Book Review: Falling for the Fifties by Stephenia H. McGee

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Back Inn Time #2

GENRE: Inspirational Historical Romance / Time Travel
PUBLISHER: By the Vine Press
RELEASE DATE: May 11, 2021
PAGES: 149

What would you do if you finally found Mr. Right…in the wrong time?

Maddie Palmer is done with dating. Internet matchmaking landed her one dud after another. Tired, frustrated, and finished with love, Maddie stays the night at a quirky Victorian bed and breakfast on the eve of her grandparents’ sixty-fifth wedding anniversary. When she suddenly wakes up in 1956, she gets the unexpected chance to witness her grandparents’ fairy tale love unfold and finally learn the secret to finding “the one.” But what is she going to do when she meets her own Mr. Right—only to discover he’s Mr. Wrong Time?

Nathanial Hall is set on one mission. Pass his training exam and join the Hurricane Hunters at Keesler Air Force Base. When he mysteriously finds himself on base sixty-five years too early, there can only be one explanation. He has to save the crew destined to die in Hurricane Flossy. But when a beautiful singer snags his heart and derails his carefully planned life, he has to decide if staying in the past is worth risking his entire future.

♥ The Back Inn Time series short novels are fun, faith-filled stories of what it might be like to suddenly experience life in a different time. These clean historical romances are packed with humor and adventure. Perfect for fans of dual timeline or time slip stories and Christian historical romance, these books answer the question every historical fiction fan wonders—what would it be like if I went back to that time? If you enjoy the wholesomeness of Amish, Western, or frontier fiction and adore romantic comedies, then a visit to a seaside Victorian inn where you can “step back inn time and leave your troubles behind!” is for you.


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I thoroughly enjoyed A Wagon Train Weekend and could not wait for another visit to The Depot B&B. This series has all the things I love – magical realism, romance, great kisses, great characters, fun settings – and Falling for the Fifties continues the enjoyment!

In the first book, Collette & Seth get zapped back in time to the Oregon Trail together so they are able to help each other adjust to all the things, which worked perfectly for the greater story McGee was telling in that book. In Falling for the Fifties, Maddie & Nathaniel are sent to 1956 at the same time too, and from the same place, but the twist in this novel is that they had never met in the present. So when they meet up in the fifties, they have no idea that the other is going through the same ‘what the heck is going on’ experiences. To say I LOVED THIS TWIST is putting it mildly. It added layers to their greater story that I wouldn’t have imagined otherwise, and I spent the majority of the novel on the edge of my seat waiting for one of them to figure it out. (Me: Hum that song a little longer, Nathaniel – you’ve almost got it! lol)

The complexities of why Maddie and Nathaniel are each transported back in time to 1956 serve as some of those marvelous layers I mentioned above. Added to their instant chemistry, their shared songs at the dance, the way they seem exactly made for each other, their kisses (swoon!), it all just makes their love story so enjoyable to root for. Knowing things as a reader that they don’t know as characters sharpened that entertainment value even more.

Bottom Line: Falling for the Fifties by Stephenia H. McGee is everything I want in a time travel novel! On its pages you’ll find so much to love – history, humor, romance, faith, hope, adventure, magical realism, and the breathlessness of a story well told. Engaging characters and a multi-dimensional plot strengthen it even further, and the way McGee ties all of these layers together brought pure enjoyment to my reader heart and a smile to my face. I cannot wait for book 3, and I for one would love for the series to continue beyond that. So many stories that could be told – oh the possibilities!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 5 stars / fantastic!

KissingBook Level: 3+ / will forget to breathe on occasion

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Best-selling author of Christian novels, Stephenia H. McGee writes stories of faith, hope, and healing set in the Deep South. When she’s not twirling around in hoop skirts, reading, or sipping sweet tea on the front porch, she’s a homeschool mom of two boys, writer, dreamer, and husband spoiler. Visit her at for books and updates.

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  1. Stephenia H. McGee

    YAY! I’m so glad you enjoyed the trip back to the 50’s with Maddie and Nate!

    • SO MUCH FUN!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease can we have some more in this series after A Colonial Courtship? Pretty please? I’m not above bribing you LOL

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