Top Ten Tuesday: Some of My Favorite Heroines

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Happy Tuesday, dear readers! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is some of our favorite heroines, and at first I was going to skip this week because I’m super busy. But then 10 heroines popped immediately to mind and I thought, well…. I guess they want me to talk about them lol. I will also preface this list by saying that this is a very small sampling of my favorite heroines. You can actually find a much more comprehensive list HERE.

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Grace percy


Meet Grace in:
The Mistletoe Countess by Pepper Basham
The Cairo Curse by Pepper Basham

How could any list of my favorite heroines be complete without Grace Percy? As I once told Pepper Basham, Grace is like a combination of Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) and Kathleen Kelly (You’ve Got Mail) and something else all her own. In short, she’s just bookishly, endearingly, completely adorable.

Brielle adebayo

Meet Bri in:
In Search of a Prince by Toni Shiloh

I loved everything about Brielle Adebayo – an “ordinary” school teacher who finds out she’s really a princess and must get married quickly – before her ailing grandfather King dies – in order to assume the throne. She is fun and warm and leans on the Lord in quiet sincerity to guide and direct her steps. She’s exactly the kind of heroine I would be friends with in real life.

Lu Sokolowski


Meet Lu in:
Lu by Beth Troy
Louisa by Beth Troy

Lu (aka Louisa) is a heroine for women in all stages of life, and I loved her snark as much as I loved her spiritual journey. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions, she’s messy, she’s relatable, she’s funny… and I love her so much. She may not be your typical Christian fiction heroine, but she’s exactly the kind of heroine it needs more of!

Millie Longfellow

Meet Millie in:
In Good Company by Jen Turano

I adore Millie. She’s totally without guile, she’s sweet and spunky, and to top it all off… she’s a bookworm! Even if I hadn’t already loved her (which I did), she would have won me over with her description of what she had packed in her essentials bag: a few of her fave dictionaries, a thesaurus, her Bible, several of Shakespeare’s works, and two books by Jane Austen. And bless her heart, she still hasn’t quite mastered her words yet.

eisley barrett

Meet Eisley in:
Just the Way You Are by Pepper Basham

“Gracious sakes. I’ve squished a grandpa.” With those six little words, Eisley Barrett forever endeared herself to me as a favorite heroine. Her hilariously-relatable klutziness & grin-inducing turn of a phrase are only a couple of the reasons I love this heroine. She’s also completely unpretentious – what you see is what you get, and what you get is all kinds of lovable.

gwen marcey


Meet Gwen in:
A Cry from the Dust by Carrie Stuart Parks
The Bones Will Speak by Carrie Stuart Parks
When Death Draws Near by Carrie Stuart Parks
Portrait of Vengeance by Carrie Stuart Parks

I love Gwen Marcey – she’s just such a great character! Her fascinating career, her honesty about the realities of breast cancer aftermath, her almost-snarky wit, her feistiness, her “realness” with God and with her ex and with her daughter and best friend. She’s funny and sincere and really really smart and gutsy, and she’s exactly the type of character I would love to have as a friend.

maddy montgomery


Meet Maddy in:
Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder by Valerie Burns
Murder is a Piece of Cake by Valerie Burns

Maddy comes barreling on the scene with her phone in one hand and her heart in the other. She’s spoiled, yes, and she’s been sheltered her whole life by her overprotective Admiral father. But she also has a good head on her shoulders and a sincere spirit that makes her savvy, approachable, and almost-instantly likable. When you match her big heart with that of her newly-inherited English mastiff, Baby, you have a lovable team that makes you smile at every turn.

Opal gilbert

Meet Opal in:
Beach Haven by T.I. Lowe

Opal is just plain adorable. As Lincoln said, “The woman practically vibrated kookiness…” but she also exudes so much joy that you can’t help but love her. I loved how unpredictable & creative Opal is as a romance heroine; her quirkiness is offset by her perceptiveness, and discovering all the layers that make up her character is truly enjoyable.

kaely quinn


Meet Kaely in:
Mind Games by Nancy Mehl
Fire Storm by Nancy Mehl
Dead End by Nancy Mehl

Kaely Quinn is one of the most complex characters I’ve met in a long time – perhaps the most complex heroine I’ve ever encountered in fiction. Her backstory alone has multiple emotional layers that are continuing to be revealed as the story – and the series – progresses. The more we learn about Kaely, the more fascinating her character becomes.

Nora Bradford

Meet Nora in:
True to You by Becky Wade

“Great Scott” do I love Nora!! For starters, she is delightfully bookish and has a tendency to fall in love with fictional characters. She’s a librarian, a historian and a genealogist. She uses words like “indubitable” and “tout” on a regular basis. She owns a historic village (because of course she does). Nora is just endearingly quirky, relatable and cute.

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What about you? What are some of your favorite heroines? Have you met any of mine?

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  1. Janice Moore

    What a great post! I loved the characters created by Pepper Basham and Nancy Mehl, too! Another favorite character is Courtney Cox. In Terri Blackstock’s “If I’m Found” and that series, Casey is innocent, set up to look guilty, running for her life, yet stops to help other desperate people, making a huge difference. That reminds me of the main character in “The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip” by Sara Brunsvold, with her extraordinary life!

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