Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Naomi Rawlings & Tomorrow’s Shining Dream

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Please join me in welcoming author Naomi Rawlings to the blog today to chat about her historical romance, Tomorrow’s Shining Dream!

Naomi Rawlings is the author of over a dozen historical Christian novels, including the Amazon bestselling Eagle Harbor Series. While she’d love to claim she spends her days huddled in front of her computer vigorously typing, in reality, she spends her time teaching, cleaning, picking up, and pretending like her house isn’t in a constant state of chaos. She lives with her husband and three children in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula, along the southern shore of Lake Superior where they get 200 inches of snow every year, and where people still grow their own vegetables and cut down their own firewood–just like in the historical novels she writes.

You can connect with Naomi on her website and Facebook.

Texas Promise #2

GENRE: Inspirational Historical/Western Romance
PUBLISHER: Cedar Lake Press
RELEASE DATE: April 27, 2020
PAGES: 358

She needs to learn how to flirt. He needs to forget she exists. Then she asks him for help finding a husband… What could possibly go wrong?

Charlotte Westin has always been more comfortable in a saddle than a ballroom. That wouldn’t be a problem, except her father owns the largest ranch in Texas—and he insists she marry a wealthy city-slicker worthy of a cattle baron’s daughter. There might be someone out there who’d love her for who she is instead of her money, but she’s been fooled by a sweet talker before, and her family is still suffering because of it.

With an old friend-turned-enemy returning to town and cattle rustlers running roughshod over the county, Sheriff Daniel Harding knows the last thing he should be thinking about is a woman… especially the one woman he’ll never be able to marry. Then Charlotte Westin asks for his help, and Daniel can’t refuse. Until he finds out exactly what she wants…

When Charlotte comes to Daniel with a plan to find herself a husband, Daniel is forced to face his feelings for her—as well as some past mistakes of his own. But as the rustlers grow more dangerous, Charlotte’s father takes drastic steps to engage her to a man she doesn’t love. And Charlotte and Daniel soon find themselves caught between the burdens from their pasts and others’ expectations. Will they let their past choices ruin their dreams? Or will Charlotte and Daniel embrace God’s forgiveness and forge a happy future for themselves?

From jagged mountains and green river valleys, to cattle ranches and vivid sunsets, Tomorrow’s Shining Dream offers a meaningful story about simpler times, sincere faith, and unfailing love.


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Hi Naomi! Welcome to the blog!

Naomi: Apples (peeling oranges takes too long)

Carrie: that is so true

Naomi: Winter. We get 25 feet of snow where I live, so I don’t really have a choice about liking winter.

Carrie: I’m so jealous! I’m a northern IL girl living in GA where we get zero snow. I miss winter lol

Naomi: Dogs. I’m allergic to cats.

Carrie: so is my husband, which is just fine with me because i prefer dogs lol

Naomi: Coffee. I’m a writer. Drinking coffee while writing is practically a job requirement.

Carrie: haha so i’ve been told 🙂

Naomi: Hallmark Channel. Sweet, clean and heartwarming. Netflix has a lot of gore and sex.

Carrie: yeah, I’ve tried to get into Netflix a couple of different times but could just never find anything that interested me enough to justify the expense

Naomi: Audiobooks! Why listen to music when you could be listening to a story?

Carrie: because I’d rather read the book for myself 😉

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Naomi: Reading, just like you. I love reading and am always reading one thing or another. I don’t really watch T.V., just read. It’s so much better!

Carrie: same! The only time TV is on over here is just as background noise while I work, and even then it’s usually music instead.

Q: When you walk into a bookstore, where do you head first?

Naomi: I look at the books that are on display right at the front, at the covers, at the genres, at the displays themselves. I try to figure out what made the store decide to display those books at the very front.

Carrie: oh that’s an interesting approach – i like that!

Q: Do you have any strange writing habits/quirks?

Naomi: I wear fuzzy socks when I write. I just can’t seem to write without them. I get up early in the morning to write, and it’s usually cold (there’s that 25 feet of snow thing going on) and fuzzy socks just make me feel nice and cozy while I dive into my book.

Carrie: fuzzy socks are just the best, aren’t they?

Q: Which of your main characters in Tomorrow’s Shining Dream is most like you?

Naomi: The hero, Daniel. He’s always trying to help others and he works a job that keeps him busy serving the community (but also makes him feel under appreciated). My husband is a pastor, so our family can definitely sympathize with Daniel’s community service.

Carrie: A pastor’s work is never done (my grandfather was a pastor, too) ♥

Q: What surprised you about your story or your characters as you wrote Tomorrow’s Shining Dream?

Naomi: Charlotte, the heroine. She ended up being more stubborn and determined than what I intended.

Carrie: That could be good or bad for you as the author lol

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from Tomorrow’s Shining Dream?

Naomi: That God’s grace is always sufficient, and sometimes you are the strongest even when you feel weak. The theme verse for the novel is 2 Cor 12:9 – “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Carrie: Amen ♥

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Naomi: Wes and Keely’s story is titled Tomorrow’s Constant Hope. It’s the third book in the Texas Promise Series, and I’m super excited about it (as are my readers)! Wes is still grieving the loss of his first wife, but he ends up married anyway. Keely’s on the run from some pretty bad people and is looking to change her name and hide in a forgotten corner of the Texas desert. But things don’t turn out quite as planned when she realizes she accidently married the richest rancher in Texas!

The story has been pretty long in coming, and my readers have been so wonderful and patient as I wrote this book while homeschooling during COVID, moving, and getting an unexpected teaching job. The is being edited now and will release in November.

Carrie: we moved during COVID too – it was not for the faint of heart; I can’t imagine adding homeschooling & a teaching job & writing a book to the mix too. wow!

Naomi Rawlings is offering a copy of Tomorrow’s Shining Dream (print or ebook) to one of my readers! (Print copy open to US, CAN, & AUS only. Ebook for others. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.) This giveaway is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policies which can be found here. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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What about you? What makes you want to read Tomorrow’s Shining Dream by Naomi Rawlings?

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61 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Naomi Rawlings & Tomorrow’s Shining Dream

    • Sharon Gannon

      Rita. I have read both the Eagle Harbour series and the Texas promise series. I absolutely loved them. The thing I like about them is that Naomi brings one character from the previous book an features their story the whole series through. You’ll love them.

      • Cindy Smith

        I agree with you, Sharon. I have totally enjoyed the Eagle Harbour books and the 1st book of the Texas series. I would love to read this one as well.

    • Joselyn Everett

      I truly love Naomi’s books! She my Favorite author. This book is a must read. Also, read book 1 of the series. I can’t wait for Wes and Keely’s story! Super excited

      • Sharon Gannon

        Naomi. I have read both the Eagle Harbour series and the Texas promise series. I absolutely loved them. The thing I like about them is how you bring one character from the previous book and features their story the whole series through. I’m a visual reader and your storytelling drew me right there with them. I may just have to reread them again. Blessings.

        • I’m really looking forward to Tomorrow’s Constant Hope. I’ve read all of the Eagle Harbour series & both of the Texas series. Can’t put then down & don’t want them to end.

        • Vickie

          I have read both series also. I devoured the Texas Promise Series and can’t wait for the third book. I may just have to reread the first two again before the third one comes out. Love Naomi’s books!!!

          • Jackie Mitchell

            She is an awesome author! I feel like I personally know the characters! I have read and love all of her books!

  1. Anita Yancey

    I really enjoy reading stories where the characters start out as enemies, but then they chance there mind.

  2. Roxanne C.

    There is a lot going on in this story, and I’d like to know if and how Charlotte and Daniel arrive at their HEA and if Charlotte’s father even cares about her.

  3. Ha, yes, I’m afraid my stories always have a lot going on! No one has ever called them simple or basic, let’s put it that way. Yes, Daniel and Charlotte have a HEA. I don’t write novels with cliff hangers or anything like that. As to Charlotte’s father… he’s pretty convinced that the best thing for his daughter is to have her marry a man who he knows can provide for her. There’s more to it than that, but I don’t want to give away the book for others.

    • Peggy

      Two of my daughters were born in Texas. And while I LOVED the Eagle Harbor series, I am excited to read stories based on Texas. There are lots of memories of our time there. These stories will help resurrect them, since my husband’s death any and all things that recall all of the good memories are to be cherished!

  4. Caryl Kane

    Naomi is a new author for me. I enjoy the enemies to more trope. Sounds like a page-turner!

  5. Suzanne Sellner

    I’ve read glowing recommendations for Naomi Rawlings’ books, but I’ve never read one. I’d like to change that.

  6. Jennifer Tipton

    Well I did want to read until cats were put in a negative light so now I’m not so sure. I have 4 cats and husband likes them even though he’s got asthma. We have one dog as well but I’m more of a cat person. I’ll have to think about this book.

  7. Jackie Mitchell

    I have enjoyed every Naomi Rawlings book. I was so disappointed when the Eagle Harbor series ended. But once I realized Texas Promise continued with some of the same characters My disappointment was eased. I can hardly wait until Book 3 is out! I hope one day some of the characters from Eagle Harbor will visit Texas or vice versa to merge them all together again.

  8. Bernadine Blackburn

    I would love to read your books!! I have not read any before so I am anxious to get a book to read!! Thank you for having the give away11 I know all of us would be happy to win!!

  9. Colleen

    Thank you for inviting me to read this interview. I look forward to reading Naomi’s books

  10. Donna

    Naomi is a new author for me. I am currently reading Tomorrow’s First Light and loving it! Can’t wait to read her other books in this series and Eagle Harbor 😄

  11. Paty Hinojosa

    I’d love to read Naomi’s books! They sound like my kind of books! Tomorrow’s Shining Dreams sounds awesome!

  12. Esther Plant

    I read the first book and really enjoyed it! I don’t really like Charlotte (or Wes!) which actually makes me even more excited to read their stories and learn more about them!

    • Crystle

      Loved the Eagle Harbor Series and the first book in the Texas series. Can’t wait to read the rest!

  13. I recently read my first Naomi Rawlings book “Love’s Unfading Light” and love it so much I’m getting ready to order the series – unusual for me. This is also my first time seeing your blog, I really enjoyed the interview with Naomi! Thank you

  14. Sunnymay

    I like the line, “She needs to learn to flirt.” Charlotte is a country cowgirl and going to date a city guy. Friends to lovers is a favorite trope of mine.

  15. Jackie Mitchell

    This was an awesome, can’t put it down book, as all of Naomi Rawlings books are! Texas Promise continues with a new life for a former Eagle Harbor resident. I can hardly wait to read Book 3!

  16. Miss Lee

    I have just recently been introduced to Naomi Rawlings’ books. I am thoroughly enjoying them and would love to get more of her works.

  17. Patty

    I know Naomi has been writing for quite a while, but I don’t think I’ve read any of her books. Would love the opportunity to do so!

  18. Brenda Murphree

    First thing I love the cover and I love that it’s historical and western. Sounds interesting too.

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