Top Ten Tuesday: Authors Outside Of My Typical Genre That I’d Like to Try

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme for the Top Ten Tuesday link-up is “Authors I Haven’t Read Yet But Want To”. (thanks, Deanna, for the idea!) It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a reader in possession of a healthy TBR list, must be in want of more time to read. And that is certainly the case with me. Oh the irony of starting a company called JustRead – to promote books – and no longer having much time to ‘just read’. lol. There have been SO MANY great authors releasing SO MANY great books in the last few years and, try as I might, I just simply can’t get to them all. Even more so if they write outside the genres I typically read. But these ten authors – even though they are outside my typical preferred genre – are authors I’d like to try sometime soon.

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I don’t typically read fiction set in the West Indies (or many other tropical locations, to be honest) but I’ve really wanted to read a book by Vanessa Riley for a long time! (She also writes Regency Romance that I’m dying to have time to try, but Island Queen is based on a real historical figure which intrigues me, so it’s likely where I’ll start with her books.)

I don’t read a lot of devotionals… I tend to go for Bible studies with homework, etc. but Rachel Dodge has written such delightful-looking books that appeal to my bookish heart so I’m definitely going to have to read all of them.

Legend-based historical fiction isn’t usually my cup of tea for some reason, but this duology by Tammy Lash has gotten so many rave reviews from some of my favorite reviewers so it’s definitely on my ‘must read soon’ list!

Like legend-based historical fiction, future-set books aren’t my typical go-to. But I adore Sara Davison from featuring her here on the blog, and I’ve heard such good things about this series … and I have the books just sitting on my shelf calling to me!

I’m not a huge fan of steampunk… or zombies … but I’ve heard that Morgan L. Busse is an AH-MAZING  author so I am going to give this new series a try! Maybe with my eyes closed… LOL… or maybe I’ll try one of her other series first 😛

Women’s fiction isn’t my typical genre (y’all know I love my KissingBooks) but I’ve been so impressed with what I know about this author and by what others are saying about her books so Robin W. Pearson is definitely on my must-read-soon list!

I just don’t read a lot of fantasy – medieval or otherwise – but after interviewing Patrick W. Carr in person I was so impressed with his heart and his thoughtfulness in writing that I can’t help but try his books!

Likewise, I don’t read much dystopian fiction but a) I find Nadine Brandes to just be super cool and adorable and b) everyone I know loves her books. She has other books that are fantasy and aren’t dystopian but since this was her first series I feel like I should start here.

I love historical fiction, but the 1920s are my least favorite era to read about. However, Rachel Scott McDaniel is the bee’s knees and I’ve heard so many rave reviews for her books, so of course I’m going to read them!

I don’t like science fiction – like, at all. But the allegory in Arena by Karen Hancock is said to be stellar, and I do love a good allegory.

What about you? Who are some authors outside your typical genre that you’d like to try? Have you read any of the authors on my list?

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10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors Outside Of My Typical Genre That I’d Like to Try

  1. I’m not normally a devotional reader either , but keep thinking I need to get back into them and I too loved the look of the Anne of Green Gables one, I brought a When the Heart Calls based on Janette Oke’s book series devotional as it was so gorgeous inside and couldn’t resist.

  2. Laura

    Some of these are already on my never ending TBR and the rest I added to it, haha! 🤣 Great recs, thank you!

  3. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    The Ann of Green Gables devotional is great. I love mine. I also have The Little Women Devotional.

  4. Debra Pruss

    I might be interested in the Anne of Green Gables devotional. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

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