First Line Friday (and a Giveaway!): In Pieces

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Happy Friday & welcome to the First Line Friday link-up! Without further ado… it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. Today, I’m featuring the first line of In Pieces by Rhonda Ortiz, currently on tour with JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC (the company I own with my book sisters).

and the first line is…

Molly Chase should have been in church.


Certain things ruin a girl’s reputation, and madness is one.

BOSTON, 1793—Beautiful and artistic, the only daughter of a prominent merchant, Molly Chase cannot help but attract the notice of Federalist Boston—especially its men. But she carries a painful secret: her father committed suicide and she found his body. Now nightmares plague her day and night, addling her mind and rendering her senseless. Molly needs a home, a nurse, and time to grieve and to find new purpose in life. But when she moves in with her friends, the Robbs, spiteful society gossips assume the worst. And when an imprudent decision leads to public scandal, Molly is tempted to take the easy way out: a marriage of convenience.

Merchant sailor Josiah Robb is as familiar to Molly as a brother—as dear and as exasperating. Yet she is no sister to him. He hopes to marry her before anyone else does, but sailing the high seas leaves no time for convincing Molly that he is more than her teasing childhood friend. Josiah wants a new job and a fresh start, and when he agrees to carry a confidential letter to President Washington, his life is forever changed.

In the wake of tragedy, these longtime friends discover a new intimacy. But slander, confusion, absence, and a wealthy, conniving bully stand between them. And with French spies on the loose, they not only have to rescue their reputations—they have to protect their lives.

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27 responses to “First Line Friday (and a Giveaway!): In Pieces

  1. Gloria A

    “Home.” The moment Lindy Carmichael turned down Apple Orchard Lane in Wenatchee, Washington, she released a deep sigh.
    Dear Santa by Debbie Macomber

  2. Jeanne Schutts

    “Go on.” I stopped pacing and stood in front of him with my arms crossed, tapping my right foot to exaggerate just how aggravated I’d become.
    Jackets, Jack-O-Lantern, & Justice by Tonya Kappes

  3. John Smith

    Molly Chase sounds like she’s been through a lot! The historical setting sounds like it adds a lot to the story!

  4. Denise Turner

    Dear Enemy by Jean Webster
    “Stonegate, Worcester, Massachusetts December 27.
    Dear Judy,
    Your letter is here.”

  5. Kendra Muonio

    The first line in the book catching mr.right by carol Ross is “Seth offered to take us fishing.Is that okay”

    • Hey, Kym! Fun fact: the pencil-and-watercolor was a commissioned piece, and the artist is the teenage daughter of bestselling author Roseanna White. Isn’t that cool? I think she did a wonderful job.

  6. Paula Shreckhise

    My first line is from A Deep Divide by Kim Woodhouse:
    The sugary sweet cherry flavor burst on Emma Grace McMurray’s tongue and made her mouth water.

  7. This is a pretty cover! I’m reading The Mobster’s Daughter by Rachel Scott McDaniel: “September 28, 1923, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Snapping wind yanked at the letter in my hand, and my fingers tightened, the crisp edge biting into my palm.” Happy Weekend!

  8. Perrianne Askew

    Edwynn MaCallan poised his scalpel over the beating heart. The Ice Swan by J’Nell Ciesielski.

  9. Debra J Pruss

    I stared out the window, my stomach churning with remorse as I gazed upon what was undoubtedly the worst financial decision I’d ever made. Murder at the Beacon Bakeshop written by Darci Hannah.

  10. Caryl Kane

    Cavendish Square, London
    October 1818

    Julia Hale lifted a weary hand and rapped on the yellow painted door. The Making of Mrs. Hale – Carolyn Miller


    “Uriah, don’t kick your bruder,” Anna said, not really believing Uriah would stop, but knowing it was her duty as the big sister to at least attempt to make her bruderen behave.” First Christmas on Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand

  12. Alison Boss

    In Pieces sounds like a great book, with romance and intriguing twists. I love reading historical fiction! Thanks for featuring this book, Carrie! I always enjoy hearing about new books and authors.

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