Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): The Sherwood Proof by Kristee Ravan

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The Sherwood Proof, on tour with Prism Book Tours

The Lily Sparrow Chronicles #3
GENRE: Middle Grade Fantasy / Fairy Tale
RELEASE DATE: November 23, 2021
PAGES: 569

Lily Sparrow has finally created an equation for being a good princess. Things are adding up and making sense, and she’s even growing a measurable amount more excited about her future. But unexpected variables keep being tossed into her equation:

1. Carole Claus is facing her first hurdle as Santa. She needs Lily’s help.
2. Lily’s Half-Birthday–an important Smythian tradition–is coming up, requiring her to find time to prepare for it.
3. Her algebra teacher has an unusual (and stressful plan) for Lily.
4. Lily remains convinced that her mom is hiding something from her.
5. The investigation into the traitor is an on-going source of stress and tension at work for Lily and Calo.
6. Oh, and Calo’s still betrothed to Su’Sauna, making life difficult and confusing all around.

Will Lily be able to place these variables securely in her equation? Will the Sparrow family find a way to convince their critics they are good for the Kingdom? Or will everything fall apart–subtracting all the good will Lily has already earned from her citizens?


“I made dinner!” Mom squealed as I came into the dining room after finishing my lessons with Miss Reed.

“Great. Did you, uh, it’s not cookies, is it?”

Mom laughed. “No! Carole and your father helped me find some recipes I could make.” She squeezed Dad’s hand.

He smiled at her and rubbed her arm lovingly.

I joined them at the table. “Cool. So what are we having?”

“It’s a meal made by a busy mom on the go,” Dad answered. “Carole came up with the theme. She’s really got a gift for marketing. I can’t wait to see how she develops the Santa brand.”

Mom nodded. “She was super helpful. She pointed out that since I am so busy, I could appeal to my fans who don’t have time to cook an elaborate Lubcker type meal. So we came up with this.” She rang the bell and Peridiom, Beryl, and Carey brought in three covered dishes.

Peridiom put his dish on the table and removed the silver cover with a flourish.

“So Easy Salad!” Mom announced.

Beryl placed her dish and removed the cover.

“Simple Cinnamon Toast!” Mom’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

Carey put his dish down also.

“And Fabulous Fruit Medley!” Mom clapped as Carey took the lid off his dish.

“Wow.” I didn’t know what to say. Nothing was burned, but other than the cinnamon toast, it wasn’t exactly cooked either.

“Your father pointed out I actually make quite good cinnamon toast, so we started there. Cinnamon toast isn’t exactly the healthiest thing, so Carole thought, let’s come up with a meal a busy mom could make on a night when she doesn’t have time to make something healthier. It’s not for every day, just those days when you have deadlines and meetings and—”

“Lubcker can’t cook for you.”

Mom frowned at me. “Ha, ha. So the salad is just a bag of salad mix, but we jazzed it up by adding some grapes and cherry tomatoes.”

I looked at the salad bowl. “There are grapes in the salad?”

Dad nodded. “And walnuts. You forgot to say walnuts, Gin.”

“Oh right.” She sighed. “I’m never going to remember all this.”

“You will,” Dad encouraged. “We’ll practice it some more after dinner. You’ll get it.”

“But we’re supposed to go dancing tonight,” she whined. “We go dancing every Thursday night. You love going dancing.”

“This is more important, sweetheart. I’m happy to help you.”

She smiled and turned back to me. “And for the fruit medley, you just dump several kinds of frozen fruit in a bowl together and tell your kids it’s a frozen treat. See? Super easy meal!”

“I think meal might be stretching it,” I mumbled.

“Lily,” Dad warned.


Mom’s face fell. “Like I said, it’s not for every day. Just the really busy ones,” she mumbled.

Her quiet, disappointed tone added guilt to my equation. “It’s great, Mom. Really.” I forced some cheer into my voice. “The theme adds a nice touch and makes it more personal. And,” I reached for my favorite breakfast food. “You do make really good cinnamon toast.”

“Thank you, Lily.” She smiled and passed me the walnut-grape salad.

Excerpted from The Sherwood Proof by Kristee Ravan, Copyright © 2021 by Kristee Ravan. Published by Kristee Ravan.

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Kristee Ravan lives in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter, and pet fish, Val (short for Valentine). She wanted to be many things as she grew up including a general, an artist, and an architect. But she never bothered to say, “I want to be a writer when I grow up.” She was always writing stories and thought of herself as a writer anyway. She sent her first story to a publisher in the sixth grade. (It was rejected – in a nice way.) When she is not making up stories in her head, she enjoys reading, juggling, green smoothies, playing dollhouse with her daughter, and hearing from her fans. You can contact Kristee at the Facebook page for her Lily Sparrow books: The Lily Sparrow Chronicles.

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