Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Love – All About the Words

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Happy Tuesday, my friends! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is typographic book covers – covers where the design is all, or mostly, words. Or, to say it another way, the cover is all about the words. This was a more difficult topic to narrow down than I anticipated so I ended up picking mostly covers that – were the title to be removed – you would have little to no idea what the book was about. That doesn’t apply to all of the ones I chose, but it does for most of them. The words really do make the cover, in these cases below.

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The Bridge Between Us by Victoria Bylin
Contemporary Romance

Cynthia Starts a Band by Olivia Swindler
Women’s Fiction

Dead and Gondola by Ann Claire
Cozy Mystery

Edge of Dusk by Colleen Coble
Romantic Suspense

Just One Kiss by Courtney Walsh
Contemporary Romance

A Lady’s Heart of Gold by Sally Britton
Historical/Victorian Romance

Midnight at the Tuscany Hotel by James Markert
Southern Fiction

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Classic Literature

The Story of Water by Caroline Saunders
Children’s Picture Book

Sure as the Sunrise by Emily Ley

What about you? What do you love about covers that are all about the words? Which of my picks are your faves? Do you have any others you would add?

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27 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Love – All About the Words

  1. I just found some GORGEOUS covers when I inadvertently snagged a cheap book on Bookbub – Debbie Macomber Classics from Penguin!! It was actually the cover that drew me in! lol!

  2. I looked though these and picked Colleen Coble’s as the one I liked best–then realized it’s the one with an actual picture in it! Ha! Guess I still like covers with pictures.

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