It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Reads) GIVEAWAY: Heroes of Freedom Ridge series 2022

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Heroes of Freedom Ridge series

Welcome back to our annual blog series spotlighting (over 60 again this year) new and recently-released Christmas reads!

Christmas is only 26 days away, according to Google, but of course it’s never too early for Christmas stories, and ’tis the season when I really start craving them (even more than I do the rest of the year lol), so now is the perfect time to jump right into these posts!

Continuing through just after Christmas, I’m going to spotlight several Christmasy releases from 2022. Most days will have more than one post, just FYI. So… snuggle in, grab your fave hot beverage and comfiest blanket, turn on some Christmas tunes and start your bookish Christmas list! Oh… and did I mention there are GIVEAWAYS with EACH POST in this series??!! (Because authors are awesome!)

Return to Freedom, Colorado and enjoy the faith, friendships, and forever-afters of the Heroes of Freedom Ridge series. Each book can be read as a standalone.

FAITH IN THE HERO by Jessie Gussman
Heroes of Freedom Ridge #13
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: September 28, 2022
PAGES: 178

A man with six small children and a wife who walked out.

A woman who lost everything and has no place left to go.

With the ink barely dry on his divorce papers, Chris Tooley isn’t sure what God has in store for him, but he knows he needs help with his kids. So, on the recommendation of a friend, he hires a nanny.

Gretchen Mavis invested everything in her day care business and lost it all when the building burned down and the landlord had no insurance. She’s willing to take any job she can get. Even one out in the middle of nowhere that includes six energetic kids, two even more energetic dogs and a herd of milk goats – wait. Maybe she’s not that desperate. She’s about to walk out of the interview, but there’s something in this man’s eyes that tells her he’s just looking for someone to believe in him.

Gretchen knows a good man when she sees one – one just like her dad – but will her faith be enough to convince Chris she’s more than a temporary addition to his family?

Six kids yearning to be loved, an auction barn, a small herd of dairy goats and a cozy town full of kind-hearted family and friends who have faith that, with enough cake, kisses and Christmas, there’s a happily ever after in the chaos.


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Heroes of Freedom Ridge #14
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: October 12, 2022
PAGES: 155

Two high school sweethearts. One broken marriage. And an unexpected reunion that offers the perfect opportunity for redemption.

Retired midwife Josephine Gilbert is all about her children and grandchildren these days. That’s why she’s moved back to Freedom to be close to her loved ones and to help with her daughter’s upcoming delivery. The last thing she expects is to fall ill and need emergency surgery. What’s worse, the person who offers to help with her recovery is none other than her ex-husband, the man who left her a single mom twenty years ago.

Jack Gilbert spent the last two decades working as a medic on an oil rig, a job that provided him with the financial security he himself never had but so desperately wanted to give his family. The only downfall of that decision was losing the only woman he’s ever loved. When given the chance to care for Josephine, he rushes back without a second thought. It may take a miracle though for him to convince her to accept his help.

With the support of their family, can this estranged couple let go of their past and give their love a second chance?


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Heroes of Freedom Ridge #15
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
PUBLISHER: Faith Writes Publishing
RELEASE DATE: October 26, 2022
PAGES: 209

Can a blizzard be a blessing?

Casey Crawford knows how the town of Freedom, Colorado feels about her and her family. She’s heard the whispers and knows they have no more use for her than they have for AC in December.

So, when she gets trapped in a chalet in the woods with the object of her secret crush and he shows interest in her, she knows it can’t lead to happily-ever-after. He’ll eventually see that the Crawfords are nothing but trouble, and if she doesn’t get him killed first, she’ll ruin his reputation.

Gage Buchanan has had his share of trouble, and isn’t looking for more, but when he offers Casey a ride home from work, someone starts shooting at them. He can’t leave a damsel in distress to her own devices, and the more time they spend together the more she finds her way into the cracks in the wall he’s built up around his heart.

He knows she deserves better than him, but if she keeps turning those trusting blue eyes his way, he won’t be able to keep himself from wishing they could be more than friends. In order for that to happen, he has to keep her alive and figure out why someone wants her dead. He plans to do just that. There are forces at work he can’t control, but God can, if he’ll turn to Him.


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HOPE FOR THE HERO by Mandi Blake
Heroes of Freedom Ridge #16
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: November 9, 2022
PAGES: 284

She’s his opposite, and opposites don’t attract. So why is she impossible to resist?

Tessa Mitchell is finally getting a chance to work at her brother’s private security firm, and after one hundred other jobs that didn’t work out, this one needs to stick. Headquarters could use a makeover anyway. Oh, and she’s working for up-tight Adam. Ruffling his meticulous feathers should be fun.

Adam Roberts doesn’t need an assistant, especially not flighty Tessa. If she’d let him get a word in between her constant questions, he’d save her the trouble. She’s not meant to work in the security field.

Except, Tessa is intelligent underneath all that flirty chatter, and Adam can’t focus when she’s around. The smart thing to do would be to shut down the feelings and put some space between them. Instead, they’re sent out of town for work. Together.

When a snowstorm descends on their first co-assignment, will a change in the weather cause a change in their hearts?


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RUNNING TO THE HERO by Hannah Jo Abbott
Heroes of Freedom Ridge #17
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: November 23, 2022
PAGES: 155

Spending Christmas with a reclusive grinch isn’t exactly what this runaway bride had in mind for her honeymoon.

Felicity Keaton didn’t even bother to shed her wedding dress when she left her hometown in the rearview mirror. As if it weren’t already the worst day of her life, an accident lands her in the ER in an unknown town – where the handsome doctor is as mysterious as she is.

Jude Palmer tries to keep to himself, which is easier said than done in the small town where everyone knows your business. Living in a tourist hotspot at Christmas is difficult when you would rather be in seclusion.

When Felicity dives into the community in full holiday spirit, she drags Jude along with her. He’s determined not to enjoy it, but Felicity makes that nearly impossible.

Jude knows if he tells her about his past, she will run again. Can Felicity convince him he’s been the hero all along?


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BLIND DATE WITH THE HERO by Tara Grace Ericson
Heroes of Freedom Ridge #18
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
PUBLISHER: Silver Fountain Press
RELEASE DATE: December 7, 2022
PAGES: tbd

She’s on a series of blind dates, but all she can think about is her Secret Santa…

Alexis would rather skinny dip in a snowbank than make good on the bet she lost. Ten blind dates? As though the holidays weren’t hard enough, now she has to sit at awkward Christmas parties with men who were more likely to be intimidated by her military experience than infatuated. At least her Secret Santa was keeping things interesting.

K9 Specialist Jared Keen couldn’t believe his luck when he got his best friend’s name in the Secret Santa pool. After years of wishing he could tell Alexis how he felt, this is his chance to show her instead. At the same time, he just needs to convince her that their friendship can handle the pressure outside the friendzone, and pray that one of her ridiculous blind dates doesn’t derail his plan.


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USA Today best-selling author Jessie Gussman writes sweet and inspirational romance from her farm in central Virginia. Having attended, but never graduating from the school of hard knocks, Jessie uses real life on the farm to inspire her cowboy, rural and blue-collar fiction. When she’s not chasing kids, cows and the occasional roll-away haybale, Jessie enjoys wading in Naked Creek and not cleaning her house. Most of the time her main goal is to keep from catching herself on fire…again. If you enjoy fun stories with vivid characters showcasing strong families with a ribbon of faith tying everything together, you might enjoy Jessie’s books.

USA Today bestselling author Liwen Y. Ho works as a chauffeur and referee by day (AKA a stay at home mom) and a writer by night. She creates sweet and inspirational contemporary romance infused with heart, humor, and a taste of home (her Asian roots). In her pre-author life, she received a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary, and she loves makeovers of all kinds, especially those of the heart and mind. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her techie husband and their two children (AKA munchkins).


Elle E. Kay lives on a hobby farm in Central Pennsylvania with her husband, three dogs, and many farm animals. She is a born-again Bible believing Christian. She keeps perennial gardens and enjoys the wildflowers strewn about her property. The wildlife who visit the property are a joy for her, but nothing beats the excitement of a kid being born to one of her many goats. She writes romance novellas with a touch of comedy, romantic suspense and women’s fiction. Her children’s books can be found under the name Ellie Mae Kay.

Mandi Blake was born and raised in Alabama where she lives with her husband and daughter, but her southern heart loves to travel. Reading has been her favorite hobby for as long as she can remember, but writing is her passion. She loves a good happily ever after in her sweet Christian romance books and loves to see her characters’ relationships grow closer to God and each other.


Hannah Jo Abbott has been a writer since she was ten years old. Once upon a time she was visiting a friend and the friend had written a book for a school contest. Hannah was enamored with it and couldn’t shake the idea of writing her own book. She went home that day, sat down at the computer and wrote her first book. And she’s never looked back. She’s not just a writer, but a wife, a mom of four, a homeschool teacher, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. She loves writing stories about life, love, and the grace of God. And she finds inspiration and encouragement from reading the stories others share. Hannah lives with her husband and children in Sweet Home Alabama.

Tara Grace Ericson lives in Missouri with her husband and three sons. She studied engineering and worked as an engineer for many years before embracing her creative side to become a full-time author and mom. She loves cooking, crocheting, and reading books by the dozen. She also loves a good “happily ever after” with an engaging love story. That’s why Tara focuses on writing clean contemporary romance, with an emphasis on Christian faith and living. She wants to encourage her readers with stories of men and women who live out their faith in tough situations.

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What about you? What makes you want to read the Heroes of Freedom Ridge series by these great authors?

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46 responses to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Reads) GIVEAWAY: Heroes of Freedom Ridge series 2022

  1. Kendra Muonio

    I read faith in the hero by Jessie Gussman, second chance with the hero by Liwen Y. Ho,hope for the hero by mandi blake, inspired by the hero by Elle e kay haven’t read running to the hero but would like to and I just received an advanced copy of the book blind date with the hero that I will be reading soon.i really enjoy this series

  2. Patty

    I’ve just recently started listening to some of Jessie’s books on audio, and I’ve read and enjoyed books by both Mandi and Liwen. This sounds like a fun collection.

  3. Denise Ward

    I love the Freedom Ridge series. I’m reading Inspired by the Hero by Elle E Kay right now and it’s a great read, a perfect combination of romance, faith, and suspense.

  4. Michaela

    I got started because of authors that were known to me and the first few books I read were romantic suspense genre.

  5. Eva Millien

    They all sounds like wonderful heroes that takes my breath away and I love the covers!

    Thanks for sharing them with me and have a magical holiday season!

  6. Bea LaRocca

    I want to read all of the stories from this series for many reasons, first, I love the setting, I wish that I lived in a small mountain town but alas, I must live vicariously through the stories that I read. Another reason is that I love a nice, long series with many connected stories whether the connection comes from the setting, the characters or both

  7. Christy R.

    I would like to read these books because this is my favorite genre and I like to read about heroes.

  8. Jen R

    I would love to read about the six Heroes of Freedom Ridge books based in a fictional town of my beloved Colorado with rugged and kind men.

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