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Well… here we are at my most favorite genre, my ‘comfort reads’ – the mystery & suspense category of Mid 2022 New Releases. While I maintained at least the appearance of trying to keep the contemporary & historical lists to a semblance of something manageable, I have abandoned all pretense with the Mid 2022 Mystery & Suspense New Releases (May-August).

Here is the schedule of posts for the week so you can zero in on your fave genre!

Wednesday: Contemporary Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
Thursday: Historical Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
TODAY: Mystery/Suspense (non-Amish) *I apologize that this is a day later than promised – it took me all the livelong day yesterday to put this post together and I got tired lol.
Sunday: Amish Fiction
Monday: Speculative/Youth
Tuesday: Non-Fiction

In my continued quest to streamline these posts I’m only selecting the few (hahahahaha – there is no ‘few’ about this list) that most caught my eye to spotlight here. I’ll also include links to ALL the May-August 2022 releases, each in their own list by month, not just the ones I’m featuring here on the blog. You can also keep up with 2022’s new books as I learn about them by bookmarking the ‘2022 Releases‘ page on my blog menu & checking it periodically!

Yeah. My TBR list surrenders.

spotlight on titles i’m most giddy about

(click on book title to go to its goodreads page if available)

(Steele Guardians #2)
Susan Sleeman
Edge of Your Seats, Inc. / May 1, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Susan Sleeman wrote it, so that’s good enough for me. And with a plot involving a million-dollar jewel theft that didn’t show up on the high-end security cameras that Peyton Steele just had installed … and a single dad who happens to be both a former detective and the jewelry store’s security manager …. I can’t wait to read it!

(The SNAP Agency #2)
Natalie Walters
Revell / May 3, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Natalie Walters has quickly become one of my fave romantic suspense authors, so I was already excited about reading her new one. Then, it has a purple cover (which I already established yesterday is one of my draws to a book) AND an intriguing plot. The granddaughter of a top nuclear scientist – herself an aerospace engineer – discovers that she has information that puts her life at risk. As she follows the clues her grandfather left her, her swoony neighbor (a SNAP agent & former Navy cryptographer) reveals that he’s been tasked to spy on her….

(A KC Crumb Mystery #3)
Georgiana Daniels
Cozy Cove Press / May 3, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Any blurb that starts out with “Of man buns and murder…” has my attention! A social media maven, a bakery gang of amateur sleuths, a hunky police officer, and an ex-boyfriend who is accused of murder. Sounds like a winning recipe to me!

(Bonnie & Clyde Mysteries #5)
Julie Anne Lindsey
Cozy Queen Publishing / May 10, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I love Julie Anne Lindsey’s cozy mysteries, and this series has been particularly intriguing. The fact that it’s set in small town Georgia doesn’t hurt. And this one ramps up the story’s various romances, too, from what I hear, so you know I’m happy about that (because Lindsey writes a very swoony hero!).

(Outer Banks Bookshop Mystery #1)
Alicia Bessette
Berkley / May 10, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

The cover is what initially drew me to this new cozy mystery – it was different enough from the norm to be eyecatching and pleasingly so, at that. Then learning that it is set in the Outer Banks, with a reporter-turned-bookstore clerk-turned-amateur sleuth really grabbed my attention, as well as the fact that Callie’s mother’s infamous lighthouse death is back in the spotlight as the anniversary approaches, after another victim dies the same way. Add in a treasure hunt and this snippet from the blurb – “In Callie’s search for answers, she enlists the help of some beloved books and several new friends, including the handsome local martial arts instructor…”- and this one is at the top of my TBR list!

(Kate Hamilton Mysteries #4)
Connie Berry
Crooked Lane Books / May 10, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I love this series so much! The character of Kate Hamilton is fabulous, and the writing style is warm and cozy. American antiques dealer Kate investigates a sixty-year-old murder and the long-buried secrets of a Victorian sanatorium to stop a series of present day murders that endanger the life of a friend. Yay! I can’t wait!

(The Cold War Legacy #1)
Sarah Hamaker
Seshva Press, LLC / May 15, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Ever since I first heard about this book, I’ve been eager to read it. I grew up at the height of Cold War spy shows on TV – Scarecrow & Mrs. King and MacGyver to name two. So this story about a woman befriending an elderly man who fascinates her with his stories of a dangerous life behind the Iron Curtain, and a professor trying to identify an East German traitor called ‘The Wolf’ – and how their paths cross after the elderly man’s suspicious death – has my reader heart so excited!

(A Kenni Lowry Mystery #8)
Tonya Kappes
Tonya Kappes Books / May 10, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

The Kenni Lowry Mysteries are one of my fave cozy mystery series for several reasons, but one of the big ones is that the town is based on the Kentucky town I lived in for over 30 years – and the author nails it. So I was positively gleeful when I discovered that Tonya Kappes was releasing a new one. I don’t know much about the new book yet but just the fact that there IS a new one is enough to get me excited about it!

(Barks & Beans Cafe Cozy Mystery #6)
Heather Day Gilbert
WoodHaven Press / May 24, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

How could I not be excited about a Heather Day Gilbert mystery? I love the concept of the Barks & Beans Cafe and i love the characters in this series, too. Getting to read about Thanksgiving & the coolness of an underground caverns tour while the temps soar here in Hotlanta is also very appealing, murder investigation notwithstanding haha!

(Shake Shop Mystery #2)
Dana Mentink
Poisoned Pen Press / May 24, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Like the book above, how could I not want to read a Dana Mentink book? No matter what genre she writes in, I’m a fan. I loved the first book in this series, particularly Trinidad’s Cuban grandfather, and this plot involves Papa Luis who finds a corpse in his trunk … a corpse that’s disappeared by the time Trinidad arrives to investigate!

(By the Book #1)
Tamara Berry
Poisoned Pen Press / May 24, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Did you see that cover? And the title? Do I need more reasons? Well, ok, how about the fact that it promises to be hilarious and witty while also intriguing? According to the blurb, it features a thriller writer who knows way more than anyone should about death and dismemberment, her young daughter who’s more intrigued by dead bodies than she probably should be, an isolated cabin in the woods that’s probably―definitely―hiding something, and a tiny mountain town that seems less than troubled by a sudden abundance of murders.

(Inspirational Mountain Rescue Collection)
Geri Krotow
Love Inspired Suspense / May 24, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Plane crash survivors stranded in a mountain wilderness. One is a treasure hunter on a secret assignment – find a wrecked WWII B-17 and recover the artifacts inside. Another is searching for the same plane. These are all the perfect elements for a romantic suspense that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, and I’m eager to try this new-to-inspirational-fiction author too!

(Inspirational Mountain Rescue Collection)
Cathy McDavid
Love Inspired Suspense / May 24, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I’ve really enjoyed the Harlequin Heartwarming books I’ve read by this author, so I’m looking forward to reading her Love Inspired Suspense title too! The plot sounds super intense – a single mom fighting to protect her son, her grandparents, and their ranch initially rejects help from the forest ranger who betrayed her … until she desperately needs his help after all. Oh the romance potential!!

(Boulder Creek Ranch #2)
Hope White
Love Inspired Suspense / May 24, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

The plot for this one really intrigues me, plus I’m a sucker for a precocious dog in real life or in fiction so I can’t wait to meet Oscar, the search and rescue dog. When Oscar and his human Rose try to rescue a wounded army veteran, bullets start flying!

(Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit #3)
Laura Scott
Love Inspired Suspense / May 24, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Two reasons right off: 1) Laura Scott wrote it and 2) it’s part of a continuing K-9 series. An officer and his K-9 partner let a fugitive get away to save the woman he was trying to kidnap, but then the fugitive keeps trying to kidnap the same woman so of course swoony Officer Chris has to keep a close eye on her and voila! Kisses! 😀

(The Sweetbrier Inn Mysteries #1)
Jan Drexler
Sweet Wings Press / May 25, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I love Jan Drexler, and I’m super excited that she is jumping into the cozy mystery genre now! That adorable cover makes me even more eager to read it – and this snippet from the blurb does, too – “Emma Blackwood’s favorite pastime is solving literary murder mysteries…until the body in her living room makes everything a little too real.” Ahhhhhh a cozy mystery fan turned amateur sleuth – she could be all of us!!

(A Domestic Diva Mystery #15)
Krista Davis
Kensington / May 31, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I really enjoy this long-running cozy mystery series, and this newest book sounds delightful! A Shakespeare play, a Queen of Cheesecake, a waterfront dinner & dessert party, an absent husband who soon becomes a murdered husband, and the Domestic Diva is on the case! Yay!

(Lighthouse Library Mystery #9)
Eva Gates
Crooked Lane Books / June 7, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

The Lighthouse Library Mystery series is another of my fave cozy mystery series, so any time a new book comes out I get excited! A library in a lighthouse? Yes please! Eva Gates (and her alter ego Vicki Delany) always writes such great stories with clever plots & witty humor, and this one has a historic house with lots of secrets – and maybe a ghost!

James R. Hannibal
Revell / June 7, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

James Hannibal’s books are always stellar, and I’m sure this new one is no exception. And check out this plot: When the Royal London Hospital orders a top neurosurgeon and workaholic to take a week off in Maui, he stumbles upon a murder and becomes obsessed with finding the killer. His efforts confound and irritate local detective Lisa Kealoha, but once they join forces, they uncover a destructive plot that runs far deeper than either of them could have imagined. Eeep! This sounds so good!!! Also doesn’t sound like poor Dr. Peter Chesterfield gets much of a week off haha

Mary Alford
Revell / June 7, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I enjoy Mary Alford’s Amish suspense novels, and I love that her new romantic suspense has nods to those roots while being distinctly unique as well. A young woman leaves the Amish & joins the local police force after her entire family is murdered, but when another murder takes place 10 years later with the same MO, she – and the handsome new police chief – work long hours to make sure the right killer is caught. In the process, they discover an unexpected connection between them and I’m dying to know what that is!!!

(Sky King Ranch #2)
Susan May Warren
Revell / June 7, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Three words: Susan. May. Warren. Ok, two more words: swoonlicious kisses. This second book in her Sky King Ranch series looks packed with action, adventure, and ROMANCE!! People taken hostage by Nigerian terrorists. A rescue mission. A fake marriage. An uncle who insists on a traditional (and real) Nigerian wedding ceremony. A fight to get out of Nigeria alive. YES PLEASE!

(Survivors’ Book Club Mystery #1)
Lynn Cahoon
Kensington / June 14, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I love Lynn Cahoon’s cozy mysteries, and I get excited every time she starts a new series (especially when she keeps writing the ones I love at the same time). The heroine in this series is a breast cancer survivor, just like the author, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Cahoon’s personal experiences shape the character of Rarity too. Add in a missing member of their survivors’ book club and I’m solidly along for this ride!

(The Quantico Files #3)
Nancy Mehl
Bethany House / June 14, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

This series is so intense and so good! I devour each book as soon as I get my hands on them and then am instantly sad that now i have to wait for the next one lol. If you like the TV show Criminal Minds you’ll love this series too!

(Elite Guardians Collection #2)
Sami A. Abrams with Lynette Eason
Sunrise Publishing / June 28, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I. Can. Not. Wait for this one! Purple cover? check. Based on Lynette Eason’s Elite Guardian series? check. Charlie loves Lizzie. Lizzie keeps him at arms’ length to protect her heart & her daughter. Charlie is seriously injured and loses the last 4 years of his memory, and Lizzie has to help him put the pieces back together while trying not to make room for him in her heart. Ahhhhhhhh this sounds amazing!

(The Beach House Mystery Series #3)
Christy Barritt
River Heights / June 28, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I’ve very much enjoyed this beach house series, and I just love the way Christy Barritt crafts a suspense novel. I love this snippet from the blurb, too – “Is the mysterious man next door a friend or a foe? Is her rental’s history just as deadly as the name suggests?”

Jessica R. Patch
Love Inspired Trade / June 28, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Jessica R. Patch is AH-MAZING at writing romantic suspense, and this one is her most suspenseful yet! Look at this snippet from the blurb & tell me you don’t get ‘this is going to be such a great book’ goosebumps – “When a cold-case serial killer returns, FBI special agent Fiona Kelly has one last chance to stop him before he claims the prize he’s always wanted—her.”

(Quantico Profilers #2)
Jessica R. Patch
Love Inspired Suspense / June 28, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Like I just said, Jessica R. Patch crafts a killer romantic suspense, and I’m such a fan that I had to include these two books back to back. A forensic artist. A dead body. A ‘diabolically clever’ serial killer. An FBI special agent. Sounds like my kind of book!!!

(Crisis Rescue Team)
Darlene L. Turner
Love Inspired Suspense / June 28, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I enjoy Darlene Turner’s romantic suspense novels, particularly the Canadian setting since it’s something different from the normal locations and we get to see a slightly different type of law enforcement. This one is about a forensic artist who is attacked and left with amnesia after interviewing a serial killer’s only survivor, and the constable who must now keep her safe and help unlock the criminal’s true identity trapped in her mind. Doesn’t that sound fabulous?!?

Sarah Hamaker
Love Inspired Suspense / June 28, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I’ve just recently discovered Sarah Hamaker’s books, and I’m very happy about it! An attorney searching for his missing sister for nine years follows a clue to Virginia and a podcaster who’s investigating the case. I love stories about true crime podcasters so I’m really looking forward to this romantic suspense!

(Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit #4)
Dana Mentink
Love Inspired Suspense / June 28, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Dana Mentink. Dana Mentink. Dana Mentink. She writes it & I’ll read it! I love her blend of humor and warmth, and her action scenes make you feel like you’re right in the middle of it all. I most love it when she writes about dogs, so her being part of the K-9 unit series is icing on the cake for me.

(Friend for Hire #2)
Laura Bradford
Berkley / July 5, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I love Laura Bradford’s books, whether she’s writing cozy mysteries or women’s fiction. I haven’t had a chance yet to read book 1 in this series but it’s nearing the top of my TBR list and this second book isn’t far behind. Isn’t that dog on the cover adorable?!?

(Rocky Mountain Courage #3)
Elizabeth Goddard
Revell / July 5, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I’ve been waiting for this book since I finished reading Deadly Target! That one kept me holding my breath & on the edge of my reading chair, and I fully expect book 3 to be the same way.

(Coastal Guardians #3)
Dani Pettrey
Bethany House / July 5, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I. Can. Not. Wait. I’ve been dying to read this one since finishing The Killing Tide and The Crushing Depths. I’ve heard that not only do we get Noah & Brooke’s love story but also Caleb & Austin’s too. And I know it will be jam packed with action and suspense and romance and heartfelt hope.

(Annie Pederson #1)
Colleen Coble
Thomas Nelson / July 12, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

What’s NOT to be excited about? A new series by Colleen Coble. A return to fan favorite Rock Harbor. A widowed single mom law enforcement agent still haunted by the disappearance of her sister 24 years ago. A dead body. A series of mysterious reports. A reunion with her first love, whose return to Rock Harbor stirs up whispers of the cold case he was linked to before he left town. Ahhhhhhhhhh i must read now!

(A Cat Latimer Mystery)
Lynn Cahoon
Independently Published / July 14, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I adore the Cat Latimer myster series so anytime a new one releases I’m happy. I love her writers’ retreats and the sometimes tongue-in-cheek look behind the scenes of an author’s life. There’s always quirky characters, and of course a dead body always turns up somewhere, poor Cat. I love the consistent side characters, as well as the new ones we meet with each new retreat.

Janice Cantore
Tyndale House / July 19, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Janice Cantore is another fave suspense author, and that cover definitely grabbed my attention! An officer involved shooting sets off riots in a troubled community. An injured, burned-out detective takes a leave of absence that’s cut short when a community activist is murdered and a fellow officer is accused. Oh, and taking the case means Danni Grace has to work closely with her ex-husband. Lots of possibilities with this one!

(Tea by the Sea Mystery #3)
Vicki Delany
Kensington / July 26, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

This is such a fun series with moments of pure hilarity amid the sleuthing and running of a charming tea room. Delany adds a TV cooking competition to the mix to stir things up and create new tension – and of course to provide an opportunity for a murder that Lily will need to investigate!

(Inspirational Mountain Rescue Collection)
Beth Carpenter
Love Inspired Suspense / July 26, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I’m such a fan of Beth Carpenter’s Harlequin Heartwarming series (in fact, she’s on my contemporary list as well) so I’m just giddy over the fact that she’s writing for Love Inspired Suspense too! An aunt and her niece become the targets of kidnappers on an Alaskan camping trip and must seek help from a wilderness recluse. I cannot wait!!

(Inspirational Mountain Rescue Collection)
Jennifer Brown
Love Inspired Suspense / July 26, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

This is a new-to-me author but how can I resist a mountain suspense story? Plus, this snippet from the blurb got my attention – “To rescue an innocent victim…They must outrun the past to survive.” Ooooo doesn’t that sound good?!?

Deena Alexander
Love Inspired Suspense / July 26, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I absolutely LOVED Alexander’s debut novel last year, so I’m very eager to get my hands on this one! And from that cover you know there will be plenty of swooning over Jack Moretta protecting that little girl!!

Michelle Aleckson
Love Inspired Suspense / July 26, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I loved getting to know Michelle Aleckson in her collaboration with Susan May Warren for the Deep Haven Collection last year, so I’m really excited to read a romantic suspense from her, that’s totally her own voice.

Tina Radcliffe
Love Inspired Suspense / July 26, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Tina Radcliffe is one of my very faves – people and authors. This is her first foray (to my knowledge) into a Love Inspired Suspense novel which makes me incredibly eager to read it! Plus the plot sounds super intense – an ‘off-grid’ CIA operative, the CIA agent sent to find her, and the enemy he inadvertently brings to her door. Ack!

(Cowboy Lawmen #6)
Virginia Vaughan
Love Inspired Suspense / July 26, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

This plot is what grabbed me – a deputy who vows to bring a serial killer to justice and solve a cold case that gets hot again when a newly discovered body is identified. And of course the sheriff will be around to keep her safe and fall in love with her 🙂

(Natchez Trace Park Rangers #4)
Patricia Bradley
Revell / August 2, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Patricia Bradley’s Natchez Trace Park Rangers series is AMAZING! I’ve loved every book, and I can hardly sit still for wanting to read this one right now. I’ve so enjoyed learning about the different roles that park rangers have, and of course I’ve loved the romance! And the suspense has been just so stellar.

(Extreme Measures #2)
Lynette Eason
Revell / August 2, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Lynette Eason is an auto-buy author for me, and each book just gets better and better. The blurb just makes me even more excited to read it – “FBI negotiator Julianna James has never lost a hostage-until now. As the death toll rises and the killer’s motive becomes clear, Julianna knows anyone she loves will caught in the crossfire. It will take all her courage, and the help of Former Army Ranger Clay Fox, to bring this negotiation to an end.”

(Steele Guardians #3)
Susan Sleeman
Edge of Your Seat Books, Inc. / August 10, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Besides the fact that Susan Sleeman wrote it (always a must read for me), the plot involves a baby being abducted from the hospital where Steele Guardians have just started providing security… and Bristol Steele makes it her personal mission to find the baby, even when that means clashing with FBI Agent Jared Wolfe. Sounds so good!

(Inspirational Cold Case Collection)
Shirley Jump
Love Inspired Suspense / August 23, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

I’ve really enjoyed the previous cold case collection books I’ve read from Love Inspired Suspense, and this one involves a podcaster dredging up the cold case of a missing teenager and a detective who disagrees with her.

(Deputies of Anderson County #1)
Sami A. Abrams
Love Inspired Suspense / August 23, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Oh my goodness, y’all. This one sounds amazing! I’m just gonna copy & paste the blurb because ahhhhhhhh – “After capturing a murder on her camera, photographer Amy Baker becomes the next target—but her identical twin is killed instead. Now on the run with her sister’s newborn, Amy has only one person to turn to—Detective Keith Young, her childhood crush. But when they discover Keith is the baby’s father, can he regain Amy’s trust to keep them safe…before the killer strikes again?

Tanya Stowe
Love Inspired Suspense / August 23, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Tanya Stowe is one of my fave romantic suspense authors, so I’m very excited that she’s got another Love Inspired Suspense coming out! A helicopter pilot witnesses a brutal murder and she’s now the target of an arms smuggling gang. She turns to her friend (and border patrol agent) to catch the ringleader but the search leads to his family…

(Lady Worthington Mysteries #1)
Vanessa Riley
Kensington / August 30, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

There aren’t many historical mysteries that feature women of color, so I’m super excited to read this new one by Vanessa Riley. It’s got some romantical possibilities, too, and it “portrays the true diversity of the Regency-era, as a widow whose skin color and notorious family history have left her with few friends she can rely on – just as the local vicar names her the prime suspect in a murder case…

(A Baker Street Mystery #1)
Valerie Burns
Kensington Cozies / August 30, 2022

Why I’m excited about this book:

Well, first, that cover! Isn’t it cute?!? Also, Valerie (VM) Burns is one of my favorite cozy mystery author, so I’m always happy when she has a new book coming out. A woman left at the altar – on a social media livestream, no less. A surprise inheritance proves an escape – along with a house, a bakery, a group of her aunt’s friends called the Baker Street Irregulars, and a 250 pound mastiff named Baby. Things seem to be looking up for Maddy… until the mayor is murdered & her print are on the weapon. Can’t wait!!!

But wait! There’s more!!!

there’s no way I could have included every mystery & suspense release for May-August (even if that list looks like i did haha), so I’ve compiled all the new releases by each separate month in these Amazon lists.

add these to your wish list

What about you? Which Mid 2022 Mystery & Suspense New Releases are you most anxious to read? What makes you excited about these books?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here OR in my amazon lists, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books LOL! Please feel free to leave your release info for Christian / clean mystery & suspense fiction (not Amish) in the comments.

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