Book Review: Kidnapped in Alaska by Beth Carpenter

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GENRE: Inspirational Romantic Suspense
PUBLISHER: Love Inspired (Inspirational Mountain Rescue Collection)
RELEASE DATE: July 19, 2022
PAGES: 207

From hiking and camping…

To hiding from kidnappers!

Alexis Mahoney is prepared for bears and bad weather on a rafting trip, not kidnappers trying to snatch her niece! Or needing to trust a wilderness recluse to keep them safe. Zeke Soto lives alone, haunted by the past. But when Alexis and Keira stumble upon his cabin, he offers protection—a dangerous move, because someone has no intention of letting the pair get off the mountain…


I have long been a fan of this author’s Northern Lights clean romance series from Harlequin Heartwarming, so when I found out she was releasing a Love Inspired romantic suspense title – also set in Alaska – I may or may not have squealed in excitement. (I totally did.) Four of my favorite things to have in a novel (Beth Carpenter’s writing, a sweet dog, romantic suspense, and Alaska), all in one place? And to top it off, the heroine is a ‘cool aunt’ like me*? YES PLEASE!

*[Slight disclaimer here. While I do, in fact, claim to be a ‘cool aunt’ and greatly enjoy hanging out with my nieces and nephews, such hanging out will never include camping or rafting or fishing – and will especially never include intentional hiking – like Alexis and Keira have set out to do. I’m all for bonding with them according to their interests, but these are interests for which I draw the line 😉 ]

While Alexis and Keira’s rafting trip (with loyal dog Poppy in tow) gets off to a great start amid breathtaking scenery and quality bonding time (that is, when the tween isn’t constantly checking to see if cell service has magically pinged through the Alaskan wilderness to her phone), it soon takes a drastic turn. The kind of drastic turn that leaves them cut off from their camp (and supplies), running for their lives, hiding under the protection of a reluctant hero, and fighting to keep Keira safe from the men who keep trying to kidnap her. That’s all, like, in the first few pages so buckle up & make sure your life jacket is securely in place because we’re in for a tense adventure!

I loved the pulse-racing suspense and the ever-present sense of danger – it kept me turning the pages as fast as possible. I loved Poppy, the sweet old dog who I wanted to hug the whole time. I loved Alexis & Keira and their aunt-niece bond. I loved the way the Alaskan wilderness became almost its own character. But ohhhhh then there’s Zeke. Gruff, reserved, wounded, gentle, swoony Zeke. This self-imposed hermit with the pain-filled eyes totally stole my heart from the moment we meet him on the pages. I could instantly tell that, despite his closed-off demeanor, he had a good heart – the kind that would willingly put himself at risk to do the right thing. The kind that does, in fact, do that very thing.

Bottom Line: Kidnapped in Alaska by Beth Carpenter was everything I hoped it would be and more! Layered characters, a vivid sense of place, and breathtaking suspense hold readers captive (no pun intended) from beginning to end. Keira is a savvy, well-adjusted twelve-year-old in spite of everything, and the author perfectly captures the nuances of that in-between age. The romance between Alexis and Zeke is the icing on the cake, and Poppy the dog steals the show! I hope this is the first of many romantic suspense offerings from Beth Carpenter, and I’ll be there for each one, along with her clean romance novels. Another great read from one of my fave authors!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4.5 stars / loved it!!

KissingBook Level: 3 / will forget to breathe on occasion

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Beth Carpenter grew up on a farm reading everything she could get her hands on, from cereal boxes to the encyclopedia. Saturday visits to the library were the highlight of her week. Due to motion sickness, she couldn’t read on the school bus so she made up her own stories instead.

She still consumes books like popcorn and loves to create happy endings for her imaginary friends. She believes dogs, books, and laughter are key to happiness. And dark chocolate. And love.

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