Top Ten Tuesday: Picture Books on my Spring 2023 TBR List

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is books on our Spring 2023 TBR lists but since I’ve already talked about that in a broad overview, I’m going to narrow it down to a specific type of book releasing in Spring 2023. As the self-proclaimed ‘cool aunt’ of several nieces and nephews, I have four who are still picture book age so I’m always on the lookout for new ones to add to my collection. Here are some picture books releasing in Spring 2023 that are on my TBR list!

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The Miracle of You by Cleere Cherry Reaves
Thomas Nelson | March 14

From the creatures that swim deep in the sea to the galaxies that reach far and wide, the world is filled with the color and creativity of God. Yet nothing compares to experiencing His miraculous design like the gift of the child He has given you. When Cleere Cherry Reaves’s son was born three months prematurely, Cleere and her husband watched as their child–their miracle–fought for his life, developed, and began to thrive. In The Miracle of You, Cleere’s poetic words speak for every parent and grandparent in awe at the God-given miracle of their little ones.

The Story of Home by Caroline Saunders
B&H Kids | March 14

The Bible is filled with stories about homes, from the Garden of Eden to the Promised Land, from the tabernacle in the desert to the temple in Jerusalem. But what do these stories have in common? What is God showing us through them? Enter The Story of Home and discover God’s perfect plan to build the homiest of homes through Jesus. Learn how Jesus welcomes all who are homesick to be part of His family and live happily with Him forever!

The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination by Brad Montague
Dial Books | March 21

Every day, special figment agent Sparky delivers all the mail the FBI receives to the proper department, like the Office of the Unexplainable or the Department of Dreams. It’s a big job, but Sparky keeps everything running smoothly . . . until disaster strikes when the Cave of Untold Stories overflows and threatens to topple the whole bureau. It turns out too many people have been holding in their big ideas, and now Sparky must recruit more agents to share their dreams, songs, and stories with the world.

Nana the Great Goes Camping by Lisa Tawn Bergren
WaterBrook | March 28

Summer vacations are great—and they’re even better when they include camping with Nana! Nana is great at hiking, campfire cooking, and making new friends. She encourages slowing down to enjoy nature’s wonders, learning new skills, and watching out for the discoveries that await outside everyday routines. Most of all, Nana is great at making treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

The World and Everything In It by Kevin Henkes
Greenwillow Books | March 28

In the world, there are little animals, tiny flowers, and things so small you can’t see them. In the world, there are giant waves, a large sun, and things so big you can’t wrap your hands around them. There are big things and little things in the world. And everything in between—including you! A timeless and wholesome picture book from Caldecott Medal winner and #1 New York Times bestseller Kevin Henkes, The World and Everything in It explores concepts such as curiosity, self-awareness, belonging, and size.

100 Mighty Dragons All Named Broccoli by David LaRochelle
Dial Books | April 4

High on a mountain live 100 mighty dragons all named Broccoli. When a tremendous wind blows half the dragons away, ten others sail off to become professional surfers in Hawaii. The oldest and youngest dragons take a train to New York City to start their own heavy metal band. And a mysterious wizard turns four more into a unicorn, a werewolf, a zombie, and a tiny pink poodle. Now how many dragons are left? Young readers will delight in following each and every dragon as they leave their home for marvelous adventures, until there is but one dragon remaining. That’s when this final dragon named Broccoli retreats to a cave for the winter and reappears in the spring with a surprise that will thrill and delight. Prepare to read again!

Chasing God’s Glory by Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young
WaterBrook | April 11

When Zayla asks her mom to describe God’s glory, Mama knows it’s time for an adventure! Together, Mama and Zayla discover how sunrises and dancing, daffodils and green peppers, kind words and loving hugs—and more!—are all reminders of God’s glory. Award-winning author Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young’s rich multicultural story and Alyssa De Asis’s vibrant artwork make Chasing God’s Glory a unique invitation to notice and celebrate the radiance of God’s light and love as you and your family become “glory chasers.”

Rain by Cynthia Rylant
Beach Lane Books | April 25

From Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant comes a vibrantly illustrated, poetic picture book tribute to the beauty and magic of a rainy day. There is a softness and a quiet before the rain comes… When rain is on its way, some people and animals hurry home and get cozy inside. But others stay out to soak up the glorious showers! Wet drops bounce on leaves and roofs, creeks fill up, trees take a shower, cats have a show, and everyone relishes the rain.

I Know Who I Am by Dorena Williamson
WaterBrook | May 16

Join children from Haiti, India, Korea, Rwanda, Spain, New Zealand, and many more countries as they each declare God’s truth about their identities. Each page is a joyful exploration of how God has uniquely made every child to reveal His glory, but also serves as a beautiful reminder for kids about who they are—and, most important, whom they belong to.

Dad and the Recycling-Bin Roller Coaster by Taylor Calmus
WaterBrook | May 16

When Mom heads out for a day of shopping and self-care, Dad knows it’s “the perfect opportunity for a spectacular, build-tastic, super-Dad plan.” Eager for his three kids to have the best day ever, Dad throws himself into build after build—from a leaf-blower-powered rocket ship to an ice cream truck with sherbet shooters—each more elaborate than the last. But one after another, the kids (including the unusually well-spoken baby) decline to play with Dad’s creations. Feeling dejected, Dad starts to put away his tools, but then his kids are finally able to tell him what they really want . . . to play with him!

What about you? Do you enjoy reading picture books (whether you have kids in your life or not haha)? Which of the picture books on my Spring 2023 TBR list are you most interested in?

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  1. This is fun! I don’t know most of the books coming out in this genre, but I still have some of my books on a shelf somewhere from childhood. All the nostalgia anytime I find them when I’m organizing. 🙂

  2. This post makes me miss reading picture books to my daughter. I might have to make my 15-year-old sit down and read some we have with me. She will LOVE that. Haha! I love the cover of The Story of Home. It has me curious what it is about. I hope all of these are good.

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