First Line Friday (week 308): The Bachelor and the Bride

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Happy Friday & welcome to the First Line Friday link-up! It’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. Today, I’m featuring the first line of The Bachelor and the Bride by Sarah M. Eden – the Dread Penny Society series is so fun, and I’ve been looking forward to Barnabus’s story!

and the first line is…

London was no place for the faint of heart.


London, 1866

Dr. Barnabus Milligan has always felt called to help people, whether that means setting a broken bone or rescuing the impoverished women of London from their desperate lives on the streets as part of his work with the Dread Penny Society.

Three years ago, he helped rescue Gemma Kincaid by secretly marrying her to protect her from her family of notorious grave robbers.

But six months after Gemma and Barnabus exchanged vows, she realized her love for her new husband was unrequited. To protect her heart, she left, telling Barnabus to contact her if his feelings for her ever grew beyond a sense of duty.

When Barnabus sends a letter to Gemma inviting her to return home, she hopes to find a true connection between them. But unfortunately, he only wants her help to foil the Kincaids, who have been terrorizing the boroughs of London, eager to gain both money and power.

Heartbroken, Gemma agrees to help, but she warns Barnabus that she will not stay for long, and once she goes, he’ll never see her again.

Yet as the couple follows the clues that seem to connect the Kincaids to the Mastiff, the leader of London’s criminal network, Gemma and Barnabus realize they might make a better match than either of them suspected. Perhaps the marriage that had once saved Gemma’s life might now save Barnabus―and his lonely heart.

But before the once-confirmed bachelor can properly court his secret bride, they’ll need to evade the dangerous forces that are drawing ever closer to the hopeful lovers and the entire Dread Penny Society itself.

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8 responses to “First Line Friday (week 308): The Bachelor and the Bride

  1. Gloria A

    Southern England, 1819
    “Hunting the treasure without me?” I slammed the cellar door shut, sparing only a cursory glance at my friend and fellow artist as I pushed past him into the kitchens. “Please, Daniel, not all that again.”
    Within These Gilded Halls by Abigail Wilson

  2. I always have to run and get my Kindle for First Line Fridays! 🙂 “I was standing at the window of Poirot’s rooms looking out idly on the street below.” And this is from “The Adventure of the Western Star” by Agatha Christie. I do like Hercule Poirot!

  3. Kay Garrett

    Shipshewana, Indiana, May 17
    Rebecca Yoder checked her reflection in the ladies’ room mirror at the Shipshewana Outdoor Market – the largest outdoor market in the Midwest, if the town’s advertisement flyers were to be believed.
    AN AMISH PROPOSAL by Vannetta Chapman

  4. The Bachelor and the Bride is such a good book. I personally found it to be the best of the series (and the series has been amazing!).

    I’m finishing up In the Shadow of a Queen by Heather B. Moore. It’s a really good book!
    “The day had begun early with masses of people arriving at the Windsor Castle grounds. From [Louise’s] window’s viewpoint, the crowds extended as far as she could see.”
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Paula Shreckhise

    My first line comes from As Secret as the Night by Danielle Grandinetti:
    December 6, 1933. Chicago
    Lucia Critelli lowered her head against the bitter wind that raced the cars down the city street.

  6. I’d like to read this series. It looks so interesting. I’m currently reading An Abduction Cold Case by Connie Queen and the first line is: “Kennedy Wells slammed on the brakes of her Mini Cooper as she looked out the driver’s-side window and squinted toward the dense woods.” Happy Weekend!

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