Top Ten Tuesday: Upcoming Books That Have My Attention From The Cover Or Title

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday was a fun one for me – upcoming books that have my attention from the cover or title. Confession: I couldn’t decide between featuring covers or titles so I’m doing both haha. What tends to grab your attention more – covers or titles? For me, I think it’s a pretty even match, though perhaps covers just slightly edge out titles for most books I’ve randomly bought or marked ‘to read’ based solely on that information.

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books with titles that grabbed my attention

A Psalm of Storms and Silence by Roseanne A. Brown*
The Dangers of an Ordinary Night by Lynne Reeves*
The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections by Eva Jurczyk*
The Finder of Forgotten Things by Sarah Loudin Thomas
Husband Auditions by Angela Ruth Strong
Last Dance on the Starlight Pier by Sarah Bird*
Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson
The Slow March of Light by Heather B. Moore
Until Leaves Fall in Paris by Sarah Sundin

*starred titles are general market books & I have no knowledge of their content rating

books with covers that grabbed my attention




a book with both cover AND title
that grabbed my attention

Once Upon a Wardrobe by Patti Callahan

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What about you? What are some upcoming books that have your attention from the cover or title? Which tends to grab your interest more – covers or titles?

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51 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Upcoming Books That Have My Attention From The Cover Or Title

  1. Winnie Thomas

    Lovely covers and titles! One of my favorite covers is Esther Hatch’s A Proper Scoundrel, for obvious reasons! Cue the fans and fainting couch!

    Thanks for the fun post, my dear BFFFC!!

  2. Paula Shreckhise

    Definitely Mistletoe Countess, which I have read and LOVED!
    A Midnight Dance looks so Pretty!
    Sarah Sundin and Paris? YES!
    Out today is Amanda Dykes: Yours is the Night. The cover is Soooo pretty!

  3. Victoria Cheslik

    Due to eyesight being limited till continued testing completed, I only manage to read your blog comments & make list of books to read when able. I love your blog & find it very informative. Thank you.

  4. Debra J Pruss

    Cover’s catch my attention the most. I am looking forward to Once Upon a Wardrobe by Patti Callahan. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you.

  5. Janice L Moore

    I want to read The Mistletoe Countess because of the author who wrote it, Pepper Basham, and also because you liked it so well, too!

  6. Brenda Murphree

    The cover of a book is the first thing that catches my eye. If I don’t like the cover at all most of the time I won’t pick it up. Now I buy my favorite authors regardless but it’s funny that I always think their covers are beautiful.

  7. Megan

    The Mistletoe Countess is at the top of my list, and I love Lindsay Harrel’s Port Willis novellas so much!

  8. Victoria Cheslik

    I’m changing my selection to only MezCarrie’s comments, being I don’t have time for others’ comments.

  9. Perrianne Askew

    Joanna Davidson Politano is ALWAYS a favorite! I got to early read The Mistletoe Countess and it is swoooooony! Lindsay Harrel is always a good Christmas choice. Patti Callahan’s really gets my attention but I don’t think I’ve ever read one of her novels. Covers always grab my attention, so I love the novella collection, too. Oh good grief, just add them all to my list! Why not?

  10. Faith Creech

    A Midnight Dance and All That is Secret look like books that I would love to read! Thanks for featuring them!

  11. Phyllis

    I reordered Once Upon a Wardrobe in hardcover !! For me that’s amazing since I mainly stick to ebooks nowadays…(so hubby doesn’t have to find a place for it😬 but…I love the cover and love her poetic writing.

    I have been watching Joanna Politano’s releases for a long time and the book blurb sounds great!

    I ave watched some live events that Heather B Moore has had about The Slow March to Light. I lived in Germany in the late 60s so I really want to read it!

    I have an ARC of Pepper Basham’s Mistletoe Countess. She is a must read always and forever! It will be my first Christmas read for sure!! I just can’t get into the mood when it is 105 outside!

    I love book covers, so they do influence me, then the author, then the storyline. We have so many wonderful CF authors!!

  12. Pretty sure it’s always the cover that first catches my eye. Although Melissa’s upcoming “Meet me in the Margins” IS pretty cuuute! 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland last week, Carrie.

  13. Connie Porter Saunders

    I think In Search of a Prince is a gorgeous cover, and I also love The Mistletoe Countess and Once Upon a Wardrobe. Covers do have a big influence, but favorite authors certainly get my attention first. Thaks for all of the great book suggestions but do you gave suggestions for increasing my reading time, for me to find the time to read them all?!?!

    • LOL read every time you’re not doing something else that requires your undivided attention – in line at the grocery store, at stoplights, etc. lol

  14. Becky D

    Such fantastic covers!!! They’re really putting me in the mood for fall/winter & Christmas music. Ooo-la-la!!! 😍🥰🎶📚🍁❄

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