Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): Saving Mrs. Roosevelt by Candice Sue Patterson

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SAVING MRS. ROOSEVELT by Candice Sue Patterson
Heroines of WWII
GENRE: Inspirational Historical Fiction

RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2021
PAGES: 325

The Safety of the First Lady Rests in Shirley’s Hands

Shirley Davenport is as much a patriot as her four brothers. She, too, wants to aid her country in the war efforts, but opportunities for women are limited. When her best friend Joan informs her that the Coast Guard has opened a new branch for single women, they both enlist in the SPARs, ready to help protect the home front.

Training is rigorous, and Shirley is disappointed that she and Joan are sent to separate training camps. At the end of basic training, Captain Webber commends her efforts and commissions her home to Maine under the ruse of a dishonorable discharge to help uncover a plot against the First Lady.

Shirley soon discovers nothing is as it seems. Who can she trust? Why do the people she loves want to harm the First Lady? With the help of Captain Webber, it’s a race against time to save Mrs. Roosevelt and remain alive.

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Joan scowled. “How can I possibly regret looking my best when someone as handsome as Captain Leonard Webber is about to shake my hand and welcome me aboard?”

Shirley loved her friend like a sister despite the theatrics, but the girl was exhausting sometimes.

For the next twenty minutes, the line crept forward while Joan babbled about which position she hoped to gain and if the captain was single. “I don’t see a ring,” she whispered in Shirley’s ear.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s single or not,” Shirley hissed back. Handsome or not, his intense, serious demeanor was intimidating and borderline scary. “He’s a captain. He cannot and would not disgrace his position over a relationship with -”

“Miss?” A male voice with a rich tenor sizzled over her like sea foam left behind from a retreating wave.

Shirley turned and fell into the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. Vibrant green, like the pines that lined the shoreline, rimmed in warm brown that reminded her of –

“Your name?”

His lips were working but her brain wasn’t. A jab to her spine jumpstarted her synapses and she managed an “um.”

Joan snickered behind her.

Mortification doused Shirley’s body. “Davenport.” She cleared her throat. “Shirley Davenport.”

Candice Sue Patterson studied at The Institute of Children’s Literature and is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She lives in Indiana with her husband and three sons in a restored farmhouse overtaken by books. When she’s not tending to her chickens, splitting wood or decorating cakes, she’s working on a new story. Candice writes Modern Vintage Romance–where the past and present collide with faith. For more on Candice and her books, visit

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What about you? What makes you want to read Saving Mrs. Roosevelt by Candice Sue Patterson?

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