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Northshire Heritage JustRead Blog TourWelcome to the Blog Tour for the Northshire Heritage trilogy by JP Robinson, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours! I’m honored to chat with JP today about this series!

In the Shadow of Your WingsIN THE SHADOW OF YOUR WINGS
Series: Northshire Heritage #1
Publisher: Logos Publications, LLC
Release Date: November 6, 2018
Genre: Christian Historical Suspense

The shadow of the Great War looms over Europe, affecting everyone in its path.

Leila Durand, an elite German spy charged with infiltrating the home of British icon Thomas Steele, sees the war as a chance to move beyond the pain of her shattered past. But everything changes when she falls in love with Thomas’s son, Malcolm. Is there a way to reconcile her love for Germany and her love for the enemy?

Thomas Steele sees the war as an opportunity for his profligate son, Malcolm, to find a purpose greater than himself. But when Malcolm rebels, it falls to Thomas to make tough decisions.

The war’s reach extends to the heart. Eleanor Thompson finds her faith is pushed to the breaking point when her husband disappears on the battlefront and her daughter is killed in a German air raid. Where is God in the midst of her pain? In the Shadow of Your Wings presents inescapable truth that resonates across the past century. Then as now, the struggle for faith is real. Then as now, there is a refuge for all who will come beneath the shadow of God’s wings.


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In the Midst of the FlamesIN THE MIDST OF THE FLAMES
Series: Northshire Heritage #2
Publisher: Logos Publications, LLC
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Genre: Christian Historical Suspense

Divided by a lie. Haunted by the past. Bonded by their love.

As the fires of the Great War rage across the European continent, the Steele family is caught in the midst of the inferno.

Estranged from his wife Malcolm wonders if he can ever find forgiveness for his betrayal as he begins the long journey home.

Leila desperately searches for a way to escape her past life as a spy—and the German agent who has been sent to kill her—as she struggles to prove her innocence.

Determined to save his family, Thomas risks everything in a high-stakes political gamble, bringing Britain to the brink of obliteration, as spymaster Robert Hughes plots his downfall.

Will everything be reduced to ashes?Or does God still walk with those who, through faith, step out into the midst of the flames?


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In the Dead of NightIN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT
Series: Northshire Heritage #3
Publisher: Logos Publications, LLC
Release Date: March 9, 2021
Genre: Christian Historical Suspense

The smallest flame can conquer the darkest night

Darkness gathers in the final days of the Great War as the Germans plot to unleash a weapon that will plunge the Allied world into obscurity.

For the Steele family, the stakes have never been higher.

Leila is forced back into the shadows when the leader of a German spy ring kidnaps her child, jeopardizing Europe’s fragile bid for peace.

Meanwhile, Malcolm fights to keep Northshire Estate as his father stands trial for treason against the British empire.

Confronted with overwhelming circumstances from their past, the Steeles must rely on their grit and faith to conquer the night.

But will it be enough?


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Hi JP! Welcome to the blog!

JP: Apples.There’s something extremely satisfying about that crunch.

Carrie: I completely agree. There’s nothing better than a crisp apple … and there’s nothing worse than a mushy apple! lol

JP: Winter. I was born in a cold part of Canada so snow, cold and ice run in my veins.

Carrie: Growing up in northern Illinois, I can relate to this! Even though I now live in the hot South, I still miss the cold & snow. Not so much the ice haha

JP: Coffee, hands down. I also love a good tea but there’s something about the smell and raw taste of coffee that tea . . . well . . . just lacks.

Carrie: Coffee does smell better for sure!

JP: Mountains. The ocean is way too unstable.

Carrie: The mountains are my happy place 🙂

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

JP: I would fly. I love heights, and am completely happy on top of a mountain in the remote woods. Seeing things from above forces you to change your perception of the world. Things that seem like big problems appear quite small from this point of view.

Carrie: that’s a great perspective on a flying superpower!

Q: Who is your favorite book character from childhood?

JP: From childhood it would be Robin Hood. I actually think that Robin influenced the course of my life, believe it or not. We have a lot of similarities (besides my last name: Robin son). 😊 I loved the honor and code of chivalry that’s commonly attributed to this outlaw. My home was a very conservative, Christian home and Robin—despite being an outlaw—was the kind of man a boy could look up to.

I lost my home as a kid, and again as a teenager, and Robin Hood also didn’t have a home. So again there was that connection.

Like Robin, I grew up to be an instinctive longbow archer, although I also shoot compound bows now.  While I didn’t understand all the political complexity that swirled around Sherwood forest (or Cymru forest in Wales as some now believe), now I thrive on exploring the historical games of light and shadow that set the stage for men and women who have carved their mark as either heroes or villains.

That all, in part, is attributed to Howard Pyle’s Robin Hood.

Carrie: i love how one book / character so influenced you from childhood to adulthood – the mark of a great book!

Q: If I asked your characters to describe YOU as an author, what would they say?

JP: Now that’s a good question. You’re putting me on the spot here!

I typically write books with large casts, so there would definitely be a lot of debate between my characters BUT I’ll pick out a few of the major ones.

Well, Malcolm and Leila (stars of the Northshire Heritage series) would describe me as giving them a lot of latitude to make their own choices and mistakes while insisting they become better people . . . so demanding in a good sense.

Marie-Antoinette (vivacious queen of Bride Tree) would probably accuse me of having been in contact with too many political/leadership figures in the real world, while Viviane (her lady-in-waiting) would say I need a lesson in the 19th century female mind!

All things said, my characters would agree that I make their lives full of drama but that I ultimately keep their best interests in mind.

Carrie: haha sorry for putting you on the spot 🙂 But it sounds like you & your characters have a good relationship.

Q: Which of your main characters is most like you?

JP: Oh boy . . .  I’m going to have to call on a few characters here.

On the protagonist side, I think Malcolm from the Northshire Heritage trilogy is most like me. His “goods and bads” as well as some of his life experiences mirror my own to a certain extent. Although I became a Christian as a child, I see myself in Malcolm in that we are all prodigals who have to find our way back to our Father—regardless of whether we’ve grown up in church or on the streets.

On the “bad guy” side, both Werner Jaeger and Elsbeth S. are extrapolations of what I might have been—were it not for Grace. 😊 Werner has this smooth, self-control that allows him to have a final dinner with the woman he has just poisoned as he patiently waits for her to divulge the information he desperately needs.

Elsbeth is this no-nonsense patriot who is willing to bring down anyone who threatens the security of her country. Her diabolical genius was extremely enjoyable to write. My editor told me she’s so glad I’m on the right side of the law because of my understanding of the dark side of the human mind!

Just as a side note, I modeled Leila (the heroine of Northshire) after my wife whose lioness personality comes through when Leila’s child is abducted. As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed creating this cast.

Carrie: it definitely shows! And that makes them enjoyable for readers too.

Q: Some authors like to hide little things in their stories. Is there anything you have hidden in the Northshire Heritage series?

JP: I have hidden many aspects of my life or my family’s life in the Northshire Heritage series. For example, my sister’s 7 month old child died in the hospital on Father’s Day in her arms. Her husband is a pastor and they both had publicly testified to the doctors that God would save their child’s life.

When Elisha died— on Father’s Day no less—their world was totally shaken. But somehow their faith stood firm. They were shattered, not only emotionally from losing their child, but it seemed like their testimony had been flung back in their face.

But, in truth it wasn’t. I think the greatest proof of faith is when we pray, testify about our faith in the face of criticism, and then, even if our prayers are not granted, we still believe God’s promise.

I admired their stand so much that I wove it into In the Shadow of Your Wings where Eleanor loses her child but still clings to her faith.

There are a lot of other aspects of life that have helped me create realistic scenarios. I like to say, if you want to know my family’s life story, read Northshire.

Carrie: those ‘crises of belief’ moments in our walk with Jesus are always defining touchstones that we can look back on years later as significant in our growth, aren’t they?

Q: What is something God taught you while you wrote the Northshire Heritage series?

JP: How much it cost Him to make a way for us to come home. This entire series was sparked by a desire to reconcile God the Father that expelled His children from Eden and God the Father as spoken of in the Prodigal Son parable who welcomed His wayward child back home.

I believe both are aspects of the same Person and wanted to explore that shift from condemnation to redemption. And so I wrote a 300,000 word historical suspense series that’s earned some solid acclaim even by secular reviewers.

As I wrote the scene where Malcolm comes home (In the Midst of the Flames) I had to step away from my computer and just cry for a while as I understood afresh the power and beauty of what it cost God to bring me home.

Carrie: Our pastor said this past Sunday that an upward look (at Jesus & what He’s done) will always lead to an internal look – an awareness of our sin & His grace. Your experience writing this series sounds like a perfect example of this!

Q: What is one of your favorite quotes from the Northshire Heritage series & why do you love it?

JP: There were a lot of times I learned from my characters and their quotes inspired me. But the best one came from Leila in the epilogue of In the Dead of the Night. She said,

“In the dead of the night, we are the sparks of light that defy the darkness. As long as our faith endures, we will shine on. No matter what tomorrow brings.”

I think that just sums it up right there.

Carrie: Amen.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

JP: Thanks for having me. Right now I’ve got several projects lined up. On the front burner is a WW2 story centering around a Black classical pianist in Nazi Germany. It’s a multigenerational plot that I’m so excited to get into.

I’m also working on a more contemporary suspense novel that I can’t say too much about. Not yet. BUT . . . I’ll leak some information here and then on social media (@JPRobinsonBooks) though so I hope you’ll connect with me there.

JP Robinson

JP Robinson is an award-winning author of historical/political suspense, a full-time minister, and the president of Lancaster Christian Writers Association. With a tagline of “Unforgettable drama, Undeniable Truth, ” JP’s high-adrenaline novels often mesh real-world marriage and parenting scenarios with vivid fiction. His books have been praised by industry leaders such as Publishers Weekly.

JP often speaks to writers and church groups within the United States and internationally. He has been happily married for over fifteen years to his high school sweetheart.

CONNECT WITH JP: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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What about you? What makes you want to read the Northshire Heritage series by JP Robinson?

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