Top Ten Tuesday: Self-Published Books I’ve Reviewed & Loved

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday is all about self-published books (note: the term ‘indie’ is also used interchangeably in the book world), and I confess that I wanted to curl in on myself at the thought of narrowing down my fave indie authors or books. So…. I didn’t haha. Because I love so many indie authors, y’all!! And I want you to see how many great ones there are!! Ergo, today’s post features alllllllllllllllllllllllll of the self-published books I’ve reviewed & loved since my blog began way back in 2015. Yep, that’s right. Every last one of them. (Ok… there’s also a handful in here that I haven’t reviewed but have read & loved & can’t imagine not including them in a post on indie books)

Self-published books get a bad rap because – let’s face it – anyone and everyone can publish a book now. But, just like not all traditionally published books are great (trust me – I’ve suffered through some doozies), you also can’t make a blanket statement on the perceived low quality of indie books. In fact, the majority of the ones I’ve read have been fantastic and I have several go-to authors who are either strictly self-published or hybrid (a mix of traditionally published and self-published books). So don’t judge a self-published book until you’ve read it!! And I highly recommend any and each of these books and their authors. And there are so many more that I’ve featured but haven’t read yet!!!

Oh… and please don’t judge the earliest blog posts either. I’ve learned a lot since then, I hope haha.













































cozy mystery








young adult/new adult



Well…. now you can’t say anymore that you don’t know which self-published books are good because I’ve given you a boatload of indies that I’ve reviewed (or read) and loved! What about you? Who are some of your fave indie authors or self-published books?

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28 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Self-Published Books I’ve Reviewed & Loved

  1. Andi

    Oh, my goodness! I knew I was forgetting Pepper’s last night, and all the Julie Lessman and so many more!! I love your list!

  2. You have so many to share! I wish I would have listed more than 10. Over 90% of the authors I read are indie. It would have been cool to share more. I found Becky Wade through your recommendation, so it was especially fun to find her on your list today.


    Some of these bring back memories and the others need to be added to my TBR pile!! Thank you for never shying away from indie books!!

  4. Linda

    So many wonderful books here, some of my all-time favorite books and authors! Another one is Melissa Tagg, I love everything she’s written.

  5. I LOVE this list and will be coming back when I am less tired to add some to my TBR. We did feature a few of the same authors but I have some you don’t 🙂 I had a hard time sticking with 10 but I was a little confused by the definition of “Indie” I thought it was just self-published. Oh well.

  6. So thrilled to make this amazing indie list! Thank you so much for all you do for authors. You are so special and such a champion for authors, Carrie! Love you! 💗

  7. Bethany

    Wow! That’s a lot of great indie books! I’ve read several of them and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how good they were. Excuse me while I go add the rest to my wishlist.

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