It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Reads) GIVEAWAY: All The Moore

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today’s book: All The Moore

It may not be winter yet, but it’s time for our annual blog series spotlighting (over 60 this year) new and recently-released Christmas reads! This is our largest year yet, with the most authors & books, and we’re back with an all-new look, too.

Christmas is still 39 days away, though, so… snuggle in, grab your fave hot beverage and comfiest blanket, turn on some Christmas tunes and start your bookish Christmas list! Oh… and did I mention there are GIVEAWAYS with EACH POST in this series??!! (Because authors are awesome!)

Today’s featured book first appeared in the Something Borrowed: Christmas Weddings Collection, and author Toni Shiloh shares an excerpt from the story!

ALL THE MOORE by Toni Shiloh
SERIES: Something Borrowed Collection #2
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: November 2, 2021
PAGES: 137

Leilah Anderson has been living behind the screen to hide her disability. Everything she does can be done from the safety of her home in a remote setting. When she starts a friendship online, she never thought they’d see each other face-to-face.

Reggie Moore can’t believe he gets the chance to finally meet his online friend and fellow gamer, Leilah. Yet she seems happy with the distance between them. When a job promotion comes with an opportunity to close the distance, Reggie takes it as a yes from God.

All the Moore is book two in the Something Borrowed collection.


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A chime sounded on her cell phone. Not a text or Facebook message, but one from the gamer app she used to communicate with the friends she’d met online playing video games.

AllTheMoore: Hey, Professor. How goes it?

ProfHotWheels: Not bad. Just found out I’ll be traveling soon to visit my girlfriends. I haven’t seen them in a while so I’m excited about that.

AllTheMoore: Nice! Where you going? Some ol’ ladies convention?

ProfHotWheels: HaHa! I’m a year younger than you. We’re getting together to go wedding dress shopping. My bff just got engaged.

AllTheMoore: Yeah that sounds like something girls would do. Where you headed?

ProfHotWheels: Denver

AllTheMoore: No joke? I live in Denver.

She stared at his message. Reggie lived in Denver? How had she not known that? In all their chats back and forth, she couldn’t remember a conversation about where they lived. But they’d had to have discussed it, right? She’d been chatting with Reggie Moore for a year now. They didn’t go a single day without messaging one another. Reggie was almost a better friend than those who lived in the same city she did.

AllTheMoore: You still there?

ProfHotWheels: Yes. I was just trying to remember if you’ve ever mentioned that before.

AllTheMoore: Maybe a month after we started chatting. Remember, you said you went to school there but live in NOLA now.

Huh, she had forgotten.

ProfHotWheels: Good memory.

AllTheMoore: I remember everything you tell me. We should get together and have lunch while you’re here.

Leilah stared down at her useless legs. She hadn’t told Reggie about being in a wheelchair. When he’d asked about her gamertag, she’d told him she was a teacher for young boys, hence the Hot Wheels reference. But in reality, the name was a nod to her handicap.

If she agreed to meet him, she’d have to roll up and introduce herself. Not that she was ashamed or anything. She just didn’t want his first impression of her to be clouded by her disability. She wanted him to see her.

AllTheMoore: It’s okay. I understand if you don’t want to. I mean, I am a stranger after all. We’ve never met face to face.

ProfHotWheels: It’s not that, Reggie. I’m just not sure how much of my time will be spent with my friends.

AllTheMoore: It doesn’t have to be a long lunch. It could even be coffee. I’d like to meet you in person if you’re willing. I can have my friends send you a background check if that would make you feel better.

That actually would, but she would feel bad for making him jump through hoops just for a lunch.

ProfHotWheels: Lunch sounds good. I’ll send you more details once I have them.

AllTheMoore: Great! Just let me know where and when and I’ll be there.

Now all she had to do was figure out a way to meet him without him noticing her wheelchair. Maybe she could pull off An Affair to Remember type scenario to keep her dignity but meet the man who made her laugh on a daily basis.

“Why, Lord? Why does life have to be so difficult?”

Toni Shiloh is a wife, mom, and multi-published Christian contemporary romance author. She writes to bring God glory and to learn more about His goodness. Her novels, Grace Restored, was a 2019 Holt Medallion finalist, Risking Love a 2020 Selah Award finalist, The Truth About Fame a 2021 Holt Medallion finalist, and The Price of Dreams a 2021 Maggie Award finalist. Learn more at

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What about you? What makes you want to read All The Moore by Toni Shiloh?

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  1. Faith Marshall

    I’m interested in how the main character has a disability. A lot of us do, and yet that’s not often expressed in books, so I’m glad to see Toni Shiloh is making things a bit different. I’ve also read a book of hers before (An Unlikely Proposal), which I found fun and sweet!

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