Book Review: Grace Immeasurable by Gina Holder

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Shadows Over Whitman #3

GENRE: Inspirational Women’s Fiction Suspense
RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2022
PAGES: 366

She’s a modern day damsel. He’s her self-appointed knight. Who will rescue whom?

Kylie just wants to run her café without people thinking she’s a damsel in distress. That proves difficult when a man claiming to be her half-brother reveals buried family trauma and forces Kylie to face the scars of her childhood.

Peter doesn’t mean to be a knight in shining armor, but as her proverbial big brother, he decides to uncover the truth about Kylie’s semi-sibling, while trying to make peace with his own mistakes.

Unearthing the past leads to a danger greater than either ever expected. In the end, who will rescue whom?


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Friends to more? A mystery involving an old house & layers of family secrets? A quaint town in the PNW? Sign me up!!

Kylie is a character with many complex layers to her family tree that affect her decisions and motivations to succeed. A grandfather (and former governor) who made a lot of enemies in his tenure and may in fact have been a criminal, too. A mother now suffering the consequences for letting her own political aspirations cloud her good judgment. An uncle in prison for his crimes. A father who managed to do serious damage to his daughter in his short lifetime, telling her over and over that she would never be worth more than “a hill of beans”. A half-sister (through her mother) that Kylie only recently learned she had. Each of these connections has a strong role in Kylie’s personality and her development, facets which Holder explores sympathetically and with grace. And now, when Kylie’s on the brink of proving herself to the whole community, two men stand poised to send her tumbling off kilter – a young man who claims to be her father’s son (and therefore her half-brother) and her longtime best friend who may want to be more.

It’s into this interesting dynamic that readers join Grace Immeasurable and Kylie’s fledgling coffee shop, aptly named Hill O’ Beans. Her stubborn need to be seen as independent unfortunately backfires on Kylie more than once throughout this book, and readers may be frustrated with her decisions like I was. However, there is something inherently likable about our heroine, and despite any exasperation we feel toward her we are still rooting for her to accept help from the right people, guard her heart against the others, and get that boost of self-confidence she desperately needs. The suspenseful events in Grace Immeasurable – some heart-in-your-throat confrontations with sin & with evil – may be what it takes to get through to her, so we read with bated breath and with hope, trusting that the author has Kylie’s best interests at heart. Much like we trust the Author of our Faith never wastes a single thing we go through but works everything for our good.

Side note: I have not yet read the first two books in Gina Holder’s Shadows Over Whitman series, but I was able to read Grace Immeasurable as a standalone with little problems. I do think it would have served me better – as far as character development & backstory – to have read the 1st two books before reading the 3rd but overall it didn’t affect my enjoyment of this story in any major ways.

Bottom Line: Grace Immeasurable is a bit cozy mystery, a bit romantic suspense, and a bit women’s fiction, appealing to a wide variety of readers. From beginning to end, you will root for Kylie and Peter to trade their respective obsessions for the peace of Christ, to sort truth from lies, and to truly see each other. Keep your eyes out for Mr. Verne and his 5 watches, too – you’ll love him! Both the old mansion, the cabin, and the coffee shop are settings that go beyond the surface level with deeper meanings/symbolism to Kylie’s growth journey, and I enjoyed exploring those layers as I read the story. A dash of sweet friends-to-more romance tied it all up with a pretty bow, and the resolution of the suspense threads leaves readers with a satisfied feeling.

(I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book which I read via Kindle Unlimited. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4 stars / enjoyed it!

KissingBook Level: 3 / may forget to breathe on occasion

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Gina Holder is an indie author and stay-at-home mom. She’s had an infatuation with books for as long as she can remember. She loves sharing uplifting messages from God’s Word and introducing readers to new and new-to-them authors on her blog. When she’s not writing, Gina enjoys playing the piano, cooking, reading, watching Hallmark mysteries, and solving “escape room” puzzles. She’s been a member of ACFW for several years, and loves growing in her craft as an author. She published her debut novel in 2017. Gina lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter.

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