It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Reads) GIVEAWAY: All I Want

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today’s book: All I Want

Happy Tuesday! Even though Christmas is over, I still think it counts until New Year’s Day, so I am continuing our annual blog series spotlighting (over 60 this year) new and recently-released Christmas reads! So… snuggle in, grab your fave hot beverage and comfiest blanket, turn on some Christmas tunes if you aren’t sick of them yet and continue your bookish Christmas list! Oh… and did I mention there are GIVEAWAYS with EACH POST in this series??!! (Because authors are awesome!)

Today’s first featured book is an adorable romance between a single dad & the woman decorating his home for Christmas, plus author Toni Shiloh shares an excerpt!

ALL I WANT by Toni Shiloh
SERIES: Lewis Family #2
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: April 13, 2021
PAGES: 144


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Bishop Allen wiped his brow with the back of his hand and tugged on his tie with the other as he walked down the hall to the next lead designer’s office. Ned had already given him a tour of the place and Bishop knew where everyone’s office was situated.

But he hadn’t been prepared for the force that was Angel Lewis. She reminded him too much of his daughter’s mother. Gorgeous. Vivacious. And probably a high-maintenance, self-absorbed woman. His lips twisted. He’d had enough of those types to last him a lifetime.

Women like that were why he was a single father. Not that he would trade his life with his daughter. But the times she desperately needed a woman’s touch made him all the angrier with women like Ms. Lewis.

He rapped his knuckles on the closed door of the next employee. He needed to push Ms. Lewis from his brain. If he had his way, Bishop wouldn’t have to deal with her again. Wouldn’t have to see how beautiful she was. How the amber color of her skin reminded him of the cat figurine in his office. Or those luminous dark eyes that stared straight into his soul.

“Come in.”

He walked in and introduced himself to the next associate. As he went to each office, his morning became a series of repetition. Introducing himself, asking the same questions, and gathering insights by the way all the employees interacted with him. By the last meeting, Bishop pretty much had it figured out.

Jake O’Shaughnessy was up to something. Bishop didn’t know if the man worked in cahoots with another associate, or if he was simply pilfering from the business. His constant shiftiness and refusal to look Bishop straight in the eyes told him all he needed to know. Jake was the reason Divine Designs was suffering.

Bishop headed to Ned’s office. They had met at a church Bible study and quickly struck up a friendship. When Ned had mentioned the trouble his company was going through, Bishop had offered his services as a friend and not a business consultant.

“Hey, Bishop.” Ned slapped him on the back. “Please tell me you can help.”

Bishop sat, perching his right ankle over his left knee as he sank back into the office chair. Ned had the best chairs out of all his employees. “I can help.”

A whoosh of air escaped his friend. “Thank goodness. Will I have to lay anyone off or is it too early to tell?”

“You’ll probably be firing Jake. I’m pretty sure he’s up to no good.”

Ned ran a hand over his brown beard. “I was afraid of that. He hasn’t been acting the same the last few weeks.”

“I’ll of course be doing some more digging and finding evidence. Right now, it’s just suspicions.”

“I appreciate that.” Ned tapped his thumbs against his desktop. “And your payment?” He visibly gulped.

“I told you. It’s free. Think of it as a perk for being a brother in Christ.”

Ned chuckled, wiping his brow. “I appreciate that. I really do. But you’ve got to let me pay you in some way.”

“I have everything I need.” His other clients paid well enough for Bishop to put his daughter in private school.

“I got it.” Ned snapped his fingers. “I’ll have one of my designers decorate your house for you. What do you say?”

Bishop froze. Ned looked like he wanted to give himself a pat on the back for coming up with such a groundbreaking idea. But all he could think about was which designer would have the least impact on his carefully ordered life.

“Angel could probably do it. She’s my best designer.”

“No.” The words tore from his throat, and Bishop sucked in a breath of air. He shuddered out an exhale as he imagined that woman in his house. “No.” Anyone but her.

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What about you? What makes you want to read All I Want by Toni Shiloh?

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