Three Great Things: May 2021

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I can’t believe May is over already! The end of the month means it’s time for another Three Great Things post, the new blog series I started in January. I have to be honest, May was a tough month. So many people I love have gone through hard stuff this past month, lots of loss and grief. But y’all we don’t grieve without hope & there ARE great things still going on out there, if we just stop to appreciate them. So that’s what I want to do this month & every month – even just to keep my own focus on the good things God’s allowed me to experience. So here’s three great things I read, watched, listened to, and learned in May 2021!

three great things I read


three great things i watched

We watched the Friends reunion for nostalgia’s sake, and it was so fun! This was never a show I watched growing up, and I of course don’t agree with some of the choices the characters made during its 10 year run. But I adore the close bond the cast shares, and I had to watch it just for that alone…. while also hoping for the PIVOT blooper, which is one of my faves. I was not disappointed 🙂

My parents introduced me this fun new show on HGTV – No Demo Reno! I adore the host – she’s adorable – and I love her decorating style & how she transforms a space with things that are accessible without major renovation. (Note: Eric is a sweetheart to watch it with me even though she’s a bit too hyper for him haha)

I mean, you knew I would be sharing one of my church’s sermons, right? This is such a great sermon on the trap of bitterness & how to avoid it. It’s something all of us need to listen to right now, especially with how volatile Christians are with each other today.

three great things i listened to

three great things i learned

Robopine’s identity. If you know, you know.

– Terri Blackstock is writing a spinoff series to her If I Run series!!

= print book sales continue to rise, especially in adult fiction

What about you? What are three great things you read, watched, listened to, and/or learned in May 2021? 


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  1. I’m glad to learn print sales are rising.
    I’m reassured to see that after COVID, any dilemma, June till follows May, which will be followed by July, and constantly wins out.
    That big and little prayers still get answered, sometimes faster and more easily than we ever expect!

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