New Releases I’m Excited About: Late 2022 Contemporary Fiction

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Who’s ready for more great books?!?! Let’s be real – we still haven’t finished our TBR list from 2020 (even though we had all that time stuck at home), but are we still going to add more to 2022’s TBR list? Of course we are. Because we love books. And what do we always want? MORE BOOKS! Well, have I got some more books for you! Susan (and any other list makers), break out your lists and let’s dive into Late 2022 Contemporary New Releases (September-December).

Here is the schedule of posts for the week so you can zero in on your fave genre or, you know, drool with anticipation over all of them!

TODAY: Contemporary Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
Wednesday: Historical Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
Thursday: Mystery/Suspense (non-Amish)
Friday: Amish Fiction
Saturday: Speculative/Youth
Sunday: Non-Fiction – including the book I’m MOST EXCITED ABOUT this season!!!

In my continued quest to streamline these posts I’m only selecting the few* that most caught my eye to spotlight here. I’ll also include links to ALL the September-December 2022 releases, each in their own list by month, not just the ones I’m featuring here on the blog. You can also keep up with 2022’s new books as I learn about them by bookmarking the ‘2022 Releases‘ page on my blog menu & checking it periodically!

*My definition of ‘few’ will be a biiiiiig stretch today, tomorrow, and Thursday lol. Just so you’re prepared haha

spotlight on titles i’m most giddy about

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(Hometown Brothers #1)
Lee Tobin McClain
HQN Books / September 6, 2022

When Ryan Hastings first came to Teaberry Island, he was a troubled teen on his last chance. He’s returning as a renowned scientist, checking in on his widowed foster mother. But one thing hasn’t changed—Ryan’s feelings for the girl next door whom he loved…and left. Mellie Anderson has a son now, and a good life that Ryan believes he’s still too damaged to share. But he knows he can help young Alfie, who’s getting picked on at his new school. Mellie is grateful her gifted son is getting extra support, and torn about where it’s coming from. Ryan has no idea he’s Alfie’s father. No matter how valid her reasons were, could Ryan ever understand why she didn’t tell him? But in this close-knit community, friendship and forgiveness are always near at hand, and forever love might be waiting just next door.

(Love in Color #1)
Suzie Waltner
Anaiah Press / September 6, 2022

A series of heartbreaking setbacks behind her, Scarlett Sykes is now focused on creating the best life possible for her daughter. While finances are tight and Scarlett’s job isn’t ideal for a single mother, her child will always know she’s loved. Especially since Harmony’s father wanted nothing to do with them. As lead singer and the face of a successful country band, Jake Turnquist’s closest friends depend on him, but life in the spotlight is quickly losing its appeal. At a party celebrating another accomplishment, he’s stunned to discover Scarlett assisting the caterer. Almost ten years have passed, but he’s never forgotten his first love. He once gave her up to pursue his music. What will he have to surrender to win her – and Harmony – back?

(Riverbend #3)
Denise Hunter
Thomas Nelson / September 6, 2022

When a tragedy leaves a divorced couple with guardianship of their friends’ little girl, Laurel and Gavin drop everything for the sake of the child. Meanwhile, a case worker begins searching for a more suitable arrangement, and the estranged couple move into their friends’ home to provide temporary care for Emma and manage the on-property apple orchard. As they work together to comfort the grieving child and manage the busy harvest, tempers flare—as does the passion they both remember so well. But will the seeds of love, still growing inside them, thrive and flourish? Or will grief and regret strangle the feelings before they can fully blossom?

(You Are On the Air #11)
Heidi Gray McGill
Independently Published / September 7, 2022

Being a curvy girl can be a curse… Unless you find someone who values the person you are underneath. Snarky is one way to describe Ginger’s response to life, love, and loss—as in weight loss. She needs to whip up a little creativity, self-forgiveness, and reality. Reggie is one cup nerd, two cups out-of-style, and a dollop of comfortable. Add in a dash of corny, and you’ve got a heap of fun even though Ginger can’t count their time together as dates. Stir in her best friend Scott, whom Ginger’s liked since University, and you have all the makings of a recipe for confusion and potential heartbreak.

(follow-up to In Search of a Prince)
Toni Shiloh
Bethany House / September 13, 2022

As a fashion aficionado and best friend of the queen of the African island country Oloro Ilé, Iris Blakely dreams of using her talent to start a business to help citizens in impoverished areas. But when she discovers that Ekon Diallo will be her business consultant, the battle between her desires and reality begins. Ekon Diallo has lost everything: his princely title, his material possessions, his friends, and the respect of his countrymen. To pay for his actions against Oloro Ilé, he’s forced to assist the charismatic Iris Blakely–but he can’t allow his heart to distract him from regaining his status. As Iris strives to get her business off the ground while keeping her heart intact, will her dreams of happily ever after survive the challenges she faces?

(Seasons of Faith #2)
Milla Holt
Reinbox Limited / September 14, 2022

Gambling addict Kai Meland has spent the last decade fixing the life he wrecked. Still, some things are broken beyond repair. Include his marriage. His daughter’s upcoming wedding might be his last chance to show his estranged wife he’s not the same man who once crushed her heart and chose gambling over her. Lisa wants nothing to do with the man she once loved. After his addiction destroyed their family, she focused on their daughter, Eline. She wiped her tears, held her close, and met her needs. So now that Eline is about to marry, how can she want both of her parents present? As preparations begin, Lisa finds an older, wiser Kai saying all the right things, but she’s not about to fall for his charms. She’s been down that road and has the scars to show it.

(Muskoka Shores #1)
Carolyn Miller
Independently Published / September 15, 2022

Serena Williamson loves working at Muskoka Shores, the fancy resort on Lake Muskoka, and making couples dreams come true. But after returning from a celebrity wedding to find her own hopes crumbling to dust, she sets out for self-improvement, and to prove her ex was wrong. But when a misunderstanding concerning the new assistant church minister leads to more self-doubt, can she ever really trust a man again? Joel Wakefield is looking forward to a fresh start for himself and his sister in this beautiful small town beside Lake Muskoka. He hadn’t counted on meeting a curvy cutie with a gift for hospitality and a gracious heart. Can he show her that it’s what is inside that truly counts?

(Sycamore Hill #2)
Stacey Weeks
Grace and Love Publishing / September 21, 2022

Pastor Owen loves his church, but his parishioners weigh in on everything. He keeps his dating life private until his long-distance girlfriend moves back to town. The residents of Sycamore Hill don’t trust Gloria’s commitment to her faith, the town, or their pastor—who they are not keen on sharing. Owen and Gloria navigate the messy (and sometimes hilarious) muddy water of dating in the public eye, where nothing is private, and everything is up for debate.

(Pine Valley Holiday #2)
Beth Pugh
Iron Stream / September 27, 2022

As Christmas rounds the bend, Eliza Lee Elliott struggles with her grandfather’s death. Though her faith has carried her through the grief, working at the Appalachian Express has kept her sane, especially her new task of coordinating The Santa Run. Pine Valley’s oldest tradition not only serves the community, the run gives her purpose. Bennett Olsen is tired of city life. Something’s got to give, and when McCoy Railway purchases the Appalachian Express, it gives in a big way. Supervising the Kentucky acquisition is his chance to slow down and win back the attention of his boss–and father–with a job well done. When an accident threatens the Santa Run, Eliza and Bennett are pushed together at every turn, making their growing attraction impossible to ignore. As time ticks down to the event, tradition isn’t the only thing in jeopardy. Hearts are on the line, with or without a train on the tracks.

(Smoky Mountain First Responders #3)
Tanya Agler
Harlequin Heartwarming / September 27, 2022

Former pro soccer player and single mom Becks Porter finally owns her own soccer complex. But her Christmas dream becomes a blazing nightmare when the building literally goes up in flames—injuring her ex, firefighter Carlos Ramirez. Now Becks and Carlos must choose between old grudges and helping each other out. Sparks have a way of rekindling…but can two people start over without getting burned?

(The Blackwells of Eagle Springs #3)
Carol Ross
Harlequin Heartwarming / September 27, 2022

Famous equestrian Summer Davies travels to Wyoming to escape a scandal…and rescue Levi Blackwell’s rodeo. When she arrives early, the only place to stay is with the ornery—and gorgeous—cowboy. Their commitment to making the rodeo a success, and Summer’s affection for his young daughter, draws them together. When he learns about her past, will he still want her help? Or will he end up chasing her away?

Regina Rudd Merrick, Amy R. Anguish,
Sarah Anne Crouch & Heather Greer

Scrivenings Press / September 27, 2022

Spring Has Sprung by Regina Rudd Merrick Laurel Pascal is tasked with organizing her town’s beloved Daffodil Festival, but as an allergy sufferer all her life, she dreads the season from the first Daffodil bloom in the yard to the last coat of pollen on her car. Newcomer (and allergist) Dr. Owen Roswell volunteers to help. // The Missing Piece by Amy R. Anguish – Beth Norton and Tommy England grew up together with best-friend moms who had a love of quilting and a business celebrating the craft but Beth and Tommy’s friendship ended when high school did. Now Tommy is back & they’re forced to work together to stabilize the business’s finances and complete an unfinished quilt // A Sweet Dream Come True by Sarah Anne Crouch – Isaac Campbell is living his dream of running an ice cream shop but fears he won’t last past the first difficult year. Mel Wilson is a busy single mother who longs to be a chocolatier but is too afraid to turn her dreams into reality. When Mel and Isaac meet at Bestwood, Tennessee’s fall festival, it seems like divine providence. Can Mel and Isaac trust in God’s provision and make a leap of faith? // Sugar and Spice by by Heather Greer – Emeline Becker, owner of Sugar and Spice Bakery, loves New Kuchenbrünn, except for the gingerbread. As the only bakery, she supplies the annual Gingerbread Festival with the one treat she can’t stand. Things get worse when Ryker Lehmann is hired as the festival photographer. He was her secret teen crush, her sister’s boyfriend, and witness to her worst humiliation. Now, he’s back in town, determined to fix their friendship before the festival ends.

Meghann Whistler

Love Inspired / September 27, 2022

Nothing will be merry about Steve Weston’s Christmas if he doesn’t find a nanny for his newborn nephew fast. But the best choice is Chloe Richardson, the woman he pushed away years ago. He has a second chance at making the season’s joy last for a lifetime—unless he allows old wounds to separate them once more…

Betsy St. Amant

Love Inspired / September 27, 2022

Charlie Bussey is ready to fight the corporation threatening to shut down the local animal shelter—she just didn’t expect the enemy would be her former best friend, Blake Bryant. To adopt his newly discovered niece, Blake needs this property deal to succeed. But when he discovers Charlie is his niece’s child advocate, can he help his childhood crush…and gain a family for Christmas?

(K-9 Companions #10)
Lee Tobin McClain

Love Inspired / September 27, 2022

Military veteran Jason Smith came to the Colorado mountains with his support dog, Titan, looking for a fresh start. Only his new boss is Ashley Green, his former sister-in-law. Fortunately, working together with troubled kids transforms their awkwardness into camaraderie—and something deeper. But when past secrets start unraveling, can they find a way forward and make this Christmas one to remember?

(Heroes of Freedom Ridge #13)
Jessie Gussman

Independently Published / September 28, 2022

With the ink barely dry on his divorce papers, Chris Tooley isn’t sure what God has in store for him, but he knows he needs help with his six small kids. So, on the recommendation of a friend, he hires a nanny. Gretchen Mavis invested everything in her day care business and lost it all when the building burned down and the landlord had no insurance. She’s willing to take any job she can get. Six kids yearning to be loved, an auction barn, a small herd of dairy goats and a cozy town full of kind-hearted family and friends who have faith that, with enough cake, kisses and Christmas, there’s a happily ever after in the chaos.

Oh my word, y’all. That’s JUST September. Our TBR lists are in trouble 😉

Lauren K. Denton

Thomas Nelson / October 4, 2022

Violet Figg and her sister Trudy have lived a quiet life in Sugar Bend, Alabama, since a night forty years ago that stole Trudy’s voice and cemented Violet’s role as her sister’s fierce and loyal protector. Eighteen-year-old Maya knows where everyone else belongs, but she’s been searching for her own place since her grandmother died seven years ago. After seeing a flyer on a gas station window for a place called Sugar Bend, Maya chooses to follow the strange pull she feels and finds herself on the doorstep of an art shop called Two Sisters. When a boat rises to the surface of Little River in the middle of the night, the present and no-longer-buried past collide, and the future becomes uncertain for Maya, Violet, and Trudy.

(Muir Harbor #2)
Melissa Tagg

Independently Published / October 4, 2022

In one evening, Indi Muir’s world falls apart. The one bright spot amid Indi’s turmoil is the shy stranger who wandered into her shop months ago and his moody but lovable sister. Professor Philip West never wanted to return to Maine . . . or his grandfather’s miserable old house. But after his mother’s death, he’s now the guardian of a teenage stepsister he barely knows—one who doesn’t want anything to do with him. As Indi confronts her past and the mysterious threat facing her family, she’s intent on helping Philip win over his sister. He just might win over Indi, too, if they can overcome old secrets and wounds, outrun rising peril . . . and take a chance on love.

(Christmas Town #7)
Tanya Agler, Leanne Bristow, Beth Carpenter,
Melinda Curtis, Cheryl Harper, Anna J. Stewart & Cari Lynn Webb

ChelseaBeth Publishing / October 11, 2022

Holly House, one of Christmas Town’s oldest homes and landmarks, needs a significant face-lift and upgrades before becoming the town’s new museum and historical preservation site. It’ll take a lot of holiday magic and special ingredients to pull off Christmas Town’s first holiday baking fundraiser competition, but residents are up to the challenge, even if it means being the target of some holiday matchmaking by the Knotty Elves. This year’s event features seven new romances mixed in with the flour, sugar, and fun of bake-off competitions. From baking prelims to the crowning of a champion baker, this collection of connected, sweet romances from Harlequin Heartwarming authors will warm your heart.

Sheila Roberts, Melissa Ferguson & Amy Clipston
Thomas Nelson / October 11, 2022

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, anything can happen. In this glittering and heartwarming collection, three of today’s bestselling sweet romance novelists offer up the gift of cheer for the winter holiday season. Curl up with your favorite holiday drink and sink into three worlds where dreams once thought long-gone are still within reach.

Katie Powner
Bethany House / October 11, 2022

After an accident brings businessman Eric Larson and eccentric Eunice Parker together, the unlikely pair spend more time with each other than they would like while facing challenges beyond what they imagined. As Eunice comes to accept her terminal illness, they both wrestle with an important question: What matters most when the end is near?

(Heroes of Freedom Ridge #14)
Liwen Y. Ho

Independently Published / October 12, 2022

Retired midwife Josephine Gilbert is all about her children and grandchildren these days. That’s why she’s moved back to Freedom to be close to her loved ones and to help with her daughter’s upcoming delivery. The last thing she expects is to fall ill and need emergency surgery. What’s worse, the person who offers to help with her recovery is none other than her ex-husband, the man who left her a single mom twenty years ago. Jack Gilbert spent the last two decades working as a medic on an oil rig, a job that provided him with the financial security he himself never had but so desperately wanted to give his family. The only downfall of that decision was losing the only woman he’s ever loved.

(Rhythms of Redemption #4)
Emily Conrad

Hope Anchor, LLC / October 17, 2022

Since his dismissal from the rock band Awestruck, former bassist and addict Matt Visser has been transformed by faith and a year of sobriety. If he can repay his parents for one last major debt from his years of irresponsible living, he can move into the future with a clear conscience. After Lina Abbey’s fiancé gambled away their wedding savings, she surrendered her hopes of a family of her own—what man could she trust enough to marry?—and moved for a fresh start in Wisconsin. She busies herself with her jobs managing Awestruck’s social media and directing Key of Hope, a non-profit funded by the band to teach music lessons to kids from low-income families. She would never hire a man with Matt’s track record as a bass guitar instructor, but Awestruck’s manager, Tim, forces her hand. In need of a job and eager to clear his debts, Matt begins work. Unable to resist a challenge, he soon adds the goal of winning the trust of his beautiful but cautious coworker.

Shelley Shepard Gray

Harlequin Heartwarming / October 25, 2022

Christmas in Colorado would be magical…if Canadian Air Force sergeant Graham Hopkins wasn’t missing home. Volunteering as a Santa Tracker with NORAD, he’s able to comfort six-year-old Will Parnell and his widowed mother, Vivian. When Graham receives a gift certificate for a stay at Vivian’s B and B, the warmth between them brightens the holiday season. Suddenly, returning to Canada isn’t as appealing. But will being together take a Christmas miracle?

(The Blackwells of Eagle Springs #4)
Cari Lynn Webb

Harlequin Heartwarming / October 25, 2022

Adele Blackwell Kane can’t seem to not get arrested. In fact, the pretty widowed mom of twin girls might be Sheriff Grady McMillan’s favorite not-quite-a-criminal. But keeping Adele out of trouble is hard work—especially when Grady wants out of Wyoming for good. When Adele decides to rescue the town from developers, Grady wonders if his quirky felon might be stealing his heart, too…

(Northern Lights #10)
Beth Carpenter

Harlequin Heartwarming / October 25, 2022

Adam Lloyd has one job: revitalize the newly acquired failing seniors’ apartment complex in picturesque Palmer, Alaska, by Thanksgiving. Falling for vivacious activities director Sunny Galloway and having his love of photography reawakened by her precocious daughter wasn’t part of his plan. His failure would mean eviction for the tight-knit residents and unemployment for Sunny. But even if he succeeds, he can’t stay in Palmer—can he?

Heidi Main

Love Inspired / October 25, 2022

What could be better than running a rustic wedding venue? Event planner Laney Taylor has it all laid out…except for the serious renovations her inherited property needs. Rancher Ethan McCaw will help—but only if she’ll nanny his toddler twins. Laney’s all about planning weddings for others and shielding her own heart, but Ethan, Zoe and Tori might be just the ones to change her mind…

Zoey Marie Jackson

Love Inspired / October 25, 2022

Swapping places with her identical twin over the holidays sounds easy enough to Chanel Houston. But playing the role is trickier than expected when it comes to maintaining frosty relations with her sister’s neighbor and nemesis—especially since he has an adorable little girl and a rowdy puppy. Ryder Frost’s supposed to be grumpy and rude…so why does Chanel find the single dad so irresistible?

(Wyoming Ranchers #3)
Jill Kemerer

Love Inspired / October 25, 2022

After gaining guardianship of his half sister, wealthy rancher Mac Tolbert hopes a part-time job during the holidays will help the grieving teenager. New coffee shop owner Bridget Renna has been on her own since sixteen and is immediately drawn to the shy orphan—and her handsome brother. But as Bridget grows closer to the siblings, will her troubled past ruin their chance at a Christmas together?

Mollie Rushmeyer

Love Inspired Trade / October 25, 2022

Hope Sparrow has mastered the art of outrunning her tragic past, learning never to stay anywhere too long and never to allow anyone control over her life again. Coming to Wanishin Falls in search of her family’s history already feels too risky. But somewhere in the towering stacks of this dusty old bookshop are the books that hold Hope’s last ties to her late mother—and to a rumored family treasure that could help her start over. Each secret she uncovers brings her closer to understanding where she came from. But the longer she stays in the quaint town, the more people find their way into the cracks in her heart. And letting them in may be the greatest risk of all…

(Sundown Valley #4)
Linda Goodnight

Love Inspired / October 25, 2022

The last person rancher Harlow Matheson expects to meet while out on horseback in a rainstorm is injured—and barely conscious—NFL star Nash Corbin. Four years ago, Nash betrayed Harlow’s family. Now she must nurse Nash back to health while concealing the truth from him—that he is the father of her son. But as the two grow close, how much longer can Harlow keep her secret?

(Heroes of Freedom Ridge #15)
Elle E. Kay

Faith Writes Publishing / October 26, 2022

Casey Crawford knows how the town of Freedom, Colorado feels about her and her family. She’s heard the whispers and knows they have no more use for her than they have for AC in December. So, when she gets trapped in a chalet in the woods with the object of her secret crush and he shows interest in her, she knows it can’t lead to happily-ever-after. He’ll eventually see that the Crawfords are nothing but trouble, and if she doesn’t get him killed first, she’ll ruin his reputation. Gage Buchanan has had his share of trouble, and isn’t looking for more, but when he offers Casey a ride home from work, someone starts shooting at them. He can’t leave a damsel in distress to her own devices, and the more time they spend together the more she finds her way into the cracks in the wall he’s built up around his heart.

(Love at Christmas Inn)
Sandra Ardoin

Corner Room Books / October 27, 2022

Seeking a peaceful week before the annual Callahan Christmas migration, Kelsey Callahan retreats to her mountain cabin in Tennessee. When a snowstorm dumps a lost love on her doorstep, Kelsey must choose between trusting in Justin’s appeal for a second chance at romance or giving in to fear and losing him forever. A humiliating mistake steered Justin Strong away from the woman his teenaged-self had planned to marry and onto the path of business success. Years later, after being rescued by her, those old feelings reawaken, and once more, he questions his past decision. But with the lure of a long-sought client, Justin is torn between redeeming his youthful business blunder and proving he’s now a man Kelsey can rely on.

(Billionaire Next Door #3)
Elizabeth Maddrey

JoNaTiMa Books / October 31, 2022

They say opposites attract—and I’m not going to disagree. In fact, I’d be doing my best to see if the attraction was mutual if not for one little thing. She’s my best friend’s little sister. And since she and her brother are close, she’s become the honorary sister for all the guys in our group. But I don’t see her as a sister. At all. She’s funny and smart. And gorgeous. But I don’t want to make it weird with the guys, so I figure I’m going to leave it be. And if enlisting her help to plan a fundraiser for my job is a convenient excuse to spend time alone with her? So what? The only person I’m hurting is me.

(Smoky Mountain Romance #6)
Andrea Byrd

Independently Published / October 31, 2022

Haunted by the emotional and physical scars born from the firestorm that ended his firefighting career, Finn Callahan has done his best to shut himself away from the outside world. But when the beautiful Serenity Akers and her curly-headed toddler walk into his life, Finn’s old need to protect begins to stir once more. With internal scars of her own, can Serenity still guide him toward the peace he so desperately craves and the One who offers it?

Shelley Shepard Gray

Hallmark Publishing / November 8, 2022

Wesley is so busy running his family’s Amish market at the holidays, he barely has time for Liesl, the young woman he’s been courting for years. When she suggests her aunt Jenny could help Wesley out, he agrees to the plan. But Liesl neglected to mention her aunt is only twenty-six years old—and as charming as she is hard-working. Jenny, still healing after a painful breakup, welcomes the distraction of working at the market. She soon realizes Wesley is everything she ever dreamed a man could be. But how can Jenny even think about romance with the man Liesl expects to marry? But Liesl’s own feelings are more complicated than she’s willing to admit. With humor, faith, and a little help from their friends in the community, everyone might just find what their hearts are looking for this Christmas at the Amish market.

(Heroes of Freedom Ridge #16)
Mandi Blake

Independently Published / November 9, 2022

Tessa Mitchell is finally getting a chance to work at her brother’s private security firm, and after one hundred other jobs that didn’t work out, this one needs to stick. Headquarters could use a makeover anyway. Oh, and she’s working for up-tight Adam. Ruffling his meticulous feathers should be fun. Adam doesn’t need an assistant, especially not flighty Tessa. If she’d let him get a word in between her constant questions, he’d save her the trouble. She’s not meant to work in the security field. Except, Tessa is intelligent underneath all that flirty chatter, and Adam can’t focus when she’s around. The smart thing to do would be to shut down the feelings and put some space between them. Instead, they’re sent out of town for work. Together. When a snowstorm descends on their first co-assignment, will a change in the weather cause a change in their hearts?

(Muskoka Shores #2)
Carolyn Miller

Independently Published / November 10, 2022

Staci Everton is a multi-published author of historical romances, whose Christmas Eve deadline for a new book sees her leave her Chicago home to go write while staying with her grandmother in the beautiful small town of Muskoka Shores, Canada. Staci is determined to finish her manuscript, despite the small town’s Christmas charm – and Muskoka Shores most eligible bachelor. Dr. James Wells is on enforced leave from working in Africa, after nearly burning out. He’s here to spend time with family, not spend time with a workaholic whose focus on fiction is very different from the harsh realities he’s faced. But Christmas is a time of second chances, family and faith. Maybe they’ll find magic under the mistletoe, and a future after all.

Pepper Basham

Thomas Nelson / November 15, 2022

Izzy Edgewood is a wannabe bookstore owner, quote queen, and Lord of the Rings nerd who has been waiting for Prince Charming to sweep her off her sneakered feet. But it’s hard to meet people when you spend more time with fictional humans than real ones. Which is why her pragmatist cousin Josephine decides to take Izzy’s future into her own meddling hands and create an online dating profile for the hopeful romantic. To Izzy’s shock (and suspicion), Josie’s plan works. Soon, she’s dialoguing with a Hobbit-loving man named Brodie who lives in a small town an ocean away from her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But is their shared love of books, family, and correspondence enough to overcome Izzy’s fear of flying and the literal distance between them? And is a long-distance relationship even worth considering when a local author has been frequenting the library where she works and is proving to be a perfectly fine gentleman?

(Heroes of Freedom Ridge #17)
Hannah Jo Abbott

Independently Published / November 23, 2022

Felicity Keaton didn’t even bother to shed her wedding dress when she left her hometown in the rearview mirror. As if it weren’t already the worst day of her life, an accident lands her in the ER in an unknown town – where the handsome doctor is as mysterious as she is. Jude Palmer tries to keep to himself, which is easier said than done in the small town where everyone knows your business. Living in a tourist hotspot at Christmas is difficult when you would rather be in seclusion. When Felicity dives into the community in full holiday spirit, she drags Jude along with her. He’s determined not to enjoy it, but Felicity makes that nearly impossible. Jude knows if he tells her about his past, she will run again. Can Felicity convince him he’s been the hero all along?

(Stop the Wedding! #5)
Amy Vastine

Harlequin Heartwarming / November 29, 2022

Holly Hayward is shocked when she learns that her great-uncle is planning to marry Jonah Drake’s grandmother. Have they forgotten about the bitter generations-old Hayward-Drake feud? Now Holly is determined to thwart the disastrous Christmas wedding—even if it means teaming up with her nemesis, handsome and way-too-perfect Jonah. But crashing one forbidden romance might just be the beginning of a completely new one…

(Back to Adelaide Creek #2)
Virginia McCullough

Harlequin Heartwarming / November 29, 2022

Olivia Donoghue’s life has turned a corner. The radiologist’s eleven-year-old daughter is finally healthy, and she just moved to her best friend’s dreamy hometown of Adelaide Creek, Wyoming. If only her friend’s prodigal brother, Jeff Stanhope, wasn’t complicating matters. It’s clear Jeff’s kindness knows no bounds, having taken in his late roommate’s teenage son and also offering her a cabin to stay in, but Olivia’s heart is already full…and safe. Is the former rancher worth the risk?

(The Blackwells of Eagle Springs #5)
Melinda Curtis

Harlequin Heartwarming / November 29, 2022

Helen Blackwell never stopped loving horse trainer Nash…even when she divorced him. When the stoic cowboy bets the ranch on her winning a cutting horse competition—and she’s terrified to ride—she wonders if there’s any hope for them. Renewing the love between them may take more than a moment under the mistletoe. But working together could heal past hurts and give their five-year-old son his Christmas wish!

(Second Chance Blessings #1)
Jenna Mindel

Love Inspired / November 29, 2022

Bo Harris’s proposal is the last thing newly widowed Ruth Miller expects. But the marriage arrangement could be the only chance to save her family business. It’s just for one year, and the new business partners promise to keep their vows a secret. But as Bo starts falling for Ruth and her boys, will he allow their first Christmas together to be their last?

(Hope Crossing #2)
Mindy Obenhaus

Love Inspired / November 29, 2022

When single mom Annalise Grant inherits a fledgling Christmas tree farm in Texas, she vows to do whatever it takes to make it a success. But when neighbor Hawkins Prescott claims some of her trees are on his property, the only option is a partnership. As Christmas draws closer, Annalise and Hawkins find themselves growing closer as well. Could a family by Christmas become part of the deal?

Toni Shiloh

Love Inspired / November 29, 2022

Organizing her church’s Christmas Wishes program is the perfect start to Vivian Dupre’s new life—one without the shame of her recent mistakes. But as she grows closer to co-coordinator Michael Wood, she’s even more determined to keep her past hidden. Together they can give joy to their small town. But when Michael discovers her secret, will he be willing to grant Vivian’s holiday wish—forgiveness?

(K-9 Companions #11)
Belle Calhoune

Love Inspired / November 29, 2022

This needs to be the best Christmas Kit O’Malley has ever seen—because she may not be able to see another. Diagnosed with failing vision, it takes all her determination to stay focused on what makes her happy: her daughter, her service-puppy-in-training and the puppy’s trainer, Leo Duggan. But they can’t reach their Christmas joy together until Kit’s secret comes to light…

Robin Lee Hatcher

Thomas Nelson / November 29, 2022

Olivia Ward arrived in Bethlehem Springs alone—with no job, no home, and no money—after her manipulative ex-husband used his power and wealth to destroy everything. Six years later, the peaceful life she rebuilt is once again turned upside down when she learns that her fifteen-year-old daughter, Emma, will be coming to live with her. The reunion should be a dream come true, but years of deception have driven a wedge between them. And Emma seems more interested in an old diary she discovered than reconciliation with her mother.  Tyler Murphy knows what it’s like to lose everything. Propelled by his history in the foster-care system, he’s determined to root out dishonesty and protect the most vulnerable through his work as an investigator. When he’s hired to investigate Olivia Ward, though, he finds himself longing to believe she’s exactly who she appears to be, and he soon realizes that his desire to learn more about her has nothing to do with his job. But how can he pursue a relationship that began with a lie?

Vanessa Miller

Thomas Nelson / November 29, 2022

Good things never happen in November—at least not for the Reynolds women. It was the month they lost their patriarch. And the month when fourteen-year-old Trinity went missing during a tropical storm. So Hope Reynolds isn’t surprised when it becomes the month she walks in on her boyfriend kissing another woman. Or when she receives a panicked call from her mother about a mistake that could cost the family their treasured beach house. Meanwhile, Faith Reynolds-Phillips is facing her own financial struggles. She’s also looking down the barrel of divorce and raising a daughter who reminds her so much of her younger sister, Trinity, that sometimes it physically hurts. The last place Hope and Faith want to be is in Hallelujah, South Carolina, during hurricane season. Going home will force them to confront the secrets that have torn their family apart. But if they can survive another storm, they’ll have a chance to rebuild on a new foundation—the truth.

(Woodland Park Firefighters Romance #1)
Shelley Shepard Gray

Berkley / November 29, 2022

In Woodland Park, a small town nestled in the foothills of Pikes Peak, Anderson Kelly and Chelsea Davis were once the high school “it” couple—the star quarterback and the valedictorian. They broke up when Anderson joined the army and one poor decision at a fraternity party changed Chelsea’s life. Now, she works long shifts in a senior center to support her nine-year-old son, Jack. After multiple tours in Afghanistan, Anderson has changed, too—physically scarred but mentally strong—and he decides to move back to Woodland Park. Anderson and Chelsea steer clear of each other to avoid reopening old wounds, until they are forced to reconnect through the senior center. They soon discover that the love they once shared never completely vanished. But it will take a fire, a dangerous collision, and the love of one little boy to help Anderson and Chelsea see that the future they’ve always yearned for is in sight…

(Sycamore Hill #3)
Stacey Weeks

Grace and Love Publishing / December 1, 2022

The winter activities of sledding, pond skating, and skiing keep nurse practitioner Emma Powles busy in her newly established medical clinic. They also divide the town when a local boy is injured. All Nico wants is to conquer the Sycamore Slope, something Emma encourages him to attempt. But instead of battling against the grumpy old Grinch trying to ban the activities, her strongest opponent is the one person she believed would always side with her. Ben Sawyer, a local reporter, has vowed to protect the vulnerable from corrupt authorities. His nephew’s injury inflames traumatic memories and a personal bias that can’t stop the descending danger as the fight to control Sycamore Hill heats up. Battle lines are drawn, and a big city newspaper follows Ben’s coverage. However, the cost of professional success might be more than he is willing to pay. Will Emma and Ben unite the split town before an avalanche of trouble buries them?

Carmen Schober

Bethany House / December 6, 2022

Ambitious influencer Georgina Havoc and her designer beau Lance Broussard have been dubbed the the next Chip and Joanna Gaines, but their happily-ever-after falls apart when Lance blindsides her with a “pause.” The show must go on, so Georgina takes on the task of renovating a forgotten cottage in the tiny, tight-knit town of Tarragon, Tennessee on her own.
Georgina has a plan to save her relationship–and her show–but a surprise drop-in from her troubled twin sister makes things extra messy. That, and the presence of rugged ex-sniper Cassidy Stokes, who throws a wrench in all her plans. As she puts the pieces of her rippled life back together, will Georgina retreat to the familiar or embrace a new design?

(Indepedence Islands: Breaker’s Head #6)
Carolyn Miller

Celebrate Lit / December 6, 2022

Josephine Green returns to the islands in an attempt to reconcile with her family, but with a cloud over the family business, and little in the way of gardening skills, Josie’s painful past and flaky ways prove less than endearing for Greener Gardens’ hardworking crew. Stuck without any other options, Josie is forced to accept her sister’s offer of a job that takes her to Breakers Head where she encounters Aussie teacher, Lachlan Jones. Both Josephine & Lachlan discover that first impressions need not be lasting ones. But with the future of Greener Gardens looking shaky, and Josie’s faith and self-worth just as tenuous, can deepening a friendship into something more ever work? And what happens when Lachlan’s work means he has to return to Australia after Christmas? What’ll it take for two hearts to heal and make a future possible?

(Heroes of Freedom Ridge #18)
Tara Grace Ericson

Silver Fountain Press / December 7, 2022

Alexis would rather skinny dip in a snowbank than make good on the bet she lost. Ten blind dates? As though the holidays weren’t hard enough, now she has to sit at awkward Christmas parties with men who were more likely to be intimidated by her military experience than infatuated. At least her Secret Santa was keeping things interesting. K9 Specialist Jared Keen couldn’t believe his luck when he got his best friend’s name in the Secret Santa pool. After years of wishing he could tell Alexis how he felt, this is his chance to show her instead. At the same time, he just needs to convince her that their friendship can handle the pressure outside the friendzone, and pray that one of her ridiculous blind dates doesn’t derail his plan.

(Tiaras and True Love #7)
Carol Moncado

CANDID Publications / December 20, 2022

Princess Angelina Quatremaine is about to reach the age of majority which means she’ll finally have access to the property her great-grandfather left her in Sargasso. The day after her birthday ball, she finds out the other condition of the will – she has to be married by the end of the year she turns twenty-one. As the sheltered, almost-youngest princess, she doesn’t know nearly enough eligible bachelors – much less had the chance to fall in love with one in time to meet the deadline. But there was the one guy from the birthday ball… The one she’d never technically laid eyes on. Angie thought they’d had a connection, but when he disappeared before they could have their first real dance, she wondered if she’d only imagined him. When she finds his combat boots on palace grounds, can Angie use them to track down the Beau of the Ball?

(Smoky Mountain Romance #7)
Andrea Byrd

Independently Published / December 20, 2022

Rebecca Callahan has always felt like the black sheep of her family. While her siblings are all married and finding their way in the world, she continues to flounder, stuck in a job that drains her daily. When her department embarks on a retreat into nature, Rebecca finds herself at odds with the office goofball. Andrew Caplan harbors a secret that drives his childish, jesting nature. Determined to keep his coworkers at arm’s length, what will he do when he and the serious Rebecca become lost on the trail?

(Polk Island #4)
Jacquelin Thomas

Harlequin Heartwarming / December 27, 2022

Success is everything to chef Terian LaCroix—his demanding father will accept no less. And his drive to be the best meant betraying Aubrie DuGrandpre. Aubrie is stunned when unexpected circumstances push them together to open a restaurant on Polk Island…and Terian is all in. His plans are sound, but he’s just as hard to resist as he was in culinary school. Could forgiving him put love on the menu?

Gabrielle Meyer

Love Inspired / December 27, 2022

Drew Keelan is the last person Whitney Emmerson imagined would propose to her. But when their infant nephew is orphaned and the will stipulates that to adopt him they must be married, Whitney and Drew have no choice. It’s one thing to wed for custody, but do they have what it takes to make a marriage of convenience last till death do them part?

(True North Springs #2)
Allie Pleiter

Love Inspired / December 27, 2022

Kate Hoyle came to Camp True North Springs to help her grieving children heal. She definitely didn’t come here to fall in love. But camp chef Seb Costa, working through a recovery of his own, soon cooks his way into the affections of Kate’s family—especially that of her troubled son. Would risking her heart when it’s barely mended be foolish? Or will they find the happiness they all deserve?

(Cavanagh Cowboys #6)
Valerie Comer

GreenWords Media / December 27, 2022

Ryder Cavanagh yearns to be seen as more than a tagalong kid brother, so he invites his law-student buddy to assess rumors involving his stepbrothers’ uncle. Ryder doesn’t stand a chance with the suspect’s beautiful daughter, anyway. Ryder is several years younger, and then there’s the family connection. But Carey Anderson is not immune to the unassuming cowboy. She’s back in Jewel Lake to be near cousins and friends, to escape the continuing fallout of her parents’ spectacular divorce, and to daydream about Ryder. Who cares about three years age difference when they’re both in their twenties? Making the first move feels risky, but it might be worth it.

But wait! There’s more!!!

there’s no way I could have included every contemporary release for September-December, so I’ve compiled all the new releases by each separate month in these Amazon lists.

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What about you? Which Late 2022 Contemporary New Releases are you most anxious to read? What makes you excited about these books?

If you don’t see your book mentioned here OR in my amazon lists, I apologize! It’s impossible to keep up with all the books LOL! Please feel free to leave your release info for Christian / clean contemporary fiction (not mystery/suspense or Amish) in the comments.

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