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I am so delighted to chat with all four of the authors of Love Delivered today – y’all are in for a fun treat!

LOVE DELIVERED by Amy R. Anguish, Sarah Anne Crouch, Heather Greer & Rachel Herod
GENRE: Inspirational Romance collection
PUBLISHER: Scrivenings Press, LLC

RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2023
PAGES: 348

You can have anything delivered—even romance.

Romance at Register Five (Amy R Anguish) – Mack McDonald isn’t happy about the Grocerease app coming to his grocery store. But he’s committed to the sixty-day trial period, and braces himself to lose money. Kaitlyn Daniels loves how the Grocerease app helps her make ends meet so she can assist her mom, the reason she moved to small Sassafras, AR. Mack and Kaitlyn struggle to overcome differing opinions on the perks of the app. But if they don’t, it could keep them from something even better.

Where Love is Planted (Sarah Anne Crouch) – Ivy Aaronson is surrounded by family at their flower shop in West Texas-just the way she likes it. But she’s given up hope on ever finding a man who understands her choices. When attorney Grant Keller orders flowers for his mother, Ivy wonders if maybe there are indeed some considerate men left in the world until she learns Grant’s relationship with his parents is less than ideal. How can Ivy ever find love when every man she meets puts career over family?

Sweet Delivery (Heather Greer) – After winning Cake That, Will Forrester thinks his Pastry Perfect Baking Dreams have come true. The sweetness fades when a chain bakery moves to town, and Will must adjust his plans to keep his customers. Hiring Erica Gerard is one of those changes. As they work together, Erica challenges Will and offers new ideas to improve the bakery. Soon, Erica and Will start bringing out the best in each other. But Erica harbors a secret, and if it’s discovered, Will might never be the same.

The Mermaids, the Ex and USSS (Rachel Herod) – Braig Sanborn is the most loyal employee the United States Shipping Service has ever seen, which is why he agreed to transfer across the country with only a few weeks’ notice. Ella Morrison is so busy planning a friend’s wedding, she didn’t expect to fall for the carrier who delivers packages to her house. When they both find themselves in too deep, will they agree the relationship was doomed from the start?


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Top Ten Four list from the characters of Love Delivered

by the authors of Love Delivered

Today, we decided to mix things up. We’re four authors with a just-released novella collection called Love Delivered. Each story has a delivery aspect: groceries, flowers, cupcakes, and packages. So, our heroines are taking over this blog and answering some of their top items associated with those categories. See if any of theirs match yours and feel free to post some of your top answers for these categories below. We’re giving away a copy of our new collection to one reader!

<< items always on heroine’s grocery list >>

Kaitlyn Daniels from “Romance at Register Five”: chocolate, milk, coffee, fruit of some sort, bread. I tend to eat a lot of sandwiches when subbing/teaching and go through bread fast!

Ivy Aaronson from “Where Love is Planted”: I think I have a fairly typical shopping list- nothing too exotic. My problem is buying random items that aren’t on the list, usually fabric or crafting supplies. I can’t help myself sometimes!

Erica Gerard from “Sweet Delivery”: Rich, creamy dark chocolate. Only the best will do, especially when you need a quick escape from the stresses of life. Before I went to work for Will, I needed it on a daily basis.

Ella Morrison from “The Mermaids, the Ex, and USSS”: Dog food, dog treats, raw hides; my dog was missing for a while, but now that I have him back, I have to make sure he has everything he needs. Also, peanut butter. It seems like I’m always out.

<< heroine’s favorite flower >>

Kaitlyn Daniels from “Romance at Register Five”: The bright orange Easter lilies. Or maybe they’re called day lilies. Either way, they bloom around Mother’s Day and to me are a herald of the end of the school year and beginning of summer vacation!

Ivy Aaronson from “Where Love is Planted”: Picking your favorite flower is difficult when you love them all so much, but I’ve always had a thing for gerbera daisies. They’re bright and happy and so colorful!

Erica Gerard from “Sweet Delivery”: Carnations. They are no nonsense. I love their spicy fragrance, and they stay looking good for a long time. Plus, they’re feminine without being so soft and delicate.

Ella Morrison from “The Mermaids, the Ex, and USSS”: My mom always had potted forget-me-nots on our back porch. I never knew how meaningful those pots would be to me until I lost her. Now I try to keep them blooming in the spring to remind me of her, and they are definitely my all-time favorite.

<< heroine’s favorite cupcake flavor >>

Kaitlyn Daniels from “Romance at Register Five”: Anything chocolate, though if you add some coffee flavoring, I definitely won’t turn you down. I’m sort of addicted to chocolate, in case you can’t tell from my earlier shopping list. But coffee is a definitely second, and combined … mmmm. Or peanut butter. Hm. Wonder what all three together would taste like …

Ivy Aaronson from “Where Love is Planted”: Strawberry, especially if it comes with cream cheese frosting. My mom used to bake strawberry cake a lot for church potlucks when I was a girl, and it always reminds me of warm weather.

Erica Gerard from “Sweet Delivery”: I’m not answering this one. Not specifically anyway. It’s chocolate. I can tell you that much since you already know chocolate is my comfort food. I’ve found one that is truly life changing, but you’re going to have to read my story to find out more.

Ella Morrison from “The Mermaids, the Ex, and USSS”: Is yellow a flavor? For me, there’s something special and nostalgic about a yellow cupcake with chocolate icing, and it doesn’t have to be so small. A sheet or bundt cake will get the job done, too. It’s a classic!

<< most unusual delivery heroine has ever received >>

Kaitlyn Daniels from “Romance at Register Five”: Googly eyes. You may not think that sounds weird since I teach elementary school, but these weren’t the little ones. They were BIG. Like almost the size of my head. I wanted to do this cute bulletin board with the word look and use the eyes for the Os, but I could only find packages with tons of googly eyes. So, I went ahead and ordered them, used the ones I needed. And then my coworker and I randomly added them to posters and lockers and fountains and even the principal’s car for the rest of the year. I may need to order more …

Ivy Aaronson from “Where Love is Planted”: Personally or professionally? I’ve gotten lots of massive orders of fabric, flowers, all kinds of things for work. But for myself, I once bought a leg rest for airplane trips. You strap it to the food tray in front of you and stick your legs through. Online it seemed like a great idea for when I had to travel back and forth between New York and Texas. But when you’re flying coach, there’s not actually enough leg room to use it. Thankfully, I didn’t spend too much money on it!

Erica Gerard from “Sweet Delivery”: I ordered a desk organizer once. It was the cheapest put together thing I’ve ever seen. But the strange part is, it came with a phone holder. You don’t think that’s strange? What if I told you for some inexplicable reason, cheap wooden phone holder is shaped like a bunny. Seriously. It’s not just shaped like a rabbit. Its face is cut out of the wood. And there is nothing else about the organizer that is at all related to a rabbit. Makes no sense.

Ella Morrison from “The Mermaids, the Ex, and USSS”: I was so confused one day when, on the top step of my porch, I found a box of five thousand single-use disposable toothbrushes. It took me a minute to realize that it was an order for the orthodontist’s office where I work. I had put in the order myself and had accidentally written down my home address by mistake. Fortunately, the box fit into the back seat of my car so I could transfer it to the office.

Amy R Anguish grew up a preacher’s kid, and in spite of having lived in seven different states that are all south of the Mason Dixon line, she is not a football fan. Currently, she resides in Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and son, and usually a bossy cat or two. Amy has an English degree from Freed-Hardeman University that she intends to use to glorify God, and she wants her stories to show that while Christians face real struggles, it can still work out for good. Follow her at

Sarah Anne Crouch lives in Arkansas with her husband, three children, and thousands of books. She always wanted to be an author, but spent some time as a teacher, earned a degree in library science, and makes feeble attempts to corral her small children as a stay-at-home mom. Sarah loves reading books, recipes, piano music, and emails from readers. Visit Sarah at

Heather Greer is a preacher’s kid and pastor’s wife who loves using her passion for reading and writing to encourage others in their faith. She has been a finalist for the Selah awards twice. Now that three of her four kids have flown the nest, Heather enjoys more time for reading and writing and writing about reading. And when she’s not doing any of those things, you’ll probably find her in the kitchen baking for her friends and family. Visit Heather at

Rachel Herod holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education, which she put to good use for thirteen years as a public school teacher. When she isn’t writing, you can find her caring for her three cats, two kids, one husband, and volunteering as a crisis counselor for the Crisis Text Line. Visit Rachel at

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What about you? What makes you want to read Love Delivered by Amy R. Anguish, Sarah Anne Crouch, Heather Greer, and Rachel Herod? What’s your favorite thing to have delivered?

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54 responses to “Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): the authors of Love Delivered

  1. Nancy

    The Love Delivered collection by Amy R. Anguish, Sarah Anne Crouch, Heather Greer, and Rachel Herod sounds like a fun and entertaining book.

  2. Dana Boersma

    This sounds like an interesting book. I love to get yarn delivered because that means I can start a new crochet project.

    • Amy R Anguish

      Hooray for you discovering new authors! That’s always fun. And discovering four at once is like a bonus.

  3. Marti

    I read one of Amy R Anguish’s novellas, and I loved it! I crochet, so I order yarn about 3 times a year. And I also order books and clothes. Always more than I really need! 😜

    • Amy Anguish

      Aww, thanks! And hooray for another crochet and yarn lover! I understand about ordering more than needed. 😉

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