Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Suzanne Woods Fisher & At Lighthouse Point

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I’m always honored when Suzanne Woods Fisher stops by the blog, so please join me in welcoming her back today to chat about her new novel At Lighthouse Point!

Three Sisters Island #3
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Fiction/Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 4, 2021
PAGES: 314

Blaine Grayson returns to Three Sisters Island with a grand plan–to take Camp Kicking Moose to the next level. Her dream starts to unravel when she discovers Moose Manor’s kitchen has been badly remodeled by her sister, Cam, who doesn’t know how to cook. Added to that blow is the cold shoulder given by her best friend, Artie Lotosky, now a doctor to the unbridged Maine islands.

As old wounds are opened, Blaine starts to wonder if she made a mistake by coming home. Little by little, she must let go of one dream to discover a new one, opening her heart to a purpose and a future she had never imagined.

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites you back to the coast of Maine for a story that reminds you to release what doesn’t matter and cling to what does: faith, family, and friendships.


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Sisters, sisters, sisters

by Suzanne Woods Fisher, author of At Lighthouse Point

It’s all about birth order.

Do you ever wonder why you are the way you are? Why you enjoy some people and avoid others? Or why you’ve chosen the career you did? Take a close look at the family you grew up in, at the place you held among your siblings. Those eighteen years of childhood had a powerful influence on you.

The three Grayson sisters, Camden, Madison, and Blaine, all named for towns in Maine, are a classic example of the effects of birth order. Now young adults, they love each other dearly, they help each other, they challenge each other, and yet, at times, they can also keep each other pinned down. All three.

Cam, the eldest, has a lot of firstborn traits. Confident, decisive, a tiny bit controlling (!), she also lacks empathy and compassion.

Maddie, the middle sister, is all about empathy. She could see so many points of view that her dad used to say she could sit on a fence and watch herself walk by.

Blaine, the youngest and the main character in At Lighthouse Point, is creative, ultra-talented, and thoroughly lost. She’s been working hard, between book 2 and 3, to try and figure out her life. To figure out herself. She’s home now, determined to rise above some family dynamics that have kept her from reaching her potential.

Awareness is half the battle, psychologists say. One of the most enjoyable parts of writing the Three Sisters Island series was adding flashbacks from the girls’ childhood. Readers can peek behind the curtain and get a fuller picture of the dynamics in the Grayson household.

If you see a little of yourself revealed in any of these sisters, grab a copy of At Lighthouse Point and see how their story unfolds. One thing, I’m sure, the epilogue will leave you with a sense of appreciation for your own siblings. I hope so, anyway!

Bestselling, award winning author Suzanne Woods Fisher writes untold stories about inspiring people. With over one million copies of her books sold worldwide, she is the bestselling author of fiction and non-fiction, ranging from Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World to the historical novel The Moonlight School. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, near her very extensive and rapidly expanding family. In her spare time, she raises puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. To her way of thinking, you just can’t take life too seriously when a puppy is tearing through the house with someone’s underwear in its mouth.

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What about you? What makes you want to read At Lighthouse Point by Suzanne Woods Fisher? Where are you in your family’s birth order?

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29 responses to “Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Suzanne Woods Fisher & At Lighthouse Point

  1. Michelle

    I enjoy Suzanne Woods Fisher’s books and this one sounds great! I’m first born in my family.

  2. Megan

    I enjoy book series featuring siblings, and I’d love to visit Maine through a book

  3. Faith Creech

    I enjoy Suzanne’s books. Thanks for the chance to win this one. I am first in the birth order.

  4. Pam K.

    I want to read At Lighthouse Point because I really liked the first two books. I’m second of six kids, the oldest daughter (of three).

  5. Perrianne Askew

    I’ve read at least the first book, so I’d love to finish the series. The three sisters are quite an interesting tribe! I am an only child for my Mom and second to the oldest among four for my Dad. I’m not really sure where that leaves me in the birth order traits, LOL.

  6. Anne Rightler

    I’ve read the other two books in the series and can not wait to read this one. I am the second of five children, the first of two females!

  7. Suzanne Sellner

    Coming from a family of three sisters, I can relate to the differences in these three sisters and can see how they must learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and accept their weaknesses. I thoroughly enjoyed the first books in the series and look forward to reading this one.

  8. Diana Hardt

    Nice cover. It sounds like a really interesting book. I’m the oldest of two children. I only have a younger brother.

  9. Cherie j

    I love the unusual location of this book. Also, the story sounds good and the cover is lovely. I am the oldest child by one minute because I am a twin.

  10. Vivian Furbay

    I want to read this as I read the first book in the series and it was really good. I am the second oldest of 6 kids.

  11. Dianne Casey

    I want to read the book because I enjoy her writing and it sounds amazing. I’m the oldest of two.

  12. Caryl Kane

    Family dynamics are interesting in novels. My brother is four years younger than me.

  13. Sonnetta Jones

    My twin and I are between the oldest and youngest. I enjoy reading about sisters.

  14. Marilyn

    Sounds like my kind of book. Suzanne fisher Woods books re always great reading.

  15. The Book Cover, book excerpt and author all make me want to read this book. Book sounds and looks like a fantastic read. So intriguing and even a best seller.
    I have two younger sisters who are fraternal twins and I’m the oldest child out of us three girls. All three of us are totally different.
    I love this authors books.
    I like books like this. Would love to read and review book in print format.
    Suzanne Woods Fisher books are great reads. I love to read books about how problems are thrown at the characters because I love to see how they deal and solve their problems. Also like to see if how they solve their problems can be used in real life.
    Thanks for chance to win.
    Hope I Win

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