Cover Love: Spell the Month in Books – April 2021

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Hi y’all! Happy Sunday! I’m back with my own spin on the popular ‘spell the month in books’ challenge – instead of using the books i plan to read in a specific month, I am doing a cover love post for books that released in that month. Here we are again at the end of another month – so let’s get on with this spell the month cover love for April 2021!

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A – Amanda by Sarah Monzon

P – Present Danger by Elizabeth Goddard

R – Rekindling Trust by Sandra Ardoin

I – Is It Any Wonder by Courtney Walsh

L – Long Shadows by Cathe Swanson

Check out all the other fabulous books that released in April too!

Just a friendly reminder to the authors who follow me: I’m still looking for someone in May and July to release a book that starts with the letter Y? haha! And my thanks to the author who IS releasing a book in July that starts with U. I appreciate it more than you know LOL

What about you? What are some of your fave covers that released in April? Which of my cover love picks from April 2021 do you like most?

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5 responses to “Cover Love: Spell the Month in Books – April 2021

  1. Great picks here, Carrie! I especially love the Rekindling Trust cover from Sandra Ardoin. So beautiful! (And I laughed at your note at the end about needing a “Y” title and being grateful for the “U.” I hadn’t thought about how challenging this could be!)

  2. What a surprise to see Rekindling Trust in your post and in such great company! Thank you, Carrie!

    I can see where finding matching books is quite a job sometimes, and gathering all those fall books ought to be fun.

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