Guest Post: Jeanette-Marie Mirich & You Promised Me Paris

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Please join me in welcoming Jeanette-Marie Mirich back to the blog today to share about the newest book in her D.B. Burns Mystery series, You Promised Me Paris!

D.B. Burns Mysteries #3
GENRE: Inspirational Mystery/Suspense
PUBLISHER: Mountain Brook Ink
RELEASE DATE: June 5, 2021
PAGES: 266

Discovering a young man with a knife in his chest was not exactly what Delilah Burns Morgan planned for her honeymoon.

Delilah did not have a dream wedding. In fact, after their vows, she and Lyle raced for a court appearance which revealed decades of secrets in their small Kentucky town. All seems well on their wedding night until a loud thump echoes in the hotel hallway—courtesy of a murder victim. When suspicion circles back to Delilah’s family, the newlyweds delay their trip to Paris and tackle the erupting mayhem. With the FBI circling, they head for the hills and find themselves back in Horsetail Falls, Kentucky—Delilah’s Appalachian home.

As they unwrap the wonders of their newfound love while trying to uncover the secrets of a murder, a suspicious real estate agent, and a shady new neighbor, will Lyle and Delilah learn to work as a team?


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longing for romance

by Jeanette-Marie Mirich, author of You Promised Me Paris

Intending to write suspense fiction, I discovered the characters I created wanted romance.

What could I say? I cooperated. Underlaying my tales are principles of Romance Enhancers. If you keep attuned to the story’s rhythm, you will glean insight into the building blocks of lasting love.

When words tumble together to create a story, it takes effort, editing, and focused attention to the little things. Which brings me to the topic at hand—romance. Let’s begin with the little things. In my book The Courtship of Harry’s Wife, Lyle Henderson, the erstwhile suiter, keeps a handkerchief handy. Why? Because the woman he courts is grieving and tears erupt at inconvenient times.

Ever read a story where the hero or heroine is oblivious to their behavior? When his selfishness or pride is revealed, how does he respond? Is she combative? Agreeable? Thoughtful or repentant? In courting a woman with definite opinions about life, Lyle decides to change from his independent decision-making and attempts to listen and ask for input. Becoming vulnerable, not knowing if the effort would be fruitful, is a challenge. The romantic dance of emotions Lyle and Delilah Morgan begin in Courtship continues in the next two novels.

In fleshing out a ‘real’ relationship, I’ve needed to put romance under a microscope. Difficult assignment when, for twenty-five years, I’ve taught the topic with my husband and sometimes not hit a homer but struck out. This is what I’ve learned.

As followers of Jesus, we’re challenged to, ‘Love one another, for love is of God’ (1 John 4:7). Because each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made, I’m given the privilege of discovery. So, I examine the evidence. As an explorer of my spouse, I get to chart new territory and map out an unfamiliar coastline. Do I know what moves my husband’s heart? What he loves? How can I encourage him to take the time to restore his soul by doing what gives him joy? The conundrum about love is, it is not about me. It is about the other.

Christ exemplified a life spent in caring for those around him. The only way I know how to care for others in the ways it will impact their soul is to ask.

For love to flourish, my spouse needs to put on his pith helmet, safari pants, focus his attention, and begin the journey of discovery as well.

Although no longer on the Christian Medical/Dental Associations’ Marriage Commission, we continue sailing unfamiliar seas of emotions and intimacy. The stories I create, whether in the D. B. Burns Mystery series or in my other novels, have precepts about relationships. Honesty, personal integrity, sacrifice, kindness, are all part of the mix. Those attributes make hearts tender, giving love the opportunity to blossom. When the story is stirred, and sometimes shaken, it can tug at the reader’s emotions and bring tears to the writer.

As Judge Henderson sets out to rescue a kidnapped girl in The Last Roses, his actions reveal sacrificial love and change his relationship with Delilah. In the third novel, You Promised Me Paris, when Lyle kneels to pray after their marriage, Delilah is overcome with love.

“Pray, Listen, Do!”, wrote author Kim Meeder when she signed her book, Encountering Our Wild God. Her words apply to how we treat those we love as well as our growing relationship with the God of the Universe.

Have bags, will travel, should be Jeanette-Marie Mirich’s life’s theme. She moved twenty-two times before settling in her first home. Her peripatetic lifestyle is courtesy of the U.S. Air Force and her husband’s medical training.

For twenty-five years she and her husband were part of the Marriage Commission for The Christian Medical/Dental Associations. They taught conferences in the U.S., Thailand, Africa, and Greece to medical professionals. Crediting God and the conferences for their years of joy, she continues to pass on the concepts of healthy relationships through her writing.

Mother of three, Grammy to thirteen exceptional grandchildren, she travels from her Kentucky home to an Oregon cabin, scribbling poems and short stories as well as writing novels. With Mountain Brook Ink, her D.B. Burns Mysteries series begins with The Courtship of Harry’s Wife, and the third suspense/romance novel, You Promised Me Paris, will be published June 5, 2021.

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What about you? What makes you want to read You Promised Me Paris by Jeanette-Marie Mirich?

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28 responses to “Guest Post: Jeanette-Marie Mirich & You Promised Me Paris

  1. Suzanne Sellner

    I love these Appalachian books that have been published recently. This sounds like a fascinating story.

  2. Thank you for writing a wonderful review. I began my morning worshipping outdoors with our church. In Oregon they have been able to meet at a farm when the weather is good. An osprey soared above us during worship. It was the way I felt reading your words. My heart took flight.

  3. Caryl Kane

    Carrie, Thank you for introducing me to Jeanette-Marie! Sounds like a series I need to check out.

  4. Faith Creech

    Thanks for the review on this book. I would love to read it. Any book about Paris I love!

    • I think you’ll find the romance between Delilah Morgan and Lyle Henderson delightful. Although it took three books for them to finally tie the knot. The characters were fun to write and the byways of Kentucky amazing.

  5. Kay Garrett

    Enjoyed reading the author’s post and can’t wait for the opportunity to read “YOU PROMISED ME PARIS”. The only thing better than a mystery suspense book is one with an inspirational thread. Definitely on my TBR list.

  6. Alison Boss

    Thank you, Carrie, for sharing a new author with me! Sounds like and intriguing series. And I appreciated the thoughts and truths of romance that Jeanette-Marie shared!

  7. So happy you do. For those of us oldly weds😉 marriage is a steep learning curve. And we weren’t Christians when we married. By God’s grace and much laughter we’ve learned sacrificial love. Flunk it sometimes.

  8. MJSH

    I actually enjoyed learning more about this new-to-me author especially since I was involved in my local chapter of Christian Medical and Dental Association back in the day when life was only busy with medicine.

  9. Hope you have a chance to reconnect with CMDA. We have lived the people we’ve worked with and always enjoy the national conference. I’ve sprinkled my three DB Burns novels with principles we learned through teaching the marriage enrichment weekends.

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