Genre: Christian Life/Women’s Issues

An anthem for every woman who is weary of living a life in which she knows the right answers but does not believe them.

Is It Just Me? is a book by a popular social media blogger that helps young women find true trust in Jesus when they are overwhelmed and frustrated with their lives.

Many women joke about having trust issues—laughing at their struggle because it feels common but secretly feeling there is no hope. Grace Valentine was one of them. In her twenties she realized her trust issues were not humorous because in reality hers were trust issues with Jesus, her community, her family, and herself. And they were destroying her faith. Grace creatively told herself she was simply being realistic, but the truth was, she was entangled with doubt and lies.

In Grace’s second book, Is It Just Me?, she offers readers a new perspective by helping them find answers to five deeply felt questions.

  • Am I the only one who is tired, overwhelmed, doubting, and fearful?
  • Am I the only one who feels hurt and lonely?
  • Am I the only one who still is struggling to find my purpose?
  • Am I the only one struggling to trust that God is there?
  • Am I the only one confused about how to be an adult?

Grace’s personal story and perceptive insights show other young women that not only are they are not alone, they can trust God in the middle of their hurts, doubts, and fears.


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Hi Grace! Welcome to the blog!

Grace: Summer! I moved to Orlando from Texas and only lived in NOLA before. I’ve only seen snow twice in my life and I’m not complaining about that hahah! I prefer the heat over being cold any day!

Carrie: haha! I do not have that spiritual gift 😛 Bring on the snow!

Grace: Netflix! I love Schitt’s Creek right now and all the movie choices. I spend many lazy Saturdays watching Netflix with good friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good love story, but Netflix has it all!

Carrie: Lazy Saturdays with friends sounds delightful ♥

Grace: Coke totally. I actually don’t drink coffee or tea at all. I’ve never had one cup of coffee because it seems disgusting to me. But I do have a coke every day or every other day!

Carrie: Yes! Me too with the coffee or tea – I don’t like bitter drinks.

Grace: The mountains 100 percent. They remind me how big the world is and I love hiking. It’s cool to watch your body climb something that once seemed so far away.

Carrie: The mountains are my happy place – but hiking isn’t haha.

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Grace: Flying and flying fast! I would love to be able to visit anywhere. Or weather control lol! It would be nice to be able to plan the perfect beach day with a great amount of sunshine or have it rain when I want that background noise while I sleep.

Carrie: ooo weather control would be an awesome superpower to have!!

Q: Who is your favorite book character from childhood?

Grace: I grew up on Junie B. Jones. She was a quirky and silly character many elementary school girls read. I’m thankful I grew up hearing those stories. It showed me I can be silly and be learning.

Carrie: Junie is so fun 🙂

Q: Writing spaces are as diverse as authors and books. Where is your favorite space to write?

Grace: My first book was mainly written in my college’s library while I avoided school work! Hahah. People were working on their papers or studying and I was secretly typing my book. Now though I have more freedom of where I can write. My parents have a beautiful porch in the mountains of NC, and a couch on the porch. That’s my new favorite place to write.

Carrie: oh that sounds just about perfect – a porch in the NC mountains ♥

Q: Why is the theme of Is It Just Me? important to you?

Grace: I’m not the best at trusting in others and Jesus because I try to be sensible. My book is about just that because it’s hard for me. This theme was a journey for me really learning how to have true trust and I feel better for starting this journey with my book. I pray others with trust issues like me can learn from it too.

Carrie: Trust comes difficult, especially these days. It’s a important discussion to have!

Q: What is something that surprised you the most while researching your book?

Grace: While researching this book I noticed that Jesus was someone with intentional conversations with many people. It’s easy to think about how He talked to large groups but it’s comforting to know He saw the person, their problem, and took time to have that personal connection. That surprised me because I think I forgot how Jesus did that then and He wants to do that with me today.

Carrie: i love that about Him – how intentional and how personal He is with each of us

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from Is It Just Me?

Grace: I want my readers to realize a young 24 year old author like me still has a lot to learn about life, but still has a big God who makes sure you and me are never alone. He is worth trusting. We can do big things, if we look at our big Savior.

Carrie: amen ♥

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Grace: My podcast I’M TIRED is about to launch for season 2! I’m so excited. And I’ll be traveling more for this book. I am so excited to continue to spread the message of IS IT JUST ME?, and to meet my readers hopefully in person.

Grace Valentine

Grace Valentine is an author, blogger, podcast host, and speaker. Her readers love that she is so relatable. They say her fresh voice helps them navigate their own faith and life, which in turn helps fulfill her mission to show others that Christianity is an adventure worth living. After growing up outside New Orleans, Louisiana, Grace attended Baylor University, graduating in 2018 with a degree in journalism. She now resides in Orlando, Florida, where she enjoys running and eating lots of sushi.

CONNECT WITH GRACE: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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